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Rugby Union

From the Aviva Premiership in your own backyard to the global glory of the Rugby World Cup,  rugby union is always intense and captivating.  It's easy to see why the original form of the game is the world's favourite and ideal for wagering at sportsbooks and online casinos.

You may have heard rugby union characterised as a thugs' game played by gentlemen.  That's because despite being inherently rough, the game was historically played by well heeled men. Football, on the other hand, is famous for being a gentleman's game played by hooligans.  With the rise of professional competitions and stunning athleticism, these descriptions are less true than they used to be but definitely of interest to punters at online casinos.

Rugby union guide readers who are new to the world of sport will want to draw a distinction between rugby union and rugby league.  Rugby union is arguably the more authentic and sophisticated version of the game.  It's also more popular in the United Kingdom and every other country except for Australia.  Unlike in rugby league, tackles are contested in rugby union.  You'll also find two more players on a union team.  Union teams will earn an extra point for each try or penalty, and three points instead of one for a drop goal.  These differences mean you can expect higher scoring games when punting at a casino online.

Thanks to its global reach and popularity on both sides of the equator, it's easy to find great rugby union action on the telly and at a casino online, which means UK punters have plenty of fantastic betting opportunities.

Rugby Union Guide To Wagering

Rugby Union betting is quite similar to soccer betting at many sportsbooks and casinos online. Rugby Union guide readers are often surprised to learn just how many wagering opportunities there are.  The most popular wager is the  3-way game bets, but you can also bet on winning margins and place various prop bets.

3-way game bets give you the option to bet on either team, plus the option of a draw. You only win if your result comes up, and this means that a draw causes punters who back either team to lose their bets. This isn't a good option for rugby union betting in the United Kingdom when the teams are very unbalanced, but it can prove profitable when it looks like punters are betting with their hearts rather than their heads at casinos online.

Rugby union guide readers are initially interested in margin bets. Winning margins are based on one team winning within a set margin of points. You only get paid if the team wins within the margin specified. If you bet on a margin of 11-15 points, you would not be paid if the team won by 10 or 16 points. It is quite difficult to pick rugby union winning margin bets in the United Kingdom, but they can be good value when it looks like one side is sure to flog the other team. Just keep up with the odds at your favourite bookmaker or casino online. 

Rugby union guide and tip books are always interested in expanding your options. Whether you want to hedge your bets or spice things up, prop bets wield plenty of potential. Prop bets are bets such as which player or team will be first to score, or which teams will make it to the finals in a tournament. These bets are often difficult to pick, so we recommend you try to play the market instead. Perhaps the most valuable online casino rugby union guide tip is to work the numbers to your advantage. Look for unbalanced odds across different sportsbooks and try to set yourself up for scenarios where you cannot lose regardless of the result. Try a mix of live bookmakers, internet sportsbooks, and online casinos.

Rugby Union Guide To Domestic Contests

Rugby Union

Whether you live in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, or elsewhere across the globe, it's easy to find gripping domestic league action. You can visit our online casino rugby union guide to each individual league including the UK's English Premiership, South Africa's Currie Cup, New Zealand's ITM Cup, and France's famous Top 15.

Going Global To Win

Some of the best rugby action plays out globally. In international competitions the teams are made up of the best of each nation's rugby union stars, so you generally only need to make yourself familiar with the biggest names in the sport when wagering at casinos online. Rugby union guide and tips sites are quick to point out that world competitions can spark your interest in the local rugby scene in other nations.  Of course you'll want to start with a solid foundation in the big international events.

Major International Rugby Union Competitions

Some of the biggest international rugby union competitions are listed below.  Make sure you visit our individual online casino rugby union guide for each competition:

Rugby World Cup:  This is held every 4 years and consists of 20 top teams from all over the world. This is the biggest event in rugby union and popular in the UK.

Six Nations Championship:  Played each year between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. This is one of the oldest international contests having started in 1883, though it originally only included those nations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Rugby Championship:  Formerly known as Tri Nations, this annual contest features teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and now Argentina.

All of these domestic and international competitions see a lot of action at internet betting sites and online casinos. Rugby union guide readers shouldn't discount the level of national pride that comes with every international competition.  It's time for a little patriotism at a casino online. Rugby union guide and info sites can help you get some skin in the game. Not only will you find lucrative betting opportunities, but having a financial stake in the match makes watching the action even more fun.  It's worth placing even a small stake at online casinos.

Rugby Union Guide To The Best Sportsbooks

Thanks to its global reach and popularity on both sides of the equator, it's easy to find great rugby union action on the telly and at a casino online.  Rugby union guide and expert review sites like this exist so you don't have to throw caution to the win.  Our team of rugby union specialists have the best sites in the UK with the most lucrative odds and biggest bonuses.  Get familiar with our entire online casino rugby union guide selections and start wagering to win in the United Kingdom.

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