The Best Games To Play At Online Casinos

Best Games

Brits love gambling and the numbers prove it overwhelmingly. The UK Gambling commission estimates that bettors legally wagered more than £6.8 billion in the last year alone. Yet if there’s one thing gamblers love more than betting, it’s winning.

While the only guaranteed winners are the casino operators themselves, there are plenty of ways to improve your odds. You can begin by ignoring all the hare-brained schemes and elaborate systems that rarely work. Knowing which games to play can be more important than knowing how to play them. Start understanding the payouts and discover which games are the easiest to win.


Blackjack not only offers some of the best overall odds, but it’s also relatively easy to learn. Not to mention, you play Blackjack against the dealer only rather than against a masked champion. You’re only required to look for a number that defeats the dealer, without reaching 21. You can reduce the house advantage to just 0.5% if you play correctly. If you play live and can get away with card counting, you’ll be the one with the advantage.

Playing correctly means knowing whether to stand, hit, double down, or split depending on the dealer’s card and your hand. You’ll find a handy table in our blackjack guide that teaches you the right move to make. Refer to it as you play for the best results. If you feel like throwing caution to the wind and playing randomly, then you’ll be giving the house a 2% or better edge. If you’re looking for low house edge paired with excitement and something challenging, try a Blackjack variant such as Spanish 21.


Craps can seem complicated to new players. It’s easy to see why when you look at the felt. All those marked areas can be overwhelming but they shouldn’t be. The game is rather simple, you only need to guess whether the roller wins or loses. Alternately you can predict the number you feel the pair of dice will probably add up to. If you’re riding along with an excellent roller, there is a huge chance you might stumble on a long and profitable streak.

The house edge on pass line bets is only 1.41%. Essentially, the bet has 50/50 odds and it also pays accordingly. Fortunately, there’s no house edge on odds bets, but you’ll have to get there first. Stay away from the proposition bets, which give the house an 11% edge or more. If you decide to play craps at a live UK venue, you’ll find craps is largely people-oriented. This means if you enjoy talking and having company, you can converse with other gamblers and the dealer as well.


Popular with high-rollers and James Bond, Baccarat also offers competitive payouts. The house edge is as little as 1.06% when betting on the banker, but you’ll have to pay a commission. A game of rituals and tradition, Baccarat continues on a very simple premise: who will score a better hand: the banker or the player?

Betting on the player gives the house a modest 1.24% edge. Roughly, for each £100 you stake in the action, you can expect to lose £1. Just make sure you learn the rules of this elegant game before taking your seat, virtually or otherwise.


Roulette offers decent odds with the house having a modest advantage. The secret is to play European roulette, which features a single 0 on its wheel and favours the house by a modest 2.7%. The best part about roulette is that it takes absolutely no training and is extremely simple to understand.

Betting on the colour or even versus odd is popular with seasoned players and beginners alike. If you’ve chosen to bet on colours, the odds of walking away a winner are 50/50. If the ball lands on red, when you’ve chosen red, you double your bet. The best part is there’s no learning curve, which makes it easy to get started with very little financial commitment.

Learning about the most profitable games helps you make your wins significantly larger.

Video Poker

Video poker requires some skill, so beginners won’t profit from the game’s generosity. Yet if you’ve mastered the game and play the right variations at the most generous casinos, you’ll be the one with the advantage. Ideally, when played by a fine and skilled player, video poker does offer players an unbelievable yet miniscule edge.

You’ll need to check the payout rates at your preferred casino, but if you have the skills you’ll have up to a 0.76% advantage at full pay deuce wild machines. Even jacks or better games leave the house with a nominal 0.46% advantage. However, it is important to remember, the payout works in the long run. You will be making more money than the money you’ve lost, if you manage to play diligently.

Sic Bo

With roots in Ancient Chinese games of the dice, Sic Bo is also known as Dai Siu or Tai Sai meaning “Big Small”. The game is played using three dice shaken in a plastic cup or a basket. The outcomes are centred on the combinations resulting from the dice. The payouts are found listed on a gaming table, quite similar to craps and roulette.

When playing Sic Bo, the house has a slight 2.78% advantage on big, small, odd, or even bets and dice combinations. This edge can balloon on other bets. Wagering on a specific double and single number combination pays 50 to 1 yet the house has a whopping 29% advantage overall.

Pai Gow

Although not strictly considered amongst the popular casino games, Pai Gow is an extremely fun, social game where smart players can expect to get an edge. Pai Gow is one of those games where your skill is inversely proportional to the house advantage. Skilled players can expect a 2.54% house advantage, while average players should expect a 2.84% house advantage or more.

Played with a standard deck of 52 cards, this game also includes a “joker” or “jester” card, totalling 53 cards. Both dealer and player are dealt seven cards, each deal involves seven hands with four leftover cards. Each player needs to arrange their seven cards into 5-card and 2-card hands, the object being making two of the best poker hands. While it is a terrific game, Pai Gow is a game for players who enjoy a slow pace and other players’ company.

Three Card Poker

With plenty of adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced action, Three Card Poker is an exceptionally exciting table game. Although the name suggests Three Card Poker to be a variation of poker, aside from a few similarities, Three Card Poker is not poker. You are required to play against the house by playing against the dealer. Secondly, you’re required to make a winning hand from 3 cards and the ranking of hands is different from poker.

When you bet on pair plus in a game of three-card poker, the house has a small 2.32% advantage. Keep in mind that the house advantage will increase to 3.37% on ante bets. Please make sure you understand the rules before playing, as it’s possible to make both bets at once. The winning plan is simple, play your optimum strategy, avoid any damaging payout schedules, and ensure sensible money management.

Casino War

Casino war is a great way to return to the simplicity of your childhood. The children’s card game “War” has been turned into a mature betting game. Just focus on having a higher card than the dealer. The cards are laid out from six decks and valued the same as poker, with the exception of the Ace being higher.

Striking instant familiarity, Casino War has gained momentum with players at both live and online casinos. It also offers respectable odds. Placing basic bets leaves the house with a respectable 2.88% average, but that can vary depending where you play.

Games To Avoid

Best Games

If you’re interested in getting more back for your gaming buck, its best to avoid certain games. The idea is simple - casino games with a high house edge are obviously hurtful for the player’s chance of winning. Read more about common casino mistakes here and how to to avoid them.

Slots tend to heavily favour the house and are considered for suckers without any skill. That might be an exaggeration but it’s mathematically true to at least some degree. Another culprit is the flashy Wheel of Fortune, popular with a number of players. The only thing worse than slots or the wheel is keno games on most sites.

Adding To Your Edge

You can tilt the balance in your favour by claiming a variety of casino perks. Grabbing the best bonus should be your first priority when signing up at an online casino open to players from the United Kingdom.

Take advantage of cash bonuses, free spins, rewards programs, and promotions. Those perks can add up quickly and they’re yours for the taking. On some online casinos you don’t even need to ask nicely. You might even stand a shot at winning a handsome bonus for referring one of your mates!

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