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When choosing an online casino, about seventy percent of all players fail to do proper research. Rather than heed the wisdom of expert reviews, resources, and tips, too many players rely on quick Google searches or manipulative adverts. At Online Casino UK, we find this statistic sad and take it personally, largely because it doesn't have to be this way.

Online since 1998, Online Casino UK has always strived to be the #1 resource for anything related to online gaming in the UK. Read on to learn about our unique perspective and growing team of United Kingdom casino experts.

Meet Our Team

Lily Andrews
Chief Editor & Contributor

Lily Andrews

Lily has been writing for since the relaunch in 2009. Lily is a veteran of casinos online with years of experience. About half her time is spent playing video slots, but she also adores roulette and table games. She has played at all of the big UK online casino sites. She loves to do is stay up to date on their latest promotions, new games and tournaments. Recently Lily has started capturing videos of new online casino games so you can get a more engaging preview before playing in the United Kingdom.

Dan "TheDoctor" Jones
Senior Contributor

Dan 'TheDoctor' Jones

TheDoctor, or Dan Jones as he is known to the wife, has long served as senior editor here at OCUK, casting his keen eye over almost every article we've published since launch. Dan has nearly two decades of experience in the online gambling sector, and loves games at casinos online about as much as he loves his footy. As probably the only OCUK member who isn't jaded enough to avoid the current social media craze, you can keep updated on all the latest happenings and even have a chat over at Dan's Facebook page.

Josh Davies
Staff Writer

Josh Davies

As a humble 20-something, Josh says there's not much of a story to tell about him. But like most millennial gamblers he loves poker especially at online casinos. About all Josh does is keep tabs on the major poker tournaments in the UK, Europe and USA. He is a big fan of all tournaments, from poker to blackjack and even slots. Wherever there's a leaderboard, you can probably find Josh, either listed in the winners or covering the event for us. Josh will also be keeping you up to date with the latest promotions at casinos online, about big events, new bonus codes, and jackpots.

Grace Taylor
Staff Writer

Grace Taylor

Grace joined the OCUK team in late September 2009. Grace will be posting news about brick and mortar casinos and publically-traded online casinos. All Grace speaks of in the cafeteria is bingo. Yes, she loves bingo! Grace has been playing bingo for years and inherited the love of the game from her mother. From local bingo halls to the bingo rooms at online casino sites, Grace lives and breathes bingo.

Oliver Cooper
Staff Writer

Oliver Cooper

Oliver loves the casinos online. The only things Oliver dreams about is flashing lights, clacking chips, and slot jackpots. But apart from his love of the casino atmosphere, Oliver is actually a very serious table game player. While the rest of us played snap at a young age, Oliver played blackjack and poker. For longer than he can remember, his family has always loved card games.

About the United Kingdom Experience

If you love casino excitement, then the UK is precisely where you want to be. Unlike other countries in the so-called civilised world that clamp down on gambling in various manners, the United Kingdom authorises and regulates wagering online and offline. It's hard to believe the country that invented Las Vegas and all its mayhem restricts online casinos in most states. But unless you like laughing at other people's misfortune, it's not your problem in the UK. You should count your lucky stars and hit the tables instead.

About UK Resources

Even though online casinos are completely legal and regulated in the United Kingdom, the resources available to players are underwhelming. Too many sites seem like they were either authored by a robot who plagiarised Wikipedia or someone who has never visited a casino in his life. Some of the more popular sites operate on a global scale and make only passing mention of UK online casinos. About half the sites lack the impartiality you should demand.

If you were planning on learning something from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission's blog, it helps to be a barrister, solicitor, or legislator. All that legal jargon might play well in court or parliament, but it won't help you win at blackjack at a casino online. About all you need is the information to succeed in the UK, which is precisely where we come in.

About What We Do

When it comes to learning about playing at an online casino, about all that matters is that you can get up to speed quickly. Of course we're assuming that the information is accurate, insightful, and easy to digest. All our team members know the ins and outs of every game. What's more important is that they were once beginners too. In fact, this site was born out of a need for an exhaustive gaming guide that doesn't exhaust its readers.

When you visit a casino online, all you should expect is total excitement. Of course it's easy to be nervous and get frustrated when you don't know what you're doing. Take advantage of our game guides and learn how to succeed. Take things further with our strategy guides and tip sheets.

About Our Philosophy

Have you ever searched for an online casino? About three hundred options are available in the UK alone. Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. The fact is it shouldn't be hard to find a casino online. About the only thing you need is our in-depth reviews that will help you find the right online casino for you.

When playing at a casino online, about all you should be concerned of is having fun. This site was designed to get you playing today. Have you not yet experienced the joy of an online casino? About three minutes is all it takes to sign up. Don't forget to keep this site handy and refer to it while you play. We love visiting an online casino about as much as we love life itself and we think you will too.

Take Us With You

Did you know that you can access an online casino around town, in bed, at work, in the park, at the beach or anywhere else you can imagine? It's possible thanks to mobile gambling and online casino development. We've even made our resources accessible on tablets and smartphones, so you can get the information you need anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Get In Touch

We may still be wiping the cake off our faces from ourth birthday celebrations but we're always updating the site to give you the latest and greatest casino information in the United Kingdom. We always love to discuss online casinos, about their significance in the UK, and where gambling is headed. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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