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NBA Basketball

It's fair to say that the NBA is the pinnacle of professional basketball.  Since the 1970s, it's been the only game in town for the planet's best basketball players. While the UK, Europe and Asia now boast basketball leagues of their own, the NBA easily puts them to shame both on the hardwood and at casinos online. Basketball NBA games simply offer more action, intensity, and physical mastery than anything else whether or not you visit a casino online. Basketball NBA bettors rarely wager on inferior and less predictable leagues.

Since forming in 1946, the National Basketball Association has continued to evolve into what is now a 30-club competition. The majority of competing teams have played in the NBA for several decades, but the league welcomes expansion and teams do relocate periodically.  Most recently the Seattle Supersonics moved 3,000 km across the country to become the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Betting At Casinos Online: Basketball NBA Game Wagers

When it comes to wagering at an online casino, basketball NBA-action always delivers. It's easy to place real cash wagers in the United Kingdom on everything from the outcome of the game to who will score first. However, the most common bets are an over/under wager on the combined score of the points scored by both teams, or betting on which team will win. 

At internet bookmakers and online casinos, basketball NBA-bettors who are just starting out love placing over/under bets.  These are ideal for beginners in the United Kingdom with little NBA knowledge. Real money bets are placed on whether the combined score will be over or under a certain figure. If the score matches the figure exactly, bets are refunded. Statistics from previous matchups, provided the rosters remain fairly similar, are one of the best ways to get an idea of whether or not a game will be a high scoring affair. This obviously works better as the season progresses otherwise you might as well just place a random bet at a casino online. Basketball NBA-related info is easy to find in the United Kingdom, even if most of the schedule plays out on courts across the Atlantic.

NBA basketball, which offers fairly predictable outcomes due to the dominance of a few teams, is, hands down, one of the best places to find on-going, exciting sports action.

Did You Know?

A point spread, or handicap, is used by sports betting providers to account for the fact that one team is usually heavily favoured going into any matchup. This number, negative for the favourite and positive for the underdog, refers to the number of points the former must win by or how many the latter can lose by.  This applies to many games you'll find at sportsbooks and online casinos.

Basketball NBA Schedule

With each team playing 82 regular season games, there are plenty of basketball betting opportunities at your favourite sportsbooks or casinos online.  Basketball NBA regular season games run from late October through mid April.  But that's just the beginning. The action really heats up as the top 16 teams compete in the NBA playoffs, which is especially popular at bookmakers and online casinos.  Basketball NBA playoffs feature four rounds.  The playoffs are set up in a bracket format with the winners of each round being determined in a best of seven series. 

Did You Know?

While there are no NBA franchises in the United Kingdom, the league has its eyes on London.  The NBA now stages an annual regular season game in the UK as part of the Global Games Series.  You won't want to miss the Toronto Raptors take on the Orlando Magic at The O2 in January 2016.  The game will surely see plenty of action at your local sportsbook and casino online. Basketball NBA games in London might just become a permanent fixture.

Where To Bet On Basketball

NBA Basketball

Although many offline British bookies offer wagers on NBA basketball games, most UK bettors stick with placing their bets on the internet. This is true for a few different reasons:

  • NBA games take place in US time zones, so bookies generally can't air games live or offer the most up to date odds.
  • As with the action at an online casino, basketball NBA betting odds are usually better for players on the web because there's more competition online.
  • Basketball fans in the UK can now stream all games live with an NBA League Pass, which makes it easy to watch and wager on a single device at a casino online.

Basketball NBA Odds Explained

Even when betting in the UK, sports betting providers may use moneyline odds. A positive figure, e.g. +100, indicates the amount won on a successful £100 bet, while a negative figure shows how much cash must be bet in order to secure winnings of £100 e.g. -200.  At most UK bookmakers and casinos online, basketball NBA game bettors can opt to have the games displayed in fractional or decimal formats but not by default.  The American format is easy to grasp after just a few trips to the online casino.  Basketball NBA-action doesn't have to be complicated.

Global Action At An Online Casino: Basketball NBA Games

The NBA is home to some of the most identifiable sports superstars who've ever lived. Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the top basketball superstar, but LeBron James is perhaps set to challenge that crown in the years to come. International stars like Yao Ming (China), Andrew Bogut (Australia) Andrew Wiggins (Canada), and Luol Deng (a naturalised UK citizen) give the game a cosmopolitan flavour, which makes the game popular at global casinos online. Basketball NBA champions make headlines across the globe.

Bettors based in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, thrive on exciting sports action that showcases top talent. Basketball is, hands down, one of the best places to find this. With countless pages devoted to NBA basketball history, previous matchups and player statistics on the internet, you can find out a lot about what you're betting on. Compare this with the action at an online casino, basketball (NBA in particular) bets can be very well informed and arguably are less down to the luck of the draw.  Relying on some form of skill rather than pure chance is always preferred when wagering at a casino online. Basketball NBA game outcomes tend to be more predictable, especially since a handful of teams dominate.

Get Started At Internet Bookmakers And Online Casinos

Basketball NBA action is easy to find in the United Kingdom yet sites do vary widely in terms of quality and payouts.  While it's always a good idea to compare odds before placing your wager, you can get yourself ahead of the game by reading our reviews.  Our experts will guide you directly to the best bookmakers and casinos online.  Basketball NBA excitement is definitely worth wagering on but did you know you can claim free bets and bonuses at the top sites?   Why limit yourself to the action at your local or online casino? Basketball NBA bonuses are available in the UK.  All you have to do is stake your claim.

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