Mobile Sports Betting For The UK

Mobile Sports Betting

From surfing the web and answering e-mails to playing console-quality games and video chatting across the globe, today's mobile devices are up to any job. When you consider that most people have a smartphone or tablet in their pocket or purse, mobile makes the most sense. Mobile betting is thriving in the United Kingdom and it's making online gambling easier than it's ever been!

Mobile betting has changed the way hundreds of thousands of people bet in the UK. But with the growing number of casinos popping up online, it can be difficult choosing the best site for you. That's where we come in. Featuring only the best mobile casinos, like this month's top pick - Betway Casino, that also offer:

  • Biggest variety of ways to bet on your favourite sports on your mobile, anytime and from anywhere
  • Fast and reliable banking options to place your bets quickly, and receive your payouts timeously
  • The safest and most secure online gambling experience and the best customer service available online

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Mobile Betting Options

Mobile Sports Betting

Using a betting app or mobile site means that placing a real money wager no longer requires a visit to the bookmaker, or even access to a computer. It really can be done anywhere, at any time in the UK.  All you need is an internet connection and the name of a sportsbook or online casino. Mobile betting is available across a wide range of different platforms in the United Kingdom including:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone

Because betting sites are desperate to stay competitive in the UK market, virtually all of the top sites have a mobile offering, with exclusive free bets for mobile customers and top standards of encryption and security. Compared to internet poker rooms and casinos online, mobile betting is widespread.  That's because mobile betting doesn't require sophisticated software with intense graphics.

With mobile betting, punters can shop around for the best odds on the go, visiting multiple sites to find the best odds quickly, and taking them.

Visiting Online Casinos: Mobile Betting Advantages

The advantages of wagering on the go are endless and obvious. It all comes down to convenience and flexibility. There are plenty of reasons why UK sports fans might want to download a mobile app or visit the sportsbook at a casino online.  Mobile betting has you covered. Let's take a look at a few:

Watching the game in the pub? Not a problem, you can still get your betting done while you're waiting to get served anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Players at the racetrack can avoid queues when betting on horses and live football fans can bet real cash from their stadium seat in the UK.

Punters can shop around for the best odds on the go. Online casino mobile betting makes it easy to visit multiple sites to find the best bets.  All it takes is a couple of swipes.

Not going to make it home in time to place an online bet? You can do it on the bus using a smartphone app at sportsbooks or casinos online. Mobile betting is ready whenever you are.

Getting Started With Mobile Betting

Just like you need an account to play for real money at casino online, mobile betting requires you to create an account before you can start placing wagers. Some apps allow you to do this directly within their interface, but others will require you to do so via their full site on the Internet. This makes things a little easier if you're required to send any identification in order to verify your account.  If you own a decent iPhone, iPad, or Android, you'll probably be able to do everything right from your device at any of the top casinos online.  Mobile betting registration doesn't have to be complicated and you don't usually have to send identification until you withdraw a huge sum.

Once that's taken care of, access the app or mobile site of the provider you're planning to place a bet with.  If you're looking for a top UK sportsbook or casino online, mobile bettors will want to check out the odds at the sites recommended by our experts. You'll need to make a deposit before you can place a bet in the United Kingdom but, once you've done that, placing a bet through an app or mobile site is quick and easy as long as you have a decent Internet connection.

Visiting Casinos Online: Mobile Betting Tips

Where possible, get your smartphone or tablet on a Wi-Fi network (but don't use an unsecured public network, as this poses a security risk). Placing a bet will be quicker and more reliable than using 3G, and there would be nothing worse than missing out on a top paying in-play bet because your connection dropped when you were trying to make the bet.  If you have an LTE device with solid coverage then your connection likely rivals Wi-Fi anyway.

Even if speed is a factor, be careful when placing real money bets on a mobile in the United Kingdom. Apps and mobile sites generally have interfaces that are attractive and simple to use, but that doesn't change the fact that you're working with a very small screen and it's easy to hit a button by mistake.

It's pretty rare that British players ditch traditional online gambling altogether. Even with several top mobile betting apps available, the mobile betting experience can leave something to be desired when you compare with sites on the web devoted to placing real cash bets. Still, it makes for a great alternative when you're on the move in the United Kingdom or can't get to your computer.  Yet as devices become more sophisticated, convenience wins at at casinos online. Mobile betting will suffice unless you are making dozens of wagers at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is mobile betting?

Mobile betting refers to placing wagers on a tablet or smartphone.  You can place your bets over 3G, 4G, LTE through your mobile network or Wi-Fi. While you might consider betting from a laptop or PC connected to a 3G network to be mobile betting, that isn't normally what bookies intend when they talk about mobile betting. If you are trying to determine if your device is compatible with various bookmakers or casinos online, mobile betting implies an iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android tablet, or smartphone.

Many online casino and mobile betting sites in the UK have caught on to the smartphone craze and have begun to offer betting applications for mobile phones. These allow you to securely access your account whenever you have a wireless connection and tend to use interfaces that are best suited to use on a mobile phone.

What are the advantages of mobile betting in the UK?

Mobile betting has two main advantages: convenience and speed. Convenience comes in the form of being able to place bets wherever you are, at any time of day. At bookmakers at online casinos, mobile betting can be even more convenient than regular online gambling, as you only need a phone with you rather than a laptop or a PC.

Speed is not so much to do with how fast you can place a bet, which will mostly depend on your wireless connection, but more in terms of reacting to markets. When visiting a bookmaker or casino online, mobile betting gives you access to the latest odds even when you are out and about. Normally you would have to wait until you return to your desk to check any movement in the betting markets. Mobile betting can inform you of any movements as they happen and give you an opportunity to place new bets.

What are the disadvantages of mobile betting in the UK?

Mobile betting has the same disadvantages as many other things that have gone mobile. Small screens can be frustrating to navigate for long periods of time, and many mobiles are designed to only really allow you to focus on one thing at a time. This makes mobile betting a bad choice when you are only looking for lines to bet on. However, if you already know what you are betting on and just want to wait for the perfect moment to bet, then casino online mobile betting is an excellent tool for the advanced punter.  This is less true on a tablet or if you have a large screen phone that allows multitasking even at online casinos. Mobile betting is evolving at a rapid pace.

Which United Kingdom site do you recommend most for mobile betting?

Although you can find sports wagering at most online casinos, mobile betting is best done by experts. we think Betfair is generally the best site for mobile betting. Watching market movements on Betfair can be very important and so it makes the best use of mobile betting.

With that said, Bet365 would be our choice for casual punters who want to get in on mobile betting for the sheer convenience. The Bet365 mobile application has good design sense, even though we still wish online bookies would get away from the green-heavy colour schemes they seem to love so well.  That hasn't been the colour of money for a long time but it doesn't matter provided you win at an online casino.  Mobile betting sites are a matter of personal preference but always look for the best odds at top rated sites.

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