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NHL Betting

The National Hockey League (NHL) is the top ice hockey league in North America, and is made up of the best teams from both the United States and Canada.  The NHL is actually Canada's most popular sports league, even though it has just 6 of the leagues 30 franchises.  The NHL has a storied history and was formally established in 1917, although a few of the franchises can trace their roots further. While many other countries have hockey leagues, none compare to the international status of the NHL nor are they as popular for wagering at online casinos.  National Hockey League action isn't as popular as NFL football or NBA basketball in the UK, but it's certainly gaining traction with punters.

Online Casino National Hockey League Fun Fact

The NHL loves expansion and is open to relocation.  Nine new franchises have joined the league since the 1990s and four teams have relocated to new markets.  Although none of the arenas are anywhere near the UK, there's definitely increased interest at online casinos.  National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman dreams of putting a franchise in Las Vegas before the decade is out.

How To Bet On The National Hockey League

Since the 'National' in National Hockey League refers to the USA and Canada, rather than the United Kingdom, you're probably going to see odds listed primarily in the moneyline format even if you're using a British sportsbook. That's especially true if you wager on the internet or at bookmaker areas of casinos online.  National Hockey League moneyline odds are listed as positive or negative numbers, such as +100 or -300, and this is how to read them:

  • A positive number shows how real cash much you stand to make from a £100 bet. So, in the above example, you could win £100 from such a bet in the UK
  • A negative number is the figure you need to bet to make £100 from the bet, e.g. £300 in the example shown above

This can be complicated by the introduction of the spread or puck line, another positive or negative figure that shows the number of goals a team must win by or can afford to lose by. On an Internet sports betting site or online casino, National Hockey League bettors might see the following:

Anaheim Ducks: -1.5 (+200)

Pittsburgh Penguins: +1.5 (-150)

Here the Ducks must win by 2 or more goals for a real money wager to pay out, while the Penguins can lose by one goal and still pay out.  When visiting a casino online, National Hockey League punters should double check their wagers before confirming their bets.  Although it doesn't take long to get used to American-style odds, it's always best to know exactly what's happening.

Whether you prefer your local bookmaker, internet sportsbook, or wagering at a UK casino online, National Hockey League fans have outstanding options when it comes to types of bets, number of games, and odds.

Where To Bet On The National Hockey League

For those based outside of the US, the best bet for finding good odds on NHL action is by using sportsbooks on the web, even if they're based in the United Kingdom. Here's why:

  • Games are played in US and Canadian time zones, so odds offered on the Internet will be more up to date than those in an offline bookie
  • Before placing any real cash wagers you can compare a few different UK bookmakers and casinos online. National Hockey League punters can safely assume their offline bookmaker offers inferior odds
  • Games that aren't televised on British TV, and certainly won't be available in bricks and mortar sportsbooks, can be streamed online. Especially useful if you plan to try your hand at live betting while the game is on

Sports Wagers At A Casino Online: National Hockey League Schedule

NHL Betting

Just like the action at an online casino, National Hockey League action practically never ends.  With games from October through June, the schedule is as busy as the NBA but far more intense.  Did we mention that fighting is encouraged, which makes the games far more interesting than anything you'd find in the United Kingdom or continental Europe?  Too bad you can't wager on who will punch first at casinos online.   National Hockey League games are quite a spectacle.  Perhaps the only failing is that most games take place at night, which means a lot of midnight and two a.m. starts for viewers in the UK.

National Hockey League Franchises Worth Celebrating

Despite the fact that there are only six Canadian teams in the league, two of them are at the top of the all-time Stanley Cup championship rankings. The Montreal Canadiens hold the record for the most Cup wins with 24, while the Toronto Maple Leafs sit in second with 13. Of course Toronto hasn't won the Cup since 1967, so a storied history can only get you so far at a sportsbook or casino online.  National Hockey League teams do have a salary cap, which means that there is some level of parity. Although lately the Chicago Blackhawks have won three of the last six Stanley Cups with the Los Angeles Kings winning twice and Boston Bruins win once.

There's no such thing as a sure thing at sportsbooks or online casinos.  National Hockey League odds, however, are just as good or even better than in any online casino. National Hockey League games are exciting, very fast-paced and usually have lots of lead changes. It's possible for teams to stage a huge comeback victory even if they trail by several goals going into the third and final period. This makes games perfect for sports betting, even if you're a British beginner with very little knowledge of the game and more accustomed to slots at casinos online. National Hockey League matches will reward you for skating outside of your comfort zone.  The NHL thrives on numbers and statistics.  With the wealth of resources available online, it's easy to wager and win even if you lack a track record of success.

Get Ready To Score

Whether you prefer your local bookmaker, internet sportsbook, or wagering at a UK casino online, National Hockey League fans have outstanding options.  Our team of experts don't want you to keep skating in circles.  Just visit our reviews and find the best places to place your bets in the United Kingdom.  Find the best odds anywhere, spectacular customer service, quick payouts, and even claim valuable bonuses at casinos online.  National Hockey League games deserve your attention even if you don't have the stamina to stay up late and follow the live action.

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