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American Football

Discover America's game with our complete  guides to NFL & NCAA football for punters in the UK.

When Americans hear the word football, they're likely thinking about the NFL. Perhaps you should too.  While United Kingdom-style footie has its own charm, the American gridiron game redefines intensity.  Did you know you can profit when you visit a sportsbook or casino online?  American football guide-books and tip sheets make it easy for everyone in the United Kingdom to learn the nuances of America's biggest game.  While most sport fans watch the annual Super Bowl, that's just part of the story.  Take advantage of our online casino American football guide and learn how to wager on the big game, regular season NFL action, and even college football. 

America might be an ocean away, but there's no need to sit on the side-lines. Our special online casino American football guide will get you in the game on any given Sunday. Discover how to get in the game in the UK.

Wager In The UK

Whether you visit your neighbourhood bookmaker, internet sportsbook, or casino online, American football guide or betting handbooks will get you up to speed.  There are many reasons why most sportsbooks in the United Kingdom offer odds on NFL games.  With teams playing just one match a week, the fan interest doesn't wear thin.  The league is incredibly well-balanced competitively, both on the field and financially.  That means even small market teams have a chance to dominate.  Even if you don't use an online casino American football guide, the sheer volume of web content, blogs, and real time tweets make it easy to bet confidentially even if you don't watch the games.

Just like when playing for the first time at casinos online, American football guide-books eliminate the learning curve for new players.  Whether you wager on the NFL, NCAA football, or the Super Bowl itself, our guides will make you feel like you just won the coin toss.  See how easy it is to place football bets at online casinos.

Most sportsbooks in the UK offer odds on NFL games, as fan interest is always high because teams play just one match a week and the league is well-balanced competitively, which means any team can dominate.

American Football Guide: Betting on the NFL

If you are betting on American football from the United Kingdom, then the easiest action to find will be on the NFL. There are many advantages to betting on the NFL compared to college football.  Yet what you ultimately choose is a matter of personal preference.  Yet the NFL is a great place to start.  Some wagers are just easier to make at casinos online.

American football guide-books all tell you one thing.  Go to where the action is.  When it comes to wagering in the UK, NFL betting is the biggest game in town.  Nearly every  sport betting site offers NFL lines while only those aimed at a US audience tend to offer college football odds. The NFL also has incredible competitive balance, so much so that an absolutely dominant team is quite rare and never guaranteed to have Super Bowl success. This balance makes futures betting far more interesting than it would be in a lopsided league.  There are still a few terrible teams each season, but that just leaves room for upsets.  Have you every seen a roulette wheel land on zero three times in a row at online casinos?

American football guide and news sites might try to predict the outcome as game day approaches.  Yet anything can happen when you factor in the spread.  Ignore the pundits and even your own gut.  The numbers don't lie and they could be the secret to your success in the United Kingdom.  Of course your instincts are right when they are backed with the right information.  Similar to using a strategy table at a casino online, American football guide-books and charts are like your own gambling playbook.

For a more detailed guide to NFL betting, please visit our NFL page before logging on to casinos online.

American Football Guide: Betting on NCAA Football

American Football

It might seem bizarre to punters in the United Kingdom but amateur football is massive throughout the USA.  It's almost hard to fathom but American college and university sports is big business. If you haven't heard of the NCAA, it deserves your attention.  For the most part NCAA football, or college football, is where bettors truly follow their regional loyalties. While NFL teams don't even cover every state, there are quality college football teams all across America. This can lead to NCAA football betting being greatly influenced by the popularity of a team. Living in the UK, you probably won't have a favourite until a particular school repeatedly puts you in the win column.  Do you have a favourite number on the roulette wheel at online casinos?  American football guide books can help you find your team of choice.

The advantage of NCAA football betting for those in the USA is that college football is a much more personal game than the NFL. For outsiders, an advantage can be found in the fact that so many other punters will be betting with their hearts rather than their heads.

In terms of disadvantages, college football betting can be hard to find at some sportsbooks in the UK. It also requires a bit more effort to follow than the NFL if you are trying to find all the best betting opportunities.  Once you approach the championship bowl games, betting becomes as easy as pulling the level on the slots at a casino online. American football guide books transform punting into a game of skill rather than one of pure chance.

For more on college football betting, please visit our NCAA football page.  From the regular season to big bowl games, play like a pro the first time you visit United Kingdom sportsbooks and online casinos.

American Football Guide: Betting On The Super Bowl

While the Super Bowl is really just a part of the NFL, there is something quite different about Super Bowl betting. Getting most of your picks right for a week in the regular season just doesn't have the same impact as winning your Super Bowl bets. Yet if you've ever read an onlne casino American football guide, you probably know that there's no ceiling to how much you can wager on the big game.  That's true in the UK or anywhere else.  There's always enough action that even the smallest bookmaker can handle most bets.

If you are new to football wagering, the Super Bowl has the potential to be more intense than anything you'll find at online casinos.  American football guide readers can probably guess that the big game is the final football betting opportunity for nearly seven months.  The good new is the contest attracts so much attention that you'll find the biggest variety of wagers anywhere.  Why limit yourself to merely betting on the score.? You can wager on who will win the coin toss, individual quarters, first touchdown scorers, first sacks, number of pass attempts, and even what happens during the halftime show. 

Stay Level Headed

Of course, you have to be careful not to get caught up in emotion yourself when betting on the Super Bowl and that's harder than it seems. Even when you aren't a fan of either team, the grandiose spectacle of the Super Bowl can draw you in and have you making bets you'd never consider if you weren't drunk on sporting glory.  Keep our online casino American football guide handy and make all the right moves.

Please visit our Super Bowl page for a more detailed guide to Super Bowl betting.  It might be our most important resource for fans of bookmakers and casinos online. American football guide readers will always know the score, even if only metaphorically.

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