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World Cup Football

There is no bigger stage in football than the World Cup. Contested every four years, the FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and sees hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch each and every match. It's also widely popular at UK sportsbooks and online casinos. Football World Cup wagering is rivalled only by the Super Bowl and that's because FIFA's World Cup happens less frequently.    

The World Cup first began in 1930 and over the decades has evolved into a top global sporting competition. With an estimated billion people having watched the 2014 final, the World Cup is beyond epic. Since its inception, the competition has added more and more national teams to the finals tournament.  Now that 32 qualifying nations participate in the World Cup,  it's easy to see how the tournament captivates audiences and spawns interest at casinos online.  Football world cup betting action deserves a spot on your calendar.

UK Bookmakers And Online Casinos: Football World Cup Betting Guide

Before placing a wager at an online casino, Football World Cup punters will need to know who qualifies to participate in the tournament.  While some nations like Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and England always enter into the equation, there are no guarantees.  In fact the only thing that fans know for certain is that the host automatically qualifies.  That means Russia is guaranteed to participate in 2018 even if they are a longshot at every sportsbook and casino online.  Football World Cup outcomes aren't that outlandish.

Once the 32 teams are set, you can start placing bets but some Brits wait until they've seen who's in the groups before they start betting.  Wagering on the outright winner can be lucrative at UK sportsbooks and online casinos.  Football World Cup bettors might not feel like locking up their funds until 2018.

Football World Cup betting has plenty of top picks that UK punters will tell you 'can't lose' but it rarely turns out that way, as there's no such thing as a sure thing, and it's that unpredictability that makes World Cup football so thrilling.

Bet Types In The United Kingdom

Once the games commence, you'll find all of the usual football bets for each match at an online casino.  Football World Cup fans in the UK have great real money betting options beyond the final score.  These are just a handful of the bets you can place:

  • Total number of goals scored
  • Match winner (with additional options for the margin of victory)
  • First goal scorer
  • Correct score
  • Number of corners

At both bookmakers and casinos online, Football World Cup's top bet is the overall tournament winner. As we mentioned earlier, you can place your wager on the next World Cup the second the previous one ends. If wagering offline, don't lose your betting slip, especially if you stand to net yourself hundreds or even thousands of pounds.  Of course when wagering at an online casino, Football World Cup fans will need to keep their login credentials handy.  You'll need to log in so you can cash out your winnings, even if it's years later. 

Did You Know?

Betting on World Cup football is so common that most bookmakers, particularly those on the web, cater to all audiences.  That's why you'll usually see the odds in fractional, decimal, and moneyline format depending on your preference.  If you've ever visited a bookmaker or online casino, football World Cup odds expressed fractionally will be the most familiar.

Best Bets At A Casino Online: Football World Cup Wagers

World Cup Football

Whether you want to place real cash wagers offline or gamble on the Internet, betting on World Cup football is easy even for beginners.  It doesn't matter if you've never wagered on anything before or have visited an online casino. Football World Cup action is available at all the top sites and plenty of niche sites too.   Many UK bookies offer free bets around the time of the World Cup in an attempt to earn your business.

For the best odds, we'd recommend sticking with sites on the web rather than playing offline.  Just like at casinos online, football world cup betting gives you superior payouts if you choose to gamble on the internet.  This is only because sports betting sites in the UK tend to be more conscious of their fierce competition. Take advantage of the wider range of bets and superior odds at internet bookmakers and UK online casinos.

Football World Cup: Betting Benefits

When the World Cup rolls around every four years, it's pretty much all anyone in the United Kingdom talks about.  Almost all British workplaces do World Cup sweepstakes and, if you're not betting on England, popping a real money bet on them can make rooting for the team you pick (or get stuck with) much more fun and exciting.  With so many betting options in the UK including at casinos online, football World Cup wagering isn't hard to find.  The biggest challenge is actually riding out those three calendar years without a World Cup.

Like in any online casino, football World Cup betting has plenty of top picks that people in the UK and elsewhere will tell you are the best and 'can't lose' but it rarely turns out that way. There's no such thing as a sure thing and it's that unpredictability that makes following World Cup football so thrilling. And, because it only comes around once every four years, it's not like it can do much damage to your bankroll.  Of course, you'll probably want to wager on other matches in the United Kingdom once you get a taste of what FIFA offers.

Get Ready For The Cup

While Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 might not be in your field of view, you'll still find lots of action at a casino online.  Football World Cup punters in the United Kingdom can whet their appetite with Premier League and Euro 2016 wagers.  Plus, as previously mentioned, it's never too early to bet on distant outright winners at a casino online.  Football World Cup action may just be the tip of the iceberg, but it's the greatest iceberg ever conceived.  Browse our expert reviews and find the top sportsbooks for players in the UK.  Take advantage of complimentary bets as well as amazing bonuses and build your bankroll before the World Cup starts.  It's never too soon to become an expert.

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