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La Liga Football

Spanish football has long been recognised by the British public as some of the world's best. When you consider the level of competition, intensity, and finesse that plays out on the field, it's clear why players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi thrive in La Liga. Ranked as the second highest domestic league on the continent, there is no shortage of skilful players and famous clubs to flesh out the seasonal competition. With games regularly broadcast on the telly in the United Kingdom La Liga matches are a favourite at sportsbooks at online casinos. Football La Liga delivers excitement all season long.

Structure And Schedule

Similar to the UK's Premier League, the Spanish top division has been in existence for several decades, but only in its current form for the past few years. Twenty teams contest the highest tier of Spanish football, with the bottom three facing relegation to the Segunda division.  The season runs from August through May with each team playing 38 regular season matches.  All teams face each other twice, which means both home and away dates. The fully loaded schedule plays out perfectly at bookmakers and your favourite online casino.

Football La Liga standings are based on an easy to understand point system. Teams earn three points for each victory and a single point in a draw. The best clubs at the end of each season are awarded qualification into the Champions League or Europa League, depending on their finishing position and stability of club finances.  The best part is you can be a part of every match in the United Kingdom at a casino online. Football La Liga betting is easier than you might expect especially if you are familiar with online casinos.

Even if you already follow a UK team and bet on them regularly at an online casino, football La Liga wagers are still worth placing because the action on the field is spectacular, and the season lasts longer than the English Premier League.

Football La Liga: Placing Real Money Wagers

Of the 20 teams that currently play in La Liga, there are two that are well known by British football fans and throughout the entire world. Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the biggest clubs in world football, let alone Spain, and together have amassed a horde of domestic and international trophies.  You can probably guess that they are heavy favourites at UK bookmakers and casinos online. Football La Liga punters could definitely do worse than picking one of these teams to focus on at an online casino.

Football La Linga: Ways To Wager

Real money wagers placed on La Liga look much like those placed on football matches in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe at either bookmakers or online casinos.  Football La Liga bets aren't limited to picking outright winners. Common bets include:

  • Over/under (or goal line) bets relating to whether the total number of goals scored by both teams is more or less than a certain figure
  • Many UK players place a bet on the overall winner of a match or tournament because they aren't so familiar with all of the teams
  • Match specials aren't always quite so comprehensive as those relating to British football, but you can often bet on goal scorer markets

Knowing The Odds In The United Kingdom

La Liga Football

If you're playing in the UK, even if you're gambling at a casino online, Football La Liga wagers may be offered in decimal format rather than the usual fractional format that's common in the United Kingdom. It's quite easy to convert between the two, as long as you know that decimal odds bundle the stake and winnings together while fractional odds split them up. Here's an example:

  • A real cash wager on something with odds of 10/1 will pay £10 winnings for every pound wagered.
  • In decimal odds, this would read 11.00 i.e. for every pound wagered, you receive £11 in total (£10 winnings + £1 stake)

You can usually toggle between betting decimal and fractional formats at internet sportsbooks and online casinos.  Football La Liga punters should at least be aware of both systems, but there's also a completely different American system.  If you are interested in wagering on American sports, you can find complete instruction in our applicable game guides.  Just keep them handy before paying a trip to a sportsbook or logging on to a casino online.

Football La Liga Domination

Only 9 teams have ever lifted the trophy, with Real Madrid winning a huge 32 times followed by Barcelona with 23 championship victories.  It's easy to see why, at casinos online, football La Liga are so popular with beginners.  There's nothing better than firmly putting yourself in position to win.

Where To Bet On La Liga

Betting on La Liga is something increasingly being offered by British bookmakers but, if in doubt, just make your way to any of the top sports betting sites and you'll find odds there. You can even visit the bookmaking section of many online casinos.  Football La Liga wagering is actually much better on the internet.  You'll also be able to enjoy a few of the advantages of betting on the web:

  • The best odds when you compare with offline bookies in the UK
  • Bigger choice of real money wagers, including live betting odds updated in real-time
  • Stream and follow games live in the United Kingdom to see how your team is doing

Why Bet On La Liga?

Even if you already follow a UK team and bet on them regularly at an online casino, football La Liga wagers are still worth placing.  Not only is the action on the field nothing short of spectacular, but the season lasts longer than the English Premier League.  There's no need to sit on the sidelines even if your local squad finds itself doing just that.  Whether you visit your local bookmaker or flock to a casino online, football La Liga matches bring you the variety you deserve.

With the constant favourite of Real Madrid on offer closer to a sure thing than anything you'll find in a casino online, football La Liga betting can net you a nice real cash win, especially early in the season. 

Your Best Bets In The United Kingdom

If you already visit casinos online, Football La Liga games can enhance you gambling experience.  Why settle on mindless slots when you can do your research and have greater control over your wagering fate?  It's hard to compare the thrill of being on the edge of your seat for a couple hours. Who knows what could happen on the field?

While it's easy to find a great bookmaker that's affiliated with a top online casino, football La Liga match selection and odds are best at a dedicated internet sportsbook.  The good news is that our team of experts have found the top sites with the most favourable odds in the United Kingdom.  We recommend browsing our reviews but feel free to follow our links to the best sites if you're dying to get in on the action right now.

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