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It doesn't get more American than the National Football League. Watch passion play out on the gridiron any given Sunday. Discover how easy it is to experience it all from our side of the pond with our UK online casino NFL betting guide.

Despite the popularity of basketball and baseball in America, the NFL is easily the most successful sports league in the USA. Fans not only flock to stadiums across the nation like it's some kind of religious service, but many tailgate outside the stadium just to be part of an experience that's larger than life. It's no surprise that in Vegas and at online casinos, NFL betting is a huge business. From the preseason to the Super Bowl, there really is no bigger game in town. Learn how easy it is to wager on America's game right from the United Kingdom.

Online Casino NFL Betting: Point Spread

The online casino NFL betting line, also known as the point spread or spread, is a bet on whether a team will finish the game within a certain number of points of the opposing side. An example of how point spread odds might look at an online betting site is as follows:

Minnesota Vikings +6 +105
Green Bay Packers -6 -120

When visiting an internet sportsbook or casino online, NFL betting isn't hard to wrap your head around. The initial number is the number of points, with a '-' symbol indicating the team that must win by that number of points and the '+' symbol indicating the team that must lose by less than that number of points.

You can simply add the points to the losing team's final score - if the adjusted score would win, then a spread bet on the underdog would win. When visiting a casino online, NFL betting lines will be set with a half point in order to avoid the possibility of a tie on spread bets. At online casinos, NFL betting odds change all the time. Although odds aim to predict the outcome to some degree, the bookmakers adjust them accordingly to increase their chances of being profitable. When you visit sportsbooks or casinos online, NFL betting odds can also shift in the event of player injury or weather patterns. It's not hard to do your research and cash in on advantageous odds before your sportsbook alters them. Once you've placed your bet, you'll be good to go.

NFL betting really does offer something for everyone, and bets can be especially easy to pick thanks to the wide availability of NFL statistics online.

Quick Tip: Winning With The Spread

NFL betting often focuses on the point spread, as spread betting can even make stomp matches interesting from a betting perspective. You see, it doesn't matter if one team is going to dominate if you can handicap them when you're betting!

Understanding The Moneyline

Sometimes it's better to just pick the outright winner while ignoring the margin of victory or defeat. Returning to the previous example, the second set of numbers is known as the moneyline.

Minnesota Vikings +6 +105
Green Bay Packers -6 -120

In this example, the favourite is Green Bay and the underdog is Minnesota. Negative odds indicate the amount of money you need to wager in order to win £100. In this case, you would need to bet £120 on Green Bay in order to be rewarded with a £100 profit. Meanwhile the positive odds indicate how much you'll claim by wagering £100. By betting £100 on Minnesota, you stand to win a £105 profit. At online casinos, NFL betting odds and standards also apply to NBA, MLB, and NHL bets. If you find these numbers confusing, you can often between fractional and decimal odds in the UK.

Online Casino NFL Betting: Over/Under

NFL Betting

Totals are a very popular part of online casino NFL betting. This is a bet on whether a total score (either the combined game score or the score for just one of the teams) will be over or under a set number. These bets can be especially easy to pick thanks to the wide availability of NFL statistics online.

For instance, there can be great opportunities for NFL totals bets later in the season once it becomes clear how each team is playing. If the number for the totals is set far higher than the average the team has achieved, then it's worth looking at the under odds at a sportsbook or casino online. NFL betting on the over odds is a great call if the total is set at a lower point than the average for the season. You will have to adjust based on the style match up of the teams, but this simple comparison of stats to the totals numbers is a good first step.

Visiting A Casino Online: NFL Betting Prop Bets

When you visit sportsbooks or online casinos, NFL betting can get really interesting with available proposition bets. These wagers are especially popular for the Super Bowl. Make things interesting by wagering on which teams will score first, what the scores will be in each quarter, which player will score first, how many passes the quarterbacks will attempt, and many more possible outcomes. Sometime NFL prop bets are even offered on commentary or the half-time show. When you visit larger UK sportsbooks or casinos online, NFL betting options really are diverse.

We don't recommend NFL prop bets unless you are only taking them to spice up the game. Most are difficult to predict with any reasonable degree of accuracy, as they depend so much on the luck of the game. They can certainly heighten the tension of an important game, though. The first good attempt at a touchdown is even more exciting when you've placed a prop bet predicting just that. It's always great to have options at internet bookmakers and casinos online. NFL betting really does offer something for everyone.

Did You Know?

Whether or not you have your sights on the NFL, America's preeminent league has its collective eyes on London and the entire United Kingdom. The league now stages three regular season games in London at Wembley Stadium. In 2015 the Jets faced the Dolphins, the Bills battled the Jaguars, and the Lions clashed with the Chiefs right in the UK. As always the real action is at sportsbooks and casinos online. NFL betting is already a tradition in the United Kingdom.

Visiting Casinos Online: NFL Betting Hot Spots

When you visit a United Kingdom sportsbook or online casino, NFL betting isn't reserved for diehard football fanatics. Even beginners can get in on the action. Try working the spread to your advantage or let the experts do your picking. Even the most casual punters in the UK don't want to miss out on the Super Bowl.

Why wait for the big game to test the NFL waters. We've found the finest UK sportsbooks and online casinos. NFL betting is just a swift click away. Check out our reviews to the best casino online NFL betting experiences imaginable. Discover the best odds in the United Kingdom and even earn great sign up bonuses today.

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