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Rugby League

With its trademark hard hits and fast action, nothing comes close to rugby league.  From the United Kingdom to the land down under, rugby league boasts millions of diehard fans.  Discover the finer points of the planet's ultimate contact sport and learn how easy wagering is at a casino online.

Rugby league guide readers are often impressed by just how many exciting betting opportunities there are.  That's especially true if you are willing to bet on matches beyond the United Kingdom. Before visiting online casinos, rugby league guide and wagering resources like this will introduce you to the many forms of rugby league betting. Even if you are new to the game, it's easy to get up to speed.  Get acquainted with the major rugby league competitions in the UK and across the globe.  We'll even direct you to the best online bookmakers with the most rugby league bets and lucrative odds.

Best Rugby League Betting Markets

Before comparing and contrasting the main leagues, it pays to examine what these competitions have in common.  Whether you planning on wagering at a local bookmaker, internet sportsbook, or online casino, rugby league guide readers should know that the available betting options are fairly standard. You'll usually be able to choose from match odds, futures, and prop bets.

Understanding Match Odds And Futures

Match coupon or match odds is the most common form of rugby league betting, a straight up bet on which team will win. This is usually offered as a 3-way bet with odds on each team to win and odds on a draw. This rugby league betting market is not always the most profitable, as the limited number of outcomes leads to very tight odds at online casinos.

Rugby league guide readers who are in it for the long haul will want to take advantage of futures. Rugby league betting futures are essentially just a way of giving match odds in the weeks or months leading up to an event. Some rugby league betting futures can also be based on more general outcomes, such as which team will win the overall season. It's often possible to bet on next year's champions as soon as this year's winner is determined.  In the case of the World Cup, it's possible to wager several years in advance. 

The Rugby League offers UK punters ample opportunities to wager on competitive matches in various leagues and to make the most of their bets.

Prop Bets In The UK

One problem with futures, especially distant ones, is that your money can be tied up at a sportsbook or casino online.  Rugby league guide readers shouldn't fret.  There are plenty of other unusual but potential rewarding options at casinos online. Rugby league guide and info sites often surprise beginners with what's know as prop bets.  When you take advantage of prop bets, you'll wager on things other than the outcome of games. An example is first try scorer, which is a very popular rugby league prop bet that requires you to pick the first player to score a try in a major game.

Prop bets can be quite popular among players with a bit more gamble in them, as they tend to offer longer odds than the more straightforward rugby league bets at casinos online.

Rugby League Guide: Betting on Rugby League Competitions

For most players, the two major rugby league competitions for betting purposes are the UK Super League and Australia's National Rugby League also known as the NRL. We'll take a quick look now at the common betting strategies in these markets, but please visit our specific pages for more detail on UK Super League betting and NRL betting.  They are both great options at United Kingdom online casinos.

Rugby League Guide: UK Super League

Rugby League

There are four main teams that tend to lead the Super League - Leeds Rhinos, Wigan Warriors, and St Helens. When making bets on the whole season, these three teams will usually be favourites at casinos online.

Rugby League guide users should be aware that the Leeds Rhinos have been quite dominant and will have fairly short odds in season result prop bets at any bookie. However, these bets usually have fairly long odds that you may want to consider taking given the past success of Leeds.

Be sure to visit our UK Super League page. You'll find our comprehensive online casino rugby league guide to betting on the Super League. It's widely popular at both United Kingdom bookmakers and casinos online.

Rugby League Guide: National Rugby League Primer

National Rugby League betting is very popular in Australia, where rugby competes with local Australian Rules football for the love of the nation. Recent years have seen some departures and controversies that have shaken up NRL betting opportunities, but this has not diminished the popularity of the game on TV and at online casinos. Rugby league guide readers will learn why the game is stronger than ever despite some distant setbacks.

For instance, the Melbourne Storm had their 2007 and 2009 premierships stripped after they had been found to breach the salary cap. Also, the Brisbane Broncos have to build back up from a group of far less experienced players as many of their prior superstars have recently retired leaving them a much diminished team and shunned by punters at online casinos.  Rugby league guide and blog entries aren't always up to date, but you put your faith in all our resources for timely news and tips.  You don't even need to live in the United Kingdom.

Online Casino Rugby League Guide To The NRL

The Melbourne Storm have made for some tremendous NRL betting odds opportunities in recent seasons, having had general success and also possessing some of the NRL's best players despite the controversies we mentioned.  They actually managed to rebound and claim the championship in 2012.  Also, they are currently something of a villain in the NRL betting, which can lead to some overbalanced odds that a canny punter can take advantage at top casinos online. Rugby league guide and news sites can help you work the odds to your advantage.

The NRL also has an inter state competition series where players from QLD and NSW compete over 3 games to be crowned state of origin champions. Most UK sportbooks will have latest State Of Origin Odds usually a week before each game.

Visit our NRL page for more information on NRL betting in the United Kingdom. 

Online Casino Rugby League Guide To Getting Started

Even if you've never wagered before, it's easy to get started at a casino online.  Rugby league guide tips wouldn't be complete without a road map to the best sites.  Check out the top-rated sites for UK players hand-picked by our experts or dig deeper by browsing our comprehensive reviews.  Whether you are looking for a bookmaker or prefer sports wagering at a casino online, rugby league guide and review sections of this site will transport you to the best action.

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