Betting On The NRL

NRL Betting

For the world's best rugby, forget the United Kingdom.  You'll need to head deep into the heart of Australasia.  A favourite among sports fans at online casinos, NRL delivers pure rugby perfection. Discover everything you need to know about the top professional rugby league in Australia and New Zealand along with how to wager in the UK.

National Rugby League Primer

The National Rugby League, or NRL, is the professional rugby league competition of Australia and New Zealand.  The NRL currently features 15 Australian clubs and a single club in Auckland, New Zealand.  If visiting a UK bookmaker or online casino, NRL punters should know that the league is competitive with no single squad dominating.  In fact, no team has won the NRL Grand Final two years in a row. That's valuable information if you plan on visiting a United Kingdom casino online.  NRL punters in the UK who aim to learn from history should keep that in mind if betting on the Grand Final winner.

For the best online casino NRL betting odds, sign up at an Australian focused betting site, but that doesn't necessarily mean venturing beyond the United Kingdom, as many UK sites offer competitive odds.

Season Schedule

For fans of online casinos, NRL's lengthy season provides lots of betting opportunities.  The NRL is a winter league but don't forget that the seasons are reversed down under.  Trial matches start in March and the Grand Final takes place in early October.  Teams play 26 regular season matches.  Game winners earn two points for their victory and a single point for a draw.  You can watch all the action on the internet or at Premier Sports in the United Kingdom.  Tune in while you visit casinos online. NRL action isn't hard to wrap your head around.

At the end of the regular season the top eight teams compete in the final series over four weeks.  The Grand Final champions win the Provan-Summons Trophy and each player receives a premiership ring.  Whether you prefer to follow the whole season or set your sights on the ultimate prize, you can guarantee ample betting opportunities at sportsbooks and online casinos. NRL action might just make your UK spring, summer, and early autumn worthwhile.

Did You Know?

In 2010 the NRL endured a huge scandal.  The Melbourne Storm were convicted of having breached the league salary cap and were stripped of their 2007 and 2009 premierships. For sports enthusiast who enjoy the action at an online casino, NRL controversies may seem minor when compared to matches being fixed.  Regardless, the NRL has since rebounded to previously unseen heights and the Melbourne Storm returned to glory by winning the Premiership in 2012.

Online Casino NRL Bets

NRL Betting

NRL bets are mostly placed on straight up win/loss results, but there is also a lot of interest in NRL proposition bets at casinos online. NRL fans down under love to bet on who will score the first try, points at half time, and many more outcomes that are very difficult to pick. This is a great option for players in the UK as well as at online casinos.  NRL bettors should look for unbalanced odds rather than playing bets on your gut feeling alone.

With the amount of global coverage, including in the United Kingdom, sometimes heeding the wisdom of experts is the best call. That's especially true if you are new to wagering at online casinos.  NRL bets should be as fun as they are easy to make. It's a good idea to browse expert blogs or check out major sites like the ABC and FOX for analysis.  The domestic coverage in the UK usually lacks the depth you'll need.

Online Casino NRL State of Origin Bets

The State of Origin games are between Queensland and New South Wales each year, and some of the heaviest NRL betting takes place on this event at UK casinos online. NRL State of Origin bets are even more likely to include prop bets than regular NRL games at a casino online. NRL punters should know that while both teams always play hard, there is a tendency for the teams to be unbalanced for several years at a time and this can lead to very short odds for the favoured team. Prop bets give punters another option for their State of Origin bets and they help to make the games even more exciting.  Try finding anything even half as exciting in the United Kingdom.

Online Casino NRL Grand Final Bets

At sportsbooks and casinos online, NRL Grand Final bets are as big as it gets.  The contest always see huge amounts of money pass through Australian sportsbooks, as practically every sports fan in the country will bet on the event.  There's plenty of action happening in New Zealand and the United Kingdom too. While the popularity of the NRL Grand Final compared to the AFL Grand Final is difficult to judge, the number of NRL Grand Final bets would suggest that the NRL has little to worry about despite the rising national popularity of the AFL.  If you like wagering at a casino online, NRL matches are more than just another great option.

Wagering At A Casino Online: NRL Betting

For the best online casino NRL betting odds, you should optimally sign up for an Australian focused betting site. That doesn't necessarily mean venturing beyond the United Kingdom. Given the highly competitive nature of the league, many foreign punters gladly put the matches on their betting card at online casinos.  NRL matches are a natural fit for anyone who likes the gripping game of rugby.

Get Started

While It isn't hard to find NRL betting at any solid sportsbook or casino online, not all UK sites are worthy of your attention.  Just like any game at casinos online, NRL odds, betting options and payouts all vary widely.  Luckily our team of experts have done all the legwork for you by assessing every United Kingdom-friendly sportsbook and online casino. NRL fans and anyone who is even mildly curious about the league should visit our review pages for the best sites in the UK and beyond.

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