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Superbowl Betting

With an audience of more than 120 million viewers in the USA alone, the Super Bowl is easily the biggest annual television event in the world.  No matter what happens on the field, it's always massive at bookmakers and casinos online.  Superbowl betting is now a mainstay in the United Kingdom.  Learn how easy it is to start punting on the big game.

The Super Bowl is the most important game in the NFL - the championship game that decides the best football team in America. Keep in mind that American football has far more in common with rugby league than the United Kingdom's version of football. Due to the game's importance, Super Bowl betting is the biggest markets in the world and millions of punters place bets on Super Bowl odds at bookmakers from all over the world, not just US focused ones. At most bookmakers and online casinos, Superbowl betting opportunities are everywhere.  Expect to be almost bombard with potential punts from January until the date of the game in early February.  You'll definitely want to take a break from table games at a casino online.

Superbowl Betting In The United Kingdom

Whether you are into sports or prefer playing the slots at a casino online, Superbowl betting is something you won't want to miss.  It's worth placing even a pound or two on the match.  The best part is you can even wager on propositions as diverse as the pregame coin toss or the musical set list of the halftime show.

Obviously the usual NFL betting options are very popular for online casino superbowl betting.  Yet the biggest game in the world  requires much more than just spread bets and moneyline odds. For most punters, the Super Bowl is more about entertaining bets than it is about the money, and smart bettors can always find an advantage when most punters are betting with their gut or heart.  Whatever your interest or strategy is, you'll definitely want to weigh your options at sportsbooks and online casinos.  Superbowl betting really is for everyone of legal age even people who don't consider themselves punters. There's never been a better reason to know your local bookmaker or have an account at a casino online.

Super Bowl betting markets that open one way can shift and the underdog can become a favourite, which means that you should consider betting on the original favourite, as this shift can be media and not reality related.

Superbowl Prop Betting

When visiting bookmakers or casinos online, Superbowl betting doesn't have to be run of the mill.  All you have to do is browse the available prop bets.  Prop bets are a market to stay away from if you want to try guessing the outcome. On the other hand, they can be worthwhile if you play the market at the right sites.

You see, picking the right outcome is fairly unreliable - how are you meant to accurately judge the chances of whether a performer will screw up the national anthem? You can't, but you can watch the odds on the different outcomes to place bets at a time where you can get an overall advantage. It's no more random than spinning the slots at an online casino.  Superbowl betting is best when you mix and match several smaller prop bets.

Amusing Prop Bets

Superbowl Betting

When visiting internet bookmakers and casinos online, Superbowl betting fans in the UK often laugh at the prop bets.  They aren't a joke but they can be hilarious and add scads of fun to your betting card.  We already mentioned that you can wager on the coin toss, national anthem, and half time show, but that's just a sampling of the offerings at one casino online.  Superbowl betting sites let you wager on the colour of the Gatorade, who the president picks to win, the TV ratings, who the MVP thanks first in his speech, and how the stock market performs the day after the event.

One important aspect of making the most of Super Bowl prop betting markets in the United Kingdom is to be a member of many different sportsbooks and online casinos. Superbowl betting sites will offer similar odds, yet you can occasionally find an odd one out and take advantage of longer Super Bowl prop bet odds than average. It's a good idea to join lots of sportsbooks ahead of time and leave some money deposited, as you are likely to only check the odds of the betting sites you are already a member of.

Standard Super Bowl Bets In The United Kingdom

If you don't have the time to watch the Super Bowl prop betting markets for value, then you are best sticking to standard online casino Superbowl betting. You can follow similar principles to regular NFL betting, but there are a few provisos to keep in mind for UK bettors.

First of all, don't trust the punters that influence the lines and odds at a casino online.  Superbowl betting markets that open one way can shift.  If the underdog becomes a favourite, consider betting on the original favourite. This is especially true if most people started backing the original underdog because of some narrative created by the media. This isn't a movie, it's a highly competitive sporting event that's gaining traction in the UK and not just at online casinos.

Superbowl Betting: Thinking About Statistics

When enjoying online casino superbowl betting be suspicious of the stats, but don't just throw them out entirely. Yes, it's true that a team can play much better or worse than usual when the pressure of playing in the Super Bowl is weighing on them. However, the same can be said about any big game, yet more often than not you will see the team putting in a performance only slightly better or worse than they normally would. When placing your bets before the game, it's better to trust the stats, which are widely available in the UK. If the tables turn come game day, you can easily find some Super Bowl live betting opportunities to balance out your bets in the United Kingdom.

Finally, never bet against your team in the Super Bowl even if you are just a casual fan in the UK. No, it won't take away the sting if your team loses - you'll just feel dirty for having backed the other side. Betting is meant to add to the fun and drama of sports at online casinos. Superbowl betting to hedge against disappointment might make you some money on occasion, but how would you really feel if your team made it to the Super Bowl and your money was against them? This is less of an issue in the United Kingdom where there are no franchises.

Punting At Casino Online: Superbowl Betting And Beyond

While you'll definitely want to take advantage of all the online casino Superbowl betting options in the United Kingdom, there's only one Super Bowl each year.  Luckily there's an entire NFL season and playoffs plus plenty of college action.  The best part is that you can wager on every game at casinos online. Superbowl betting is definitely the best place to start yet why end there? For more on American football betting opportunities, please visit our NFL page and NCAA football page.  It's easy to enjoy all the games even in the UK.

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