Olympic Ice Hockey Betting Online

Olympic Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is not just an extremely popular sport at domestic club level, but also on the international stage. It has been a regular fixture at the Winter Olympics since 1924, and even appeared once during the Summer Olympics in 1920. National ice hockey teams see the Olympics as one of the most important tournaments in the sport, and the chance to win a gold medal is something that every athlete strives for.  It's no surprise that it's a staple at UK sportsbooks and online casinos. Olympic Hockey might be your best bet if you are willing to wait four years.

Nations Face Off

The Olympics is a chance for every national team from around the world to compete for gold. The sport may be dominated by North American and European superstars, but it is technically possible for teams from nations as diverse as Kazakhstan and Australia to qualify. It's that kind of global mentality that plays well at casinos online. Olympic ice hockey can potentially let everyone in the game.  Of course if you're actually playing rather than wagering you'll need to qualify.  That means you won't see a team from the UK anytime soon, unless you are staring into a history book rather than browsing the odds at an online casino. Olympic hockey doesn't have to leave you skating on thin ice.

The NHL may boast the best ice hockey players around, but the Olympics is an opportunity for smaller nations to show that they can compete with the best in the business as well.  If you're looking to find your favourite players from the United Kingdom, you'll probably want to hold your breath and stick to an online casino.  Olympic ice hockey teams qualify based on their performance in International Ice Hockey Federation tournaments.  There's no need to concern yourself with the point ranking system but only Russia, Slovakia, United States, Slovenia, Finland, Canada, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, and Latvia participated in Sochi in 2014. That's a lot of wagering options at bookmakers and online casinos.  Olympic ice hockey might make you want to lace up your skates even in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to Olympic ice hockey Canada and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) have dominated the sport since its inception and are your best bets.

World's Best Player Pool

As you can probably imagine, most of the national teams that compete in the Olympic Games are made up of players from the NHL. Over the years, players like Mattias Ohlund (Sweden), Dominik Hasek (Czech Republic), and most recently Sidney Crosby (Canada) have all won gold medals for their efforts in the Winter Olympics. All three players have played, or currently do play, in the NHL, and it's not uncommon to see teammates at club level face off against each other in international fixtures.  It makes for some interesting possibilities for UK punters at online casinos. Olympic ice hockey has plenty of upsets in early rounds.  It's easy to see why the matches are popular among hard core NHL fans and even casual punters at casinos online. Olympic ice hockey deserves your attention even in the United Kingdom.

While NHL players are currently free to play for their respective countries during the Winter Olympics, in 1988, 1992, and 1994 the league decided not to allow any players to compete at the Games. This was due to the fact that the Olympics is often held around February - an integral time in the league's regular season. Since Nagano '98 though, NHL stars have been allowed to join their fellow countrymen on the ice, and the sport has never been more entertaining.  If you wager on NHL matches at online casinos,  Olympic ice hockey are a natural fit for your betting card.  The league actually takes a break for the Olympics.

Wagering At UK Casinos Online: Olympic Ice Hockey

Olympic Ice Hockey

Canada and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) have dominated Olympic ice hockey since its inception. Few other teams have managed to oust these two teams for the gold medal. The United Kingdom does make the list but you'll have to dig deep.  You'd be more likely to hit a progressive jackpot at a casino online. Olympic ice hockey is no longer the UK's strong suit. Just check out this list of past gold medal winners since 1920:

  • 2014: Canada
  • 2010: Canada
  • 2006: Sweden
  • 2002: Canada
  • 1998: Czech Republic
  • 1994: Sweden
  • 1992: Unified Team (former Soviet Union)
  • 1988: Soviet Union
  • 1984: Soviet Union
  • 1980: United States
  • 1976: Soviet Union
  • 1972: Soviet Union
  • 1968: Soviet Union
  • 1964: Soviet Union
  • 1960: United States
  • 1956: Soviet Union
  • 1952: Canada
  • 1948: Canada
  • 1936: Great Britain
  • 1932: Canada
  • 1928: Canada
  • 1924: Canada
  • 1920: Canada

Pyeongchang 2018

Are you ready for the next winter games? Korea might be too far from the United Kingdom, but you'll find great betting opportunities at casinos online. Olympic ice hockey stature will largely depend on the NHL participation, which is still pending.  Of course, some players elect not to participate even if the union allows their players to get in on the action.  Sport can be a matter of national pride as anyone in the United Kingdom knows.  If you do end up wagering at a casino online, Olympic ice hockey might be hard to follow live given that Korea is 8 hours ahead of the UK.

Women's Sports Wagering At Online Casinos: Olympic Ice Hockey

Although men dominate the ice and punting at casinos online, Olympic ice hockey also stages a parallel tournament for women.  It isn't always televised in the United Kingdom, save for the gold medal game, but you can typically place wagers at a UK casino online.  Olympic ice hockey fans know that the Canadians dominate the women's game too.  Since being added as a medal sport in 1998, Canada has won gold four out of five times.  That's more consistent than any bet you could make at an online casino.  Olympic ice hockey fans know that the women's final gives the men a run for their money.

Get Started At An Online Casino: Olympic Ice Hockey

Whether you opt to bet at a live bookmaker in the UK or head to a casino online, Olympic ice hockey isn't always easy to find.  Of course you won't be able to wager unless it's 2018 or 2022 but even then hockey is not always on United Kingdom radars.  Fortunately, our team of experts have already found the best internet sportsbook in the United Kingdom with the best odds for NHL and Olympic hockey.  Just visit our reviews and make the best bets of your life in the UK.

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