Online Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball Betting

As one of the most celebrated sports in the USA, it's no surprise that basketball betting is also immensely popular.  Online gambling fans enjoy basketball betting as much as wagering on other sports at casinos online. Basketball betting is nearly as popular as NFL football wagering, which takes the biggest slice of the American sports gambling pie. Despite being separated by an ocean, NBA and even NCAA basketball are huge in the United Kingdom.  When you visit a sportsbook at a casino online, basketball betting takes centre stage in the UK.

Although there are no NBA teams in the United Kingdom, there's plenty of wagering opportunities at UK internet bookmakers and online casinos.  Basketball betting is available more than eight months of the year.  With a fully loaded schedule and high scoring action every night you'll want to visit an online casino.  Basketball betting is simple thanks to our guide.

Amateur And Professional Action

At bookmakers and online casinos, basketball betting runs the gamut.  You'll find not only professional NBA league action but also NCAA college basketball.  At some casinos online, basketball betting can even take an unexpected turn with available WNBA bets.  The WNBA is the NBA's sister league with entirely female rosters.  You'll also find Olympic options at online casinos. 

Basketball betting has a few quirks if you're more accustomed to wagering on football.  While we'll discuss the main types of wagers shortly, it's worth noting that most punters in the United Kingdom prefer betting on NBA rather than NCAA games.  Although it's easy to find enough online info to transform you into an expert on either league, NBA games are more predictable and easier to enjoy on the telly in the UK.

Wagering At Bookmakers And Online Casinos: Basketball Betting Types

When visiting a sportsbook or casino online, basketball betting is usually divided into two types: money line and point spread bets.  Money line bets let you wager on the outright winner while point spread bets factor in the margin of victory or defeat.  At casinos online, basketball betting usually encompasses the latter.  You can also bet on futures including who will win the division.  UK punters can also take advantage of interesting prop bets as we approach the finals.

With dozens of leagues competing each season, punters can now bet on their favourite games at a number of the top internet bookies, sportsbooks, and online casinos.

Online Casino Basketball Betting: Money Line Wagers

The money line is easily the most popular sports bet available across a majority of top sports.  While the money line isn't the most common form of online casino basketball betting, it is popular. When you consider just how high scoring NBA games are, it's a great option to have.

Anyone who has wagered on a UK sports match before will already understand what the money line is. It is the easiest bet for punters to make and allows the bettor the option to back the team that is going to win the upcoming fixture. In some sports betting scenarios, such as football betting, the option to bet on a draw is available - however, at most online bookmakers you will find that basketball bets are only offered on the two opposing teams, as there are no ties in basketball.  Take a look at the LA Vs. Sacramento money line.  You'll find something similar wherever you enjoy online casino basketball betting .

LA Clippers:




Sacramento Kings:




As you can see, the odds listed above are in all three formats (American, Decimal, UK Fractional), of which you will be able to change at any time depending on your region or preference

In this case, if you were to back the favoured Sacramento Kings you would have to risk £175 in order to win a possible £100 payout. If the Kings did end up winning then you would receive £275, inclusive of your original bet. However, if instead you decided to take a punt on the underdogs, a £100 wager would have the potential to earn you £155 in winnings. A Clippers win would then net you a cool £255 in total. When visiting a casino online, basketball betting is that simple./p>

Point Spreads At Casinos Online: Basketball Betting's Best Option

Basketball Betting

While the money line is one of the most recognisable wagering types in sports betting, the point spread is regarded as the most popular form of online casino basketball betting even in the United Kingdom. Also known as the "line" or simply the "spread", it is the odds that a bookmaker sets by estimating how many points the game will be decided by. At online casinos, basketball betting spreads appear as follows:

Chicago Bulls:

-6½ -110



Orlando Magic:

+6½ -110



As you can see from the odds above, the addition of a point spread drastically changes the line odds. In this case, the Chicago Bulls are favoured to win the match by at least 6.5 points; if you backed the Bulls they would have to win by at least seven points for you to earn your casino online basketball betting payout.

If you decided to bet the spread on Orlando Magic, then the underdogs would need to finish the match within at least six points of the Bulls. This means that you can still win a hefty payout even if the Magic end up losing the game.  With the opportunity to win even when your team loses, it's easy to see why the spread rules at casinos online. Basketball betting is where the magic happens, even if you don't wager on Orlando in the UK.

Hit The Hardwood

With dozens of leagues competing each season, punters can now bet on their favourite games at a number of the top internet bookies, sportsbooks, and online casinos.  Basketball betting is typically available from October through June.  Just visit your favourite bookmaker or casino online.  Basketball betting really does live up to the hype. You can read more about the NBA, NCAA Basketball, and Olympic Basketball by clicking on the appropriate links.

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