How To Bet On NCAA College Basketball In The UK

NCAA Basketball

NBA superstardom doesn't happen overnight.  Before players reach the big leagues, they'll have to pay their dues.  While LeBron James headed straight to the big leagues, most professional players have storied college careers in the NCAA.  It might be hard for players in the United Kingdom to comprehend, but despite its amateur status, NCAA basketball is massive.  There's a reason you'll find games promoted heavily each winter at United Kingdom sportsbooks and online casinos. 

Basketball NCAA game coverage is growing rapidly on a global scale especially in the UK.  From the regular season to the mayhem of March Madness, sport fanatics and punters alike can't get enough of the action.  Don't sit on the side-lines at your favourite sportsbook or online casino, basketball NCAA games belong on your betting card.  Read our guide and learn about the league, creating your bracket, and how to wager at a casino online.

Basketball NCAA Primer

Everybody needs to start somewhere. In the world of collegiate basketball, stars rise in college before getting drafted into the NBA.  In the USA, colleges are the equivalent of universities in the United Kingdom.  The undergraduate student body is typically between 18-22 years of age, although some basketball players leave college early to go pro.  When you see the level of talent, it's hard to believe you're watching a bunch of kids.  Most of them can't drink or gamble at an online casino.  Basketball NCAA spectators don't really need to get concerned with biographies.  Yet it's good to have some context before turning on the telly or visiting online casinos.

In the UK, if you’re betting on NCAA basketball it's easy in the internet age to read up on the odds and get the latest news in real time so that you can make smart bets.

Basketball: NCAA Explained

For gamblers and fans of online casinos, basketball NCAA action is just part of the equation.  When you see the acronym NCAA, which stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, don't assume you are dealing with hoops.  The NCAA oversees more than 20 individual sports including hockey, football, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, wrestling, and even bowling. More importantly, there are also separate leagues for men and women not unlike the United Kingdom.

This might seem overwhelming when visiting sports wagering sites or casinos online.  Basketball NCAA games do tend to stand out and are heavily promoted especially during March Madness.  Just visit any of our recommended sportsbooks or a casino online. Basketball NCAA games run from late October through the first week of April.

Betting On NCAA Basketball

If you already bet at an online casino, basketball NCAA only make sense.  Just because the arenas are thousands of kilometres away, don't assume you can't win in the United Kingdom.  In the internet age, it's easy to read up on the odds and get the latest news in real time.  American sports sites like ESPN, Fox, and CBS have all the coverage you need but you'll find great resources on UK wagering sites and online casinos.  Basketball NCAA-style is definitely worth embracing.

Each year, over 60 teams from around the USA compete in an elimination tournament, the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship. This culminates in March Madness and the semi-finals of the tournament, or Final Four as it is commonly known. The Final Four competition to find the best team is a staple at Internet bookmakers at the end of the basketball season, and some bookies offer futures on the event prior to the competition even beginning.  At sports wagering sites and online casinos, basketball NCAA bets come in many forms.  Feel free to wager on individual games all season long and into March Madness.  You can also set up your bracket at an online casino. Basketball NCAA brackets operate like a traditional football betting pool.  The prize typically goes to the participant who predicts the most winners at a bookmaker casino online.

Basketball NCAA Fun Facts

NCAA Basketball

The odds of correctly predicting a bracket, i.e. the results of all the games in the Division I championship stand at nine quintillion to one! Of those who come close to doing so every year, some are NCAA experts but others are complete newbies with no basketball knowledge. Beginners' luck can be best sometimes. The odds are definitely worse than the lottery or any game at an online casino.  Basketball NCAA brackets only cost a couple of pounds to enter and there are even free promotional options.  At some casinos online, basketball NCAA championship action goes by the name March Mayhem rather than March Madness.  This is due to licensing and sponsorship issues.  It doesn't always affect the UK but don't get thrown off by the lingo.

Where To Bet On Basketball

At a sportsbook or casino online, basketball NCAA bets are easy to place.  In the United Kingdom, most sports betting relating to NCAA basketball is done on the Internet. Some bricks and mortar venues offer NCAA betting but the odds are rarely as good as what you can find online.  Keep in mind that with the exception of day games, almost all games will be played while the majority of people in the UK are fast asleep.

If you enjoy gambling at an online casino, basketball (NCAA included) sports betting is worth getting excited about. For those who like betting even money, or close to it, placing a real cash over/under wager is a good start. For a slightly longer shot bet on the team you think will win, just don't forget to take the point spread (a handicap that dictates a certain number of points a team must win or lose by) into account. Once you get the hang of the quirks, it's just as easy as taking the slots for a spin at your favourite UK casinos online. Basketball NCAA action can get intense but it's definitely rewarding.  It easily holds its own compared to anything else at casinos online.

Basketball NCAA Odds

How odds are displayed depends on your sportsbook or casino online.  Basketball NCAA odds are often in the moneyline format even in the United Kingdom. Here, a positive figure e.g. +250 shows how much you'll win from a £100 bet. At the same time, a negative number shows the size of a real cash wager required to win £100 e.g. -250 is a £250 bet that will yield £100 at online casinos.

Basketball NCAA Tips

At first glance, betting on NCAA seems somehow riskier than gambling on the NBA. However, there's actually just as much information, news, and statistics about NCAA basketball out there when you compare it with its professional cousin.  Just read the latest tweets while you play at casinos online.  Basketball NCAA-style really gets social media buzzing.

Students who compete receive scholarships and housing for participating, but don't receive any real money for playing. It may sound a bit clichéd, but there's also a lot of honour and pride at stake in NCAA basketball games. The action is rougher and sometimes even more exciting than NBA games and if you're looking for a change from casinos online, basketball NCAA-style could be just the thing.

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