Online Slots & Fruit Machine Guide

Online Slots

There’s a reason why online slots games are offered in such huge variety at online casinos – we simply can’t get enough of them! UK players love the straightforward game play of slots and the fact anybody can win big, regardless of experience or skill level. Low stake levels also help pull in casual online gamblers and keep players coming back for more. Slots are the bedrock of every decent online casino for UK players.  It’s easy to see why when you read about wins in the millions for lucky players who strike it big.

Games For Every Taste

Online slots have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The classic fruit machines and throwback games of your youth are still around, but in addition you’ll find literally hundreds of formats offered at the top online real cash casinos. There’s a game to suit every taste and more varieties are added by the day.

Today’s online slots games offer spectacular graphics, lively animations, and polished soundtracks. There are even licensed slots based on the biggest franchises in entertainment, including Terminator 2, Game Of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Arabian Nights, Superman, Wonder Woman, South Park, Dracula, Battlestar Galactica, and Tomb Raider.

As Many Reels As You Can Handle

The majority of online slots games are played to the classic three-reel and five-reel formats. You will also find seven-reel games offered, along with some specialists games that have an even greater number of reels in play. Such is the limitless nature of online gambling that practically anything is possible. Software designers can go way beyond the confines of a traditional stand-up slots machine in a casino. Look out for unique and inventive formats that stretch the concept of what a slots game looks like.

Unlimited Lines

Win lines are where the magic happens. You’re going to find plenty of games that work on the classic one-line idea, but also digital formats that deliver wins on multiple lines. It’s not uncommon for win lines to run horizontally, vertically and diagonally. In some cases you can put up a higher stake to activate more win lines during slots play. To be clear a win line is where you’re hoping to spin the right combination of symbols to trigger a cash prize.

Know the house edge of a slot before playing to play at the most lucrative options.

How To Play

The beauty of online slot machines is in their simplicity. It really is as straightforward as spinning the virtual reels and waiting to see what comes up, but we should also point out there are actions you may be required to take during a game. These include holding reels, where you can freeze a reel for the next spin to up your chance of a win. You may also find yourself engaged in a special bonus stage, where an element of skill is required to succeed or continue progress.

In terms of your stake level, you may be able to alter this during play in some formats. In some cases increasing your stake may activate additional win lines. The funds you use to play with online will be drawn from your casino account. This is also where all winnings will be paid.

Probabilities And Payouts

When you play online slot machines every spin is conjured by the magic of random number generator software. The outcome is sealed the second you press the spin button and there’s little you can do to influence the results. Your odds of actually winning are based on simple probabilities.

Every game has a posted payout rate. A 96% payout rate means that £96 out of every £100 wagered is returned to players. That doesn’t mean you’ll only lose £4 for every £100 you gamble. Rather, the casino will make a 4% profit over time. You might win £900 or lose all your money.   When you play online slots, the payout rates tend to be better than you’ll find at live casinos, as land-based venues have far more overheads to cover and can’t afford to be as generous.

Progressive Slots

Online Slots

Unlike standard slots that offer fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots grow rapidly over time. Every time a player spins a participating progressive jackpot slot machine, a small percentage of their wager gets added to the jackpot. Any player who places a maximum bet and lands the top combination of symbols will win the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots often grow quickly since they are network wide. That means players from different connected site contribute to the jackpot and are eligible to hit it. These jackpots vary widely in size but many of them are regularly over £1 million. The Internet has already witnessed online jackpots in excess of £15 million and the future is only going to get more lucrative.

Did we mention you could qualify for less than £1? You can’t win if you don’t spin.

Is Playing Online Slots Legal in the UK?

You’ll be pleased to know playing online slots is fully legal in the UK, providing players are 18+ and the sites you use are licensed by the UK Government (specifically the UK Gambling Commission).

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