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Football Bundesliga

With an impressive talent pool, high scoring games, and record-breaking attendance numbers, it's easy to see how the Bundesliga attracts fans far beyond Germany.  At internet sportsbooks and online casinos, football Bundesliga bets are a great choice for punters in the UK.  Wager on the game you love without your heart getting in the way of your head.

Beginner's Guide to Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is one of the youngest competitions in Europe, having only been around since the early 1960s. The league is currently ranked third in UEFA's coefficient ranking system, but consistently boasts some of the best average attendance numbers at association football matches in the world. It's also a popular pick at online casinos.

Football Bundesliga's format is very similar to that of other top European and UK leagues. Eighteen clubs take part in the Bundesliga every season, with the three worst performing clubs relegated to the second tier of the Bundesliga while the top three from that competition earn their place at the height of professional German football. It's very popular with British bettors, as the games are widely broadcast and covered in the UK.  You'll also find wagers at local bookmakers, internet sportsbooks, and online casinos. Football Bundesliga bets might be your best option in the United Kingdom.

Football Bundesliga matches are easy for UK punters to grasp, especially if you follow the Premier League, and the matches offer the possibility of big real cash prizes.

How To Bet On Bundesliga

Much like other betting options at casinos online, football Bundesliga wagering options are extensive in the United Kingdom.  Your options aren't limited to picking winners and losers.  You'll find a wide range of different real money wagers possible with the Bundesliga from goal line or over/under bets, in which bettors try to predict whether the number of goals scored will be higher or lower than a certain number, and match specials to picking the overall winner of the match.

Because the league is German, not based in the United Kingdom, you may see odds listed in the decimal format rather than the fractional style preferred by UK bookies, sportsbooks, and casinos online. Football Bundesliga bets don't have to be confusing. You can see how much real cash you stand to win from decimal odds by multiplying your stake by the figure shown, but note that this figure includes your original stake:

  • For example, let's say you're betting £1 on 5.00 odds
  • Win the bet, and you'll receive £5
  • Subtract your original stake of £1 and you'll see that you've made £4 in winnings

When wagering at a licenced UK sportsbook or online casino, football Bundesliga odds are easy to convert even if your math skills are lacking.  Some sites let you switch between fraction, decimal, and American odds with the click of a button.  Take advantage of the odds calculator before confirming your bid to know if the payout is worth your while at a casino online.

Football Bundesliga Betting Options

Football Bundesliga

Unfortunately for UK bettors, the most comprehensive odds for Bundesliga will be found in German bookmakers. That means that for gamblers in the United Kingdom, at least those who aren't up for a flight to Germany to place some real money wagers, Bundesliga betting is best done at internet sportsbooks and online casinos. Football, Bundesliga or otherwise, is usually better online. Here are a few things to keep in mind before visiting a casino online:

  • Football Bundesliga games aren't always available on British television, but you can stream the games online while you play
  • The top sportsbooks on the web offer a wide range of odds that meet or exceed German bookmakers and casinos online.
  • Football Bundesliga odds vary widely.  Don't be afraid to shop around before placing your bets.  Always check a few sites to get the best available payouts.
  • When you visit a top online casino, football Bundesliga matches are easy to find. Visit our reviews and recommended sites to get the best odds at casinos online.

Football Bundesliga Champions

In the past eleven seasons, Bayern Munich has taken home the trophy seven of the time. They also have the most championship wins of any Bundesliga team with an impressive 24 victories. If you're not sure who to bet on, they're probably not a bad choice when it comes to wagering at an online casino.

Football Bundesliga Benefits

Germany's Bundesliga is recognised as the highest scoring competition in Europe, and if you have ever watched a standard season match you will understand why. It's not unusual for the audience to enjoy matches with scorelines of 6-3 or more. If you're big on your over/under bets, Bundesliga might be the best football betting action for you at a casino online.  Football, Bundesliga and most other leagues, aren't competitively balanced.  Always check the scores and news before betting at online casinos.

Football Bundesliga matches are easily to grasp, especially if you follow the Premier League. While it's fun to wager on your team at online casinos, football Bundesliga wagers are possible to make without falling into familiar traps.  How often do you wager on what you want to happen rather than what you think the outcome will be.  It's nice to back your team, but it's not so fun if it causes you to lose. Betting against your own team can be difficult, because your heart says no but your head (and the possibility of big real cash prizes) says yes. UK bettors are perhaps less likely to already support a Bundesliga team, and not feel any guilt about betting.

Season And Schedule

Whether you are a spectator or punter at various casinos online, football Bundesliga matches should keep you satisfied.  The season begins in early August and wraps up in May.  There is a lengthy 6-week Christmas break.  Games take place on Friday evenings, Saturday, and Sunday, but there are plenty of other wagering options throughout the week at a casino online.  Football, Bundesliga or otherwise, can be habit-forming.  Don't be surprised if you want to tune in all weekend long.  Don't forget to take advantage of streaming services to follow the action in the United Kingdom.  You can even find the most obscure matches broadcast live online.

Placing Online Casino Football Bundesliga Bets

With just as much excitement as any game in the online casino, football Bundesliga wagering is fast becoming a favourite of gamblers in the United Kingdom and all over Europe.  Don't miss out on the entire world of football available at your favourite casino online.  Football Bundesliga bets are easy to find but we'll take you directly to the top internet bookmakers in the UK.  Just visit our reviews for the best licenced sites available to players in the United Kingdom.  Don't forget to claim your exclusive bonus and get ahead of the game before the faceoff.

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