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Cricket the Ashes

As one of the world's oldest sporting rivalries, it's no surprise that The Ashes continues to thrive.  Experience national pride as the English and Australian Cricket teams compete in a series of five test matches and profit handily at your favourite internet bookmaker or casino online.

Cricket: The Ashes Beginner's Guide

Any fan of cricket will know the importance that The Ashes plays in the sport. It is one of the best and oldest sporting rivalries in the world, and pits two of cricket's top teams against one another in a biennial series of five test matches. The tournament dates as far back as 1882, and has not only continued to be highly successful over the years, but has increased in popularity especially at sportsbooks and casinos online. Cricket, the Ashes as well as other test matches, tends to see more action and wagering options with every passing series in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Two Nations United

England and Australia are regarded as the two national teams that brought cricket to the fore. Their 19th century fixtures brought about the dawn of professional cricket, and over the past century The Ashes has continued to be one of the most popular cricket series watched throughout the world. The series has continued to evolve over generations, and is currently contested over five Test matches.  When you visit a UK bookmaker or online casino, cricket (the Ashes in particular) always takes centre stage.

Cricket, The Ashes as well as other matches, let you pick more than just winners. Wager on the top bowler, best batsman, the team to hit the most sixes, and all sorts of special long-term bets.

Did You Know?

Australia went undefeated in The Ashes from 1989 all the way through to 2005. Since then England has won more often than Australia. Patriotism can pay dividends at sportsbooks and online casinos. Cricket, The Ashes in particular, means it's time to fly the old Union Jack.

Betting On The Ashes At Online Casinos

Cricket, the Ashes especially, attracts a significant amount of real money wagers in the United Kingdom.  Here are just a handful of the reasons why:

  • All of the action takes place over a relatively short space of time, usually a little over one month. This means that performance and overall conditions are relatively consistent
  • Only two teams are involved, so it's easy for British beginners to get in to sports betting without feeling intimidated at bookmakers or online casinos.
  • Cricket, the ashes and also other test match, experts usually predict that the home team will win, so there's often a clear favourite.
  • For some people, national pride has them betting on the UK regardless of where the event is held. This strategy would have served you well in 2015 at a casino online.

Cricket: The Ashes Betting Types

Cricket the Ashes

At UK bookies, cricket is always one of the top choices but it doesn't begin to compare with the popularity of The Ashes. Even for Brits who would never usually partake in sports betting, or stick to the online casino, cricket, The Ashes in particular, is often a rare exception they make.

Betting on the overall winner is a popular selection and, because the tournament lasts for over a month, there are usually enough twists and turns to keep bettors biting their nails until the final few hours.

If you need more real money action, you can also bet on the outcome of individual test matches and even innings, including things like the number of runs scored and the best batsman.  You'll find a decent selection of wagers at even middling sportsbooks and online casinos.  Cricket, The Ashes even more so, is always the talk of the town.   With everyone in the United Kingdom chattering about the matches, it's worth having a vested interest in the outcome.   National pride is one thing, but filling your wallet with banknotes will make you like the UK and our currency even more. Winning ought to be the name of the game at casinos online.

Cricket: The Ashes Fun Fact

While you probably know that England and Australia compete for a terracotta urn, it doesn't contain human remains.  Although the contents are a matter of debate, legend has it that it's merely the ashes of a burnt cricket ball.

Did You Know?

For The Ashes, UK bookmakers and sports betting sites list odds in a fractional format by default, although many sites let you view the odds in decimal format.  For example, a real money bet of £25 will win you £100 on a 4/1 bet at a bookmaker or casino online.

There are endless wagering options when you visit an online casino.  Cricket, The Ashes as well as other matches, let you pick more than just winners. Wager on the top bowler, best batsman, the team to hit the most sixes, and all sorts of special long term bets.

Cricket: The Ashes Are Your Best Bet

Like the Olympics, The Ashes isn't an everyday thing. It's televised on British TV and even casual fans are inclined to talk about the game. It has a certain significance that you don't get with just any game of cricket. The event's popularity means that almost all of the best sports betting sites on the web will allow you to place real cash wagers on it.  It's a nice departure from the usual offerings at a casino online.  Cricket, The Ashes specifically, requires less knowledge than other sports, at least from the bettor's perspective.

Even if you normally stick to the online casino, cricket, The Ashes particularly,  can still be a good fit because it offers a real range of odds depending on the bet you make. For example, bettors can make some real money by trying to predict the score line of the series. This is, in effect, a parlay bet on all five games and could net you a top prize. Or, if you prefer to bet more steadily, you can stick to betting on the individual games.  Just weigh your odds at United Kingdom bookmakers and casinos online.

Cricket: The Ashes 2015 Recap

Despite being the underdog in 2015, England prevailed to win the series 3-2. UK bettors won handily at casinos online.  Cricket, The Ashes especially, always makes headlines in the United Kingdom. Stuart Broad and Steve Smith garnered major praise from pundits as England reclaimed the urn from Australia.

Find The Best United Kingdom Sportsbooks

Are you looking for a new sportsbook or online casino?  Cricket: The Ashes 2017-18 might be far away, but there's plenty of other cricket action in the meantime.  Don't miss out on the Royal Cup, Natwest T20, The World Cup, One Day Internationals, and much more.  Just visit our reviews to find the best internet bookmakers in the United Kingdom.  Don't forget to claim your valuable sign up bonus and take advantage of free bets that pay real money in the UK.

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