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Football Betting

In the world of sport, nothing is bigger than footy.  From fields of the third world to the glory of Wembley Stadium, football reigns supreme. Perhaps the only thing better than watching your favourite football team win massively is collecting a handsome payout in the process. Take advantage of our online casino football betting guide and learn how to cash in.

Why not move beyond slots and table games at online casinos?  Football betting guide and handbooks like this one give you the info you'll need to succeed for free.  There's no need to bet blindly and merely hope for the best.  Punting on footy is ridiculously simple.  Just take advantage of our online casino football betting guide and start wagering and winning like a pro.

Bet On The Whole World 

Football betting has become a huge attraction since the explosion of online gambling, and thanks to several terrific sportsbooks, punters can now earn big money on every game. Wager on your local squad, head to the European continent, embrace the World Cup, or even punt on burgeoning North American leagues.  That's just the tip of the iceberg available to players in the United Kingdom.  This casino online football betting guide will let you confidently wager on any league anywhere. It's easy to wager whether you are a huge footy fan or have never tried sports betting before.  You should know that if the game is on the schedule, you'll find great betting options at UK casinos online.

Football betting has become a huge attraction since the explosion of online gambling, and thanks to several terrific sportsbooks, punters can now earn big money on every game.

Football Betting Guide: Game Selection

Regular season match betting is popular with many fans of the sport, as they back their club to the final week of the domestic competition. While football fans love to enjoy wagers on weekly Premier League (LINK) or La Liga fixtures, you will often find that the most bets are made during European or International competitions.  The selection can be overwhelming at bookmakers and casinos online.

Football betting guide readers always love the World Cup. It should be no surprise seeing as the competition brings in some of the largest viewing numbers of any televised event in the UK and across the world. Similarly, the European-based Champions League has long been a source of big wagers from football fans. The tournament pits the finest domestic teams from around the continent against one another, and the betting numbers on the Champions League final are only exceeded by those on the World Cup.  That's true whether you are wagering with your mates, at sportsbooks in the United Kingdom, or at online casinos.

Football betting guide readers will be impressed by all the possible bets available in the UK.  Apart from actually collecting those lucrative cash payouts, the massive range of bets available to the punter might just be the most exciting part. Online sportsbooks have outdone themselves with the number of football wagers offered, so if you are thinking about making a punt on an upcoming match be sure to find out what sort of wagers you can expect at bookmakers and online casinos.

Football Betting Guide: Money Line Wagers

At sportsbooks and online casinos, football betting guide readers should get familiar with the money line.  It's easily the most popular form of bet in football. Popular in other sports as well, the money line allows punters to wager on which team will win the match. In addition, bettors also have the option to bet on the possibility of a draw. This is a selection not available for most other sports, but since it is a common occurrence in football it is offered at all online sportsbooks.

An example of the money line will look something like this:












Manchester United:




All three betting formats (Fractional, Decimal, American) are shown here, but they all mean the same thing. Although most sites let you see the odds in your own terms, it's always best to know what to expect.

In the table above Barcelona are slight favourites to win at even odds, while Manchester United are sitting at longer odds of 12/5. Bettors who back Barcelona stand to gain £100 from a £100 bet, while those keen on Manchester United will pick up £240 in profit from a £100 bet if the Red Devils cause an upset. Punters can also bet on the game finishing in a draw after regular time, which offers a potential £220 win from a £100 wager at casinos online.

Football Betting Guide: Other Betting Types

Football Betting

Aside from the money line, the most popular football bets are often specials and futures. Online sportsbooks offer odds on who will win tournaments and cups well before the competition is concluded, so fans were able to bet on the outcome of the Premier League for 2015/16 before the season had even begun - often at lucrative odds. The same is true for more distant events. An example of this is the fact that players can already wager on who will win the 2018 World Cup in Russia at a number of online bookies:















There are also plenty of unique betting options for regular season matchups. Some of the most popular include First Goalscorer, Half-time Score, and Alternate Lines.  Keep this casino online football betting guide bookmarked.  It's a great reference to have whenever and wherever you wager in the United Kingdom.

Did You Know?

When wagering on football many bookmakers in the United Kingdom let you combine multiple sports on a single betting card.  Just look for a multi-sport parlay and watch the potential payouts balloon.  Before visiting UK casinos online, football betting guide readers will want to check out our cricket, ice hockey, basketball, and national football league specific articles.

How To Get Started

Our online casino football betting guide will have you betting confidently anywhere in the United Kingdom.  That's true whether you prefer local matches or international games.  Yet no matter how good a casino online football betting guide is, you're still missing half the puzzle pieces. You'll still need access to licenced UK internet bookmakers or online casinos.  Football betting guide readers shouldn't stress.  We've found the best places to punt in the United Kingdom.  Browse our reviews or head directly to our recommended sites.  You can even earn a welcome bonus and complimentary wagers.  It's all right here in our online casino football betting guide.  Get in on the excitement now.

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