English Premier League Betting Online

English Premier League

The world's highest ranked domestic football league is also the most watched across the globe.  With an impressive pool of talent and the kind of intensity that's sure to keep you glued to the telly, the Premier League truly reigns supreme. Thanks to a fully-loaded schedule with 380 matches every season, the Premier League might just be your best bet at your local bookmaker or online casino.

Football English Premier League Primer

The English Premier League is the top ranked football league in Europe, and is widely considered the best, most popular domestic football competition in the world. It has existed in some form since 1888, but has only been known as the Premier League since 1992. You may see matches advertised under the acronym EPL, especially outside the United Kingdom, or Barclays Premier League banner since Barclays Bank is the lead sponsor.  There's no sense being confused when you visit an online casino.

Football English Premier League action really hits home in both proximity and quality of play on the field.  Twenty teams from the United Kingdom contest the EPL each season, with the bottom three clubs at the end of the competition being relegated from the league and replaced by the top three from the second division of UK football. Extremely popular amongst British bettors, the EPL also has an impressive following online and a huge viewing audience in the USA and all over the world.  It might just be your best bet at a sportsbook or casino online.

Football English Premier League punters shouldn't let their hearts guide them or assume their favourite team will defy the odds to victory, as long shots are inherently unlikely.

Football English Premier League: Betting Options

With Premier League action running from August to May every year, and 380 matches in a season, you're almost always be in a position to place real money wagers on an English premier League game at a bookmaker or online casino.  Football, English Premier League as well as other top-tier leagues, wagers are pretty standard but here are the most common bets in the UK:

  • Match winner - a straightforward real cash bet on who will win the match, sometimes with the additional option of betting on how much they win by
  • Goal line bets - over/under bets placed on whether the total number of goals scored will be higher or lower than a certain number
  • Match specials - UK bookies run special bets relating to who will score, when and how often

Because all the action takes place in the United Kingdom, you're most likely to come across fractional odds whether you're playing offline or on the web.  This also applies to the sportsbook areas at casinos online. Football English Premier League punters just need to wrap their heads around these points:

  • When viewing payouts in fractional format at online casinos, Football English Premier League odds generally feature two numbers. 
  • The first number refers to the potential winnings from a bet in relation to a real cash stake with a value of the second number
  • For example, with odds of 5/1, a £1 bet can win you £5
  • The first number isn't always the biggest. A bet of, say, 3/7 (bet £7 to win £3) indicates a top favourite to win the game

Did You Know?

Of the 46 clubs to have competed since the English Premier League began in 1992, only five teams have won the trophy. Chelsea took top honours in 2015 yet Manchester United has won a staggering 13 times. If in doubt, a bet on the Red Devils isn't a bad idea at your favourite UK bookmakers or online casinos.

Football English Premier League: Where To Bet

English Premier League

If you've ever walked down British high streets, you've probably seen bookies advertising their match specials in the window. Inside, they offer a much wider range of odds than that, but they often can't compare to the huge selection on the Internet at sportsbooks and casinos online:

  • Football, English Premier League as well as World Cup, odds are more favourable online. Sports betting sites are simply more competitive and realise you can go elsewhere with just a click.
  • Odds, especially those relating to in-play/live betting, are often updated in real-time, guaranteeing you the best action anywhere in the UK
  • Sign up with a few of the top bookies on the web in the United Kingdom and you can check which is offering the top odds before placing any real money wagers

Why Bet On The English Premier League?

Whether you visit your local bookmaker, internet sportsbook, or online casino, football English Premier League bets are a no-brainer. If you're already a footy fan, you likely have an intimate knowledge of the game. Most punters in the United Kingdom already support a team in the English Premier League and follow the game very closely. It makes sense to use all that knowledge about your team to place a few bets because it's an advantage you don't have at, say, a casino online. Football English Premier League betting is a great way to make some real cash from something you may already love and devote a lot of time to.

Even if you don't follow a team the seemingly one-sided nature of the league, with Manchester United hitting the top so often, makes it worth a sly bet since bets placed early in the season have very lucrative odds in the UK.  Regardless, always shop around for the best odds at an online casino.

Football English Premier League: Don't Always Follow Your Heart

While knowledge can give you the power to succeed, it can be detrimental at a casino online.  Football English Premier League punters shouldn't assume their favourite team will defy the odds to victory.  Longshots are inherently unlikely. Don't let your heart let you believe otherwise. Even if love is blind, it doesn't have to be expensive when footy is the object of your affection.  Of course the same is true even if you gamble on longshots at casinos online. Football English Premier League matches tap into a deeper passion.

Find The Best Sites In The United Kingdom

Everyone knows the internet makes finding the best deals ridiculously simple.  That's true whether you are shopping for the latest tech gadgets, a jersey, or odds at casinos online. Football English Premier League punters don't have to venture far either.  Our team of sport and gambling experts have already found the top sites in the UK. 

Whether you are looking for an internet sportsbook that specialises in football or prefer a one stop shop that also offers an casino online, Football English Premier League fans don't have to look any further.  Just browse our reviews or visit our top-rated sites and start playing to win at bookmakers and online casinos.  Football English Premier League matches simply aren't worth missing, especially when you know exactly where to wager.

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