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Just stroll down any UK high street and you’ll see a bookmaker or two. The UK loves sports betting, and the online version is no exception. Head to any casino online and chances are they will have a sports betting site.

We know that UK customers want the best experience, so we’ve come up with a list of the best places to bet on sports online. Sports betting in the UK is here to stay, and so are our recommended sites.

  • Bet on a ton of niche sports and almost any other game you can imagine
  • Great odds, value and in-game betting options on all sports bets
  • Enjoy big bonuses and promotions just by signing up

We never recommend a UK sports betting site that doesn’t offer those perks to keep players happy and regular – because sports betting in the UK is a lifelong hobby and passion. For that reason, we heavily recommend Betway Casino for a top quality betting experience.

Terms and conditions apply to all bonuses. 18+ only. Gamble Responsibly.

Finding the best online sports betting site

Find UK Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting online is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and that’s because real money sports betting is a beloved hobby and pastime for players in the UK and around the world.

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to get involved in sports betting in the UK. You can place bets on all your favourite sports from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but online sports betting has boomed into the world of mobile gaming.

With so many sports betting sites and online casino options out there, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best sports betting sites in the UK.

Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.

What makes for a good sports betting site?

Before you begin sports betting online, it’s vital to know that you’re going to be with a reputable site. That’s why our list of the best sports betting sites all have the following fantastic attributes:

  • A good welcome bonus: even if you are a sports betting expert, it’s tough to beat the online casino industry at its own game. That’s why a good welcome bonus is essential for building a sports betting bankroll.
  • The best game selection: there are so many different sports and games to bet on that it makes no sense to restrict yourself to just one or two. The best UK sports betting sites have a huge variety of sports from the popular to the niche.
  • Fast, safe banking: the ability to quickly move money about (and withdraw your winnings) is paramount for online casino players and sports betting fans. All our recommended online casinos and online sports betting sites support fast and secure banking methods including all the major debit and credit cards.
Bet365 Sports
  • Enjoy a huge free bonus of up to £100
  • Numerous simple options for quick cashouts.
  • Plenty of regular bonuses & attractive promotions.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How common is sports betting?

Sports betting is one of the most popular methods of gambling in the world, and it is one of the number one gambling hobbies in the UK. Chances are, most of the people you meet will have “had a flutter” at one point or another.

Can it be profitable?

Certainly. There are many people who make a good living or a decent side income betting on sports; there are more than ever now that sports betting online is so popular. It’s not easy to beat the bookies, but it can be done.

Do I get a welcome bonus?

We only recommend the best online sports betting sites, and these sites all offer a welcome bonus to new players. Sports betting fans should definitely look to take advantage of these generous bonuses, as money for nothing isn’t easy to come by!

Can I place bets using my mobile?

Most sports books and online casinos have a mobile gaming option, which is really convenient if you’re out and about but you have a good bet you need to make. The best sports betting sites will have mobile-friendly sites or even dedicated apps.

How much should I bet?

You should only bet what you can afford to lose, even though you’re hoping to win. The best idea is to have a dedicated bankroll for sports betting online and then only wager a certain percentage of it at any one time.

What are sports betting lines?

In sports betting, online and live, a “line” refers to the odds offered by the casino or bookmaker. These lines are used to even the odds and are affected by the number of people wagering on one outcome or another. They are constantly shifting, so you need to keep up!

Do systems and strategies work?

The only system and strategy to win at sports betting online is to practice money management, have a sensible bankroll, and be knowledgeable about your bets.

Is it safe?

Sports betting online in the UK is totally legal and totally safe. The UK Gambling Commission takes rigorous steps to ensure that all online casino operators, bookmakers and online sports betting companies follow strict security and legal procedures to protect the player.

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