English Premiership Rugby Betting Online

English Premiership Rugby

With a dozen legendary clubs battling for supremacy from September through May, English Premiership Rugby offers endless betting options.  Discover how easy it is to wager and win anywhere in the United Kingdom. It's time to go beyond the usual games at an online casino.

English Premiership Rugby Beginner's Guide

English Premiership Rugby, or the Aviva Premiership, is one of the most popular rugby union competitions in the United Kingdom and beyond. You'll love the endless betting opportunities at internet sportsbook and casinos online.  English Premiership Rugby matches provide great payouts, especially since almost anything can happen.  Despite top favourites every year, the league is very competitive, making for some interesting betting opportunities.

While the Leicester Tigers have racked up an impressive ten championship wins, Saracens, the 2015 champions, have only two titles to their credit.  At the same time the Northampton Saints were crowned champions for the first time in 2014.  Just like in a casino online, English Premiership rugby doesn't have much in the way of a sure thing. But, that's advantageous because it can lead to great odds and even better real cash payouts.  Go beyond the usual offerings at casinos online.

With a relatively small number of teams in the league, English Premiership Rugby is quite easy to follow when you compare it with UK sports like football, which means you can easily become an expert punter in less than a season.

English Premiership Rugby Rules

The Aviva Premiership follows rugby union rules, so the number of points won and lost for each game look like this:

  • Win - 4
  • Draw - 2
  • Loss - 0
  • Four or more tries in a game - 1 (bonus point)
  • Losing a game by 7 or less - 1 (bonus point)

Winning teams can score up to 5 points for a game while the losing team can score a maximum of 2 points per loss. This system shouldn't be surprising unless you are more accustomed to American sports betting at a casino online.  English premiership rugby standings can be dynamic, especially earlier in the season.  Keep this in mind when picking teams early on.

Betting On English Premiership Rugby

Whether you wager at local bookmakers, sportsbooks, or casinos online, English Premiership Rugby bets are the same as any other rugby union bets for the most part. Odds are offered on 3-way game betting, match betting and futures for the playoff games. You can also place real money wagers on winning margins, the number of points scored, how many tries there will be and much more.  At an online casino, English Premiership Rugby bets really do come in every imaginable shape and form.

Do you like to do research or at least learn the rules before logging on to a casino online? English Premiership Rugby punters shouldn't bet blindly either.   The key to success, even if you are only just starting to take sports betting seriously, is to know a team's strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can work on learning about the other teams in UK as they face off against your favourite team. You can also track things on the web like roster changes, injuries and even weather conditions that may affect play.

Online Casino English Premiership Rugby Odds

At internet sportsbooks and online casinos, English Premiership Rugby odds will usually be listed in the fractional format e.g. 3/1, 2/5 and so on. British sports betting fans will already be used to the format. If you've spent time at an online casino, English Premiership rugby odds will also look very familiar.

Where To Bet On English Premiership Rugby

English Premiership Rugby

Just like with internet poker rooms and online casinos, English Premiership Rugby fans will want to sign up with multiple sites in the United Kingdom.  Why limit your options to a single site when you can pick and choose your bets? You'll want to sign up with multiple bookies on the Internet to follow all of their odds and make the bets at the best odds. Statistically speaking, you're much more likely to get the top odds online when you compare them with those in a local UK bookmaker.

Once you've got a few wins under your belt, you can start paying more attention to how English Premiership Rugby betting markets are moving before and during games. At top UK online casinos, English premiership rugby fans will want to experiment with live betting.  Experience the thrill of betting on in-game outcomes in real time.  Hedge you bets as the game progresses or maximise your real cash winnings.

Why Bet On English Premiership Rugby?

With a relatively small number of teams in the league, English Premiership Rugby is quite easy to follow when you compare it with UK sports like football, which has almost double the number of clubs. Whether you watch the games for fun or wager at online casinos, English Premiership Rugby knowledge doesn't take long to acquire.  You can easily become an expert in less than a season.

English Premiership rugby has a few advantages when you compare it with other games:

  • There is always plenty of excitement to keep even casual sports fans entertained.
  • Games are short and fast-paced when compared with many other sports.
  • British bettors can find a team that's local and wager real money at casinos online.
  • English Premiership Rugby games are televised on BT sport in the UK.
  • If you can't watch live at home, bricks and mortar bookies in the United Kingdom broadcast games.  You can also stream games on the internet while placing wagers at a casino online.

English Premiership Rugby Schedule

While the season typically runs from September through May, the 2015/16 season did not begin until October due to the World Cup, which is always shows great potential at a top UK online casino. English Premiership Rugby features 22 regular season rounds, two semi-final playoff games, and the final match.  In the semi-finals, the top seed faces the fourth seed while the second and third seeds battle it out.  The semi-final winners go head to head in the finals.

Punt At The Best UK Sites

With action available nine months a year, you'll want to make room on your calendar for English Premiership Rugby. Whether you prefer to wager on your local squad or a distant underdog, there are always endless options at the best internet sportsbooks and casino online.  English Premiership Rugby fans don't have to gamble when searching for a site.  We've found the top licenced sites in the United Kingdom.  Take the time to browse our review and find a site that's perfect for you.  If you can't wait, just click on one of our top-rated picks and start enjoying the best odds, stellar service, and greatest game selection in the UK.

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