Football Serie A Online Betting

Football Serie A

Italy's top tier of professional football has long been a source of global giants of the game. With some of the best clubs in the world, superstars in every corner and a brand of football that is unmatched by many UK or international exhibitions, Serie A is a sight to behold.

Ranked as one of the top leagues in Europe by UEFA, the Italian Serie A has been around since 1898, and has existed in its current format for more than 85 years.  Like many leagues with rich traditions, Serie A action plays out well for punters at UK casinos online.

Football Serie A begins with twenty teams contesting the seasonal competition. Three relegated clubs head to Serie B the subsequent season. In addition, the highest finishing teams in the Italian league win a place in the following year of either the Champions League or Europa League.

Betting At Casinos Online: Football Serie A Wagers

Unlike leagues that have greater parity, Italian football finds itself with just three dominant clubs.  Juventus is easily the most successful club with 31 championship titles.  While Juventus is an obvious choice at online casinos, Football Serie A clubs from Milan, namely Inter Milan and A.C. Milan, have racked up 18 titles each.  While favourites might not make you rich like punting on longshots at a casino online, football Serie A beginners shouldn't turn down what amounts to easy money.

Football Serie A bettors need to look at the bigger picture. as Serie A offers them the closest thing to a sure thing especially when placing an early season bet on Juventus!

Football Serie A Bets

If you're looking to place real cash bets at a sportsbook or casino online, football Serie A delivers tremendous potential.  You'll find all your favourite football bets including:

  • Goal line or over/under bets, placed on whether more or fewer goals than a certain number will be scored by both teams
  • Outright match winner, which isn't always particularly lucrative, but is favoured by inexperienced bettors in the United Kingdom
  • Match specials concerning things like the first goal scorer, the match result and the number of goals, and the correct score

Understanding The Odds

While most punters understand odds, it's easy for beginners to get confused when betting outside the United Kingdom.  It's important to fully understand how much you can win and at what cost. European gamblers generally favour decimal odds, so you may find these even if you're gambling on the Internet from within the United Kingdom. Let's take a quick look at how to convert between the two at online casinos. Football Serie A beginners should keep these instructions handy:

  • Fractional odds separate the original stake and real money winnings, decimal odds display them together
  • Wager £1 on 10/1 odds and you can win £10 winnings
  • A bet on something with decimal odds of 11.00 indicate the value of both winnings (£10) and the original stake (£1)

Did You Know?

Juventus has taken home the trophy more times, 31 to be precise, than any other team including for the past four seasons. Many punters in Italy and the UK see it as a favourite for the best team in 2015-2016 as well.  If you do bet at the beginning of the season, you'll tie up your wager for nine months. Consider it the price of aiming to bank on the future.

Where To Bet On Serie A

Football Serie A

If you live in the UK, there's no need to make the lengthy trek to an Italian bookmaker.  Your airfare is better spent at an online casino. Football Serie A fans should have no trouble finding odds at a local bookie in the UK. While your betting options might pale in comparison to the Premier League, there are more than enough bets to get your teeth into. Yet if you want more favourable odds and a wider range of bets, you'll need to venture online. Plus, betting on the web means you'll get:

  • Better odds than offline bookies, including live betting odds that are updated in real-time
  • A huge choice of real cash wagers
  • Streaming footage of the best live games right from your favourite online casino

Football Serie A: Why Bet?

For bettors throughout the United Kingdom who might already support and bet on a team based in the United Kingdom, there might not seem like much point betting on games from abroad at online casinos. Football Serie A betters need to look at the bigger picture. Whether your betting experience is limited to other leagues or the action at an online casino, football Serie A offers you the closest thing to a sure thing. At least if you place an early season bet on Juventus! Sure, they don't top the league every year but more often than not they're worth a punt.

Of course since you are betting on action taking place a great distance away, you'll have a monetary rather than an emotional stake in the outcome.  At least you won't initially.  Just make sure you don't fall in love with Juventus at first site.  It has happened to punters in the United Kingdom. 

Did You Know?

Your sports fantasies can be more than just a dream if you visit a casino online. Football Serie A bettors can easily stream games online or tune into BT Sport.  Why not hook your computer up to your HDTV and watch multiple games at once.  Don't forget to reserve a window for your favourite online casino.  Football Serie A will deliver as much intensity as you can handle.  It beats simple table games at a casino online.

Football Serie A: Best UK Friendly Sportsbooks

With twenty competitive teams and a lengthy season to keep you entertained, Serie A football isn't just captivating but it's the perfect choice for punters. Although Italy might be 1,200 km away, you don't have to get up off the sofa to get in the game.  Just visit a top internet sportsbook or casino online.  Football Serie A matches are electrifying in any language and broadcast right here in the United Kingdom. 

While most internet wagering sites in the UK let you bet on most games, we've found the best online casinos.  Football Serie A odds vary widely online, but you can browse our reviews to start taking advantage of the biggest payouts in the United Kingdom. Just like at the best casinos online, Football Serie A punters can take advantage of rewarding sign up bonuses.  Claim your free cash and even complimentary wagers at the leading sites.

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