Blacklisted UK Online Casinos To Avoid

Blacklisted Sites

We’d love to think that every online casino is honourable, fair, and worthy of your trust. Unfortunately, some internet gambling sites are dishonest, unethical, and downright shady. You shouldn’t let these crooked casinos get in the way of your fun, especially when there are plenty of safe options. Luckily, players can take advantage of blacklists to steer clear of rogue sites. Discover how to tell the good sites from the bad and what causes a casino to get blacklisted.

Why Use a Blacklist?

With so many top quality online casinos out there, you should never have to compromise on safety. Unfortunately, some newer players still get duped by rogue gambling sites that should have been avoided at all costs. That’s why we create blacklists, so you can rest assured that your chosen online gaming site is worthy of your trust and won’t scam you out of winnings or bonuses.

The term blacklisting comes from 17th century England, but is now used widely throughout the industry to signify a list of online casinos that simply aren’t worth any player’s time. The mere appearance of a site on a reputable blacklist should have you running in the opposite direction.

How Rogue Casinos Lose Your Trust

Untrustworthy online casinos can be blacklisted for a number of reasons, ranging from a pileup of minor infractions to serious suspicious activity. Here are some of the main reasons for an online gaming site to appear on a list of blacklisted casinos:

  • Lack of license or fake credentials
  • Offers games that aren’t random
  • Failure to pay winnings, delayed payments, or frequent slow payouts
  • Inaccurate payout rates
  • False marketing claims or deceptive terms and conditions
  • Weak player support
  • Management team previously operated a blacklisted casino
  • History of confiscating deposits, winnings, or bonuses
  • False accusations of player cheating
  • Lax security
  • Failure to protect player data

As you can see, some factors aren’t as serious as others. But issues like lax security, unprotected data, and unpaid winnings can cause serious damage to a player’s financial situation and personal online safety.

Finally, blacklists use different methodology to determine which sites fail to make the grade. Since not all infractions are equally bad, you’ll want to read the fine print to see why a site was blacklisted. It usually takes just a single major infraction, like failing to pay out players’ winnings, to make a blacklist. But if a site has a couple of minor infractions like not randomising games and deceptive terms and conditions for bonuses, it will likely be blacklisted as well.

The Bright Side of Blacklisting

By discussing online gaming sites with unethical business practices, we don’t mean to discourage players from the excitement of signing up and claiming a bonus on a new online gambling site. Rather, we hope that by learning to identify rogue sites, players will be empowered to choose top quality online games hubs that offer exactly what they’re looking for. Rest assured that our top reviewed online casinos all include the following features, as rated by our experts:

Bonuses & Promos - The best online casinos reward players with cash and keep the bonuses coming long after you play your first games. We believe that all bonus conditions should be transparent, so our recommended sites don’t advertise any rogue scams.

Games Range - Of course, our top online gaming sites offer a variety of hundreds of casino games for players to choose from. But our experts look deeper, paying careful attention to the diversity of titles, so you’re not playing the same games over and over.

Banking Options - Our top reviewed sites give players a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal options. We also highly rate gambling sites that process payouts quickly, so you won’t be waiting around to claim your winnings. While rogue casinos often fudge payout rates, these ones are accurate.

Security - Rest assured that we take player security seriously. In order to be recommended by our experts, an online gaming site must prove to be secure and legitimate by obtaining the proper licensing and by using up-to-date encryption software to keep your personal data and winnings safe.

Support - Solid player support is a main feature of a top online casino. Unlike rogue sites, our recommendations all come with extensive help databases, with some even offering live chat options as a bonus.

Have You Come Across a Bad Casino?

Blacklisted Sites

Find a rogue site with a fake license, shady bonuses, or worse? The best blacklists are only as good as their contributors. While you can count on expert researchers, reviewers, and casino veterans to help you steer clear of problem sites, that’s only the beginning.

Be vocal if you’ve been scammed, or even casually deceived. Use social media, casino forums, or best of all, get in touch with us personally to report suspicious activity. We’ll add it to our ongoing blacklist and ensure that rogue sites don’t go unnoticed.

Get Involved Today

Luckily, players have the power to steer clear of rogue casinos and opt to frequent only the most reliable online gambling sites. The key is knowing what makes an online casino good, and avoiding any games that seem dodgy. Inform yourself with expert reviews, but always trust your instincts.

In the end, there are so many stellar online casinos, offering hefty bonuses, quick winnings, and hundreds of exciting games, so why settle for less? Sign up to play the top rated online casino games today, and get ready to collect your winnings.

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