Blacklisted UK Online Casinos To Avoid

Blacklisted Sites

It’s nice to think that every casino on the internet is honourable, fair, and worthy of your trust. Unfortunately some internet gambling sites are dishonest, unethical, and downright shady. You shouldn’t let these crooked casinos get in the way of your fun, especially when there are plenty of safe options. Luckily you can take advantage of blacklists to steer clear of dishonourable sites. Discover how to tell the good sites from the bad and what causes a casino to get blacklisted.

Play Safe

Online casinos are incredibly convenient, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise safety. Just because you can’t chat with the croupier or summon the manager when things don’t go your way, the best online casinos are still fully accountable. The top rated sites are licensed, regulated, and fully audited. In the rare event that things go awry, you can expect prompt and satisfactory resolutions.

Blacklisted sites on the other hand are the lowest of the low and should be avoided at all costs. The mere appearance of a site on a reputable blacklist should have you running or clicking in the opposite direction.

Top Reasons Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

  • Lack of license or fake credentials
  • Offers games that aren’t random
  • Failure to pay players
  • Delayed payments or frequently slow payouts
  • Inaccurate payout rates
  • False marketing claims or deceptive terms and conditions
  • Weak customer support
  • Management team previously operated a blacklisted casino
  • History of confiscating deposits, winnings, or bonuses
  • False accusations of player cheating
  • Lax security
  • Failure to protect player data

Minor And Major Infractions

Blacklists use different methodology to determine which sites fail to make the grade. Since not all infractions are equally bad, you’ll want to read the fine print to see why a site was blacklisted. It usually takes just a single major infraction, like failing to pay players, to make a blacklist. If a site has a couple of minor infractions like weak customer support and deceptive terms and conditions, it will likely be blacklisted as well.

Made In The UK Blacklist

Blacklisted Sites

When compared to players across the globe, British punters are incredibly lucky. The UK Gambling Commission regulates and licenses all casinos including online operations. American and Australian players simply can’t count on the government’s protection and may even face prosecution in the case of the USA. While playing on licensed sites is key for players in the UK, many of the complaints you find on international blacklists won’t apply to you. The odds of giving these casinos your attention to begin with is low, especially when you have so many better options. Stick to UK blacklists, reviews, and guides for information that applies to you

Stay Up To Date

New online casinos open their virtual doors every month while others cease operations or undergo management changes. It’s important to consult current reviews and blacklists. Dated resources may not include the latest sites or the issues that currently plague once great casinos. You wouldn’t get your football scores from a two-year-old newspaper. Why rely on gaming resources that are even older? The best blacklists are updated several times each month.

Don’t Play In Fear

Online casinos are supposed to be fun. Yet there’s nothing fun about the anxiety sketchy sites can bring. Did you know that whether you play online or live, casino games slightly favour the house even at the most upstanding casino? That means that blacklisted sites are truly greedy and sinister. Always consult blacklists before signing up at a new site. Even if a site comes highly recommended, you never know how impartial a glowing critic really is. As alarming as some of the issues on a blacklist are, having an alarm in the first place does give you piece of mind.

Money Matters

Blacklists aren’t just free, but did you know they will save you money in the long haul? Many of the infractions you’ll find on the list are financial in nature. From having your money seized to bonuses not being granted, the worst sites will try to pull the wool over your eyes. How would you feel if you won a jackpot only to discover that it will never reach your hands? Consult the blacklist and learn which sites to avoid at all costs. Remember, know where not to play can be more important than knowing where to play.

Get Involved

The best blacklists are only as good as their contributors. While you can count on expert researchers, reviewers, and casino veterans to help you steer clear of problem sites, that’s only the beginning. Be vocal if you’ve been wronged, scammed, or even casually deceived. Use social media like twitter and facebook, as well as top casino forums, to report your issues. There’s no need to feel powerless when you have a voice and what amounts to a megaphone. Feel free to get in touch with us as well.

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