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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most exciting and physically brutal team sports on the planet. If you've never watched a match, fistfights on ice are actually part of the game in North America. It's no surprise that the sport is gaining popularity at online casinos. Ice hockey leagues have cropped up all over the world in recent decades. Like all popular sports, betting is part of the equation at sportsbooks and casinos online. Ice hockey punting isn't as popular as football betting, but it definitely makes its mark in the United States and Canada. Luckily both diehard and casual fans in the UK can get in on the action at sportsbooks and casinos online.

Ice Hockey History

The history of ice hockey dates back to the 1800s in Canada. In 1877, two years after the first organized game took place, official rules for the sport were put in place and, within just a couple of decades, ice hockey had spread into not just North America, but throughout Europe as well. Over the years the sport has continued to modify itself to become a faster and more entertaining game, and now commands massive viewing numbers for the top leagues from the United Kingdom and around the world. No matter which league you follow, there's ample betting opportunities at sportsbooks and online casinos.

Ice hockey is fast-paced, unpredictable and full of action, making it the perfect match for fans of casinos online, as the games last a couple of hours and there are multiple contests every night.

Ice Hockey Betting

The NHL, which stands for the National Hockey League, is the world's top hockey league. Although the league's 30 franchises are based in the United States and Canada, elite players from all over the world call the NHL home. No other league comes close in terms of quality, intensity, or flair, although you'll surely find other ice hockey betting opportunities at your favourite online casino. Ice hockey punters in the United Kingdom are advised to start with the NHL unless it happens to be an Olympic year.

Because the game is so popular in North America, you'll traditionally see the moneyline odds format on the Internet and when you're making real cash wagers at a casino online. Ice hockey odds work as follows:

  • Moneyline bets are either displayed as a positive or negative figure, e.g. +200 or -150
  • In the case of a positive number, this number reflects the value of the real money winnings you can bring in with a £100 bet, i.e. bet £100 on +200 odds and your winnings will be £200
  • A negative number shows the figure you need to wager to win £100, e.g. betting £200 on -200 will win you £100 at a casino online. Ice hockey fans in the UK can usually convert the odds to fractional format if desired.

Did You Know?

Sports betting sites will sometimes refer to a 'puck line', which describes the number of goals that a team must win by (if the number is negative) or can lose by (if the number is positive). That means you can win even if your team loses as long as your stay within the line at an online casino. Ice hockey really does give you more ways to win.

Where To Bet On Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Whether it's the KHL or Stanley Cup, you'll find the best odds on the web using internet sportsbooks or online casinos. Ice hockey odds are now available at bricks and mortar bookies in the UK. However, we think it makes sense to stick with the internet for the following reasons:

  • For games played in U.S time zones, betting offline removes the possibility of in-play wagering and freshly updated odds just before the game begins.
  • You can often stream games live on the Internet, while bookies are very unlikely to have ice hockey games on their televisions in the United Kingdom.
  • Making real money wagers online allows you to compare the odds being offered by a number of different sportsbooks and online casinos. Ice hockey punters can use multiple sites for the best overall returns. There's no need to run around town.

Guide To Online Casinos: Ice Hockey Best Bets

Ice hockey is fast-paced, unpredictable and full of action. It's the perfect match for fans of casinos online. Ice hockey games last a couple of hours and there are multiple games every night. Why not embrace a schedule as complete as anything you'll find at an online casino? Ice hockey bets can also be placed on teams in the UK if you'd prefer to stay awake to watch the games. If you want to stick to betting on British sports, try The Elite Ice Hockey League. You can even watch games live in the United Kingdom!

In terms of betting limits at online casinos, ice hockey punters will notice lower maximums compared to other sports like football and rugby, because oddsmakers don't spend the same amount of time on them. This means that, with a bit of analysis, you can find some very lucrative bets that are pretty close to a sure thing. It pays to shop around, as the odds on the same game can vary considerably at different casinos online. Ice hockey fans who do a little research can profit handsomely.

Online Casino Ice Hockey Betting: Domestic Action

With the NHL owning the global spotlight, too many punters ignore the action in their own backyard. The EIHL's seasonal competition currently incorporates 10 clubs from the United Kingdom, including teams from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The league continues to grow each year and is gaining popularity at bookmakers and casinos online. Ice hockey fans in Manchester welcomed the Storm to the league in 2015.

Wagering At A Casino Online: Ice Hockey KHL Matches

Although the NHL is obviously the world's premier league, the KHL or Kontinental Hockey League is now making its mark with hockey fans in the United Kingdom. The league, which was founded in 2008, boasts 28 teams primarily in Russia, although there are squads in Belarus, Croatia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Slovakia. You can find matches at a top UK sportsbook or casino online. Ice Hockey fans in the United Kingdom may find the matches work better with their schedules compared to North American games even if they don't care to wager at an online casino.

Ice Hockey Olympic Action

Punters in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom are in for a special treat every four years. When the winter Olympics strike, you'll want to pay a visit to your favourite casino online. Olympic ice hockey is a medal sport and the betting opportunities are always incredible. While Canada tends to dominate, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the USA always have strong showings. You can even wager on the women with Canada having won the gold continuously since 2002.

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