Six Nations Rugby Betting Online

Six Nations Rugby

Europe's most popular annual rugby union tournament is steeped in history.  The competition featuring England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Italy traces its roots back to 1883 but it's also perfect for punters who love casinos online. Six Nations rugby might just be your best bet in the UK.

The Six Nations rugby union competition is held every year between teams from three UK member states (England, Wales and Scotland), Ireland, Italy and France. Currently sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland, you'll often seen the competition advertised at RBS 6 Nations.  No matter what you call it, the competition is the top rugby union events in Europe, with the winning team crowned the European Champions. With European teams leading the world at rugby union, the tournament is always outstanding and commands plenty of interest at online casinos.  Six Nations rugby might be the biggest game in town.

Most sportsbooks, offline or on the web, offering rugby union odds will also offer Six Nations odds when the tournament is on. From high street bookmakers to your favourite casino online, Six Nations rugby gives your endless punting opportunities.  Read on to discover how the tournament works and how simple wagering is in the United Kingdom.

Six Nations Tournament Structure

It's easy to see why RBS 6 Nations is popular at bookmakers and casino online.  Six Nations rugby is simple to follow thanks to a straightforward schedule.  Each team plays a total of five games, meaning every team plays a single match against each opponent.  In the name of fairness home field advantage alternates year over year.  Teams earn two points for a victory and a single point for a draw, but no bonus points are given. 

The competition features 15 matches in total, which take place during February and March but there is occasionally play in April.  Since each team has the opportunity to face all their opponents, a playoff format is unnecessary to gauge who the best team is.  If there is a tie in standings, then match-point differences are used as a tie breaker.  If there is still a tie, the team with the most tries takes the Championship.   This is particularly important when wagering on the outright winner at an online casino. Six Nations rugby championships can technically be shared in the improbable event that there is still a tie after the two tiebreakers.

Six Nations rugby gives you the best of both worlds in the UK, and that means that punters should place bets well in advance along with the addition of live/in-play sports betting for the best selection of wagers.

Sportsbook And Online Casino Six Nations Bets

It doesn't take a sixth sense to succeed at Six Nations rugby betting. Whether you opt to gamble at United Kingdom bookmakers or online casinos, Six Nations rugby bets are the same types of bets you would see for any rugby union competition. However, there are some Six Nations bets that are unique, such as Grand Slam bets. A Six Nations Grand Slam is when one team beats all other competing nations in the same year's play. This has actually happened quite often in recent years, so on the Internet you will very likely see Six Nations Grand Slam bets in the early rounds or if one team looks to be making a good run for the crown.

Another online casino Six Nations rugby bet that's quite popular is the Triple Crown Trophy. As the various nations of the British Isles have a (sometimes not so) friendly rivalry, the Triple Crown Trophy is awarded to any of these sides that manages to beat all of the others. This has similar betting opportunities to the Grand Slam, except the odds on this outcome should be much shorter. It has only recently been an official award, so do not be too surprised if UK bookies haven't yet started offering Six Nations Triple Crown bets.

Did You Know?

There are a number of other minor trophies that compare with the Triple Crown Trophy, but you are less likely to find bookies in the United Kingdom offering Six Nations bets on them, although you can check out an international sportsbook or online casino. Six Nations rugby bettors may be interested in the  Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy, between France and Italy. You can find decent action as bookies look to give French and Italian punters more to bet on.  If you look hard enough you can wager on anything at casinos online.

Six Nations Rugby: Where To Wager

Six Nations Rugby

If you are looking for somewhere to bet on the Six Nations, then we recommend you look at European focused bookies especially those in the United Kingdom. They all offer rugby union odds on the top competitions and events, and most of them will put up early Six Nations odds about a month before the first games. We recommend signing up with multiple sites on the internet if you want to take full advantage of disparities in the Six Nations odds between web-based sports betting sites and online casinos.  Six Nations rugby punters can really maximize their returns by spreading themselves out.

Knowing Your Odds At Casinos Online: Six Nations Rugby

With teams from Europe, as well as those in and around the United Kingdom, you may find odds offered in a couple of different ways depending on where the sports betting site you're using is based:

  • UK sites traditionally offer odds in a fractional format, i.e. a 4/1 bet wins £4 of real money on a stake of £1
  • European sites more commonly use decimal odds, which lump the original stake and winnings together. A 4/1 bet would be listed as 5.00

While you can usually toggle between formats at online casinos, Six Nations rugby punters should double check the potential payouts before confirming a wager.

Why Bet On Six Nations?

Historically, betting on your home country's team has been how punters generally tend to bet on Six Nations, especially in the UK. However, the introduction of grand slam betting, the chance to wager real cash on individual games and so on means that increasingly British bettors are looking for the best odds in the hope of making some real money over the tournament. And, with a bit of luck, it's easy to do just that especially when you consider the convenience of casinos online. 

Six Nations rugby gives you the best of both worlds in the UK.  Take advantage of the chance to place bets well in advance along with the addition of live/in-play sports betting for the best selection of wagers.  Perhaps the best part of online casino Six Nations rugby betting is that it's easy to become an expert.  With just six teams it's easy to get to grips with before placing your wagers.

Get Started In The United Kingdom

Given the popularity and storied history of RBS 6 Nations, you'll have no trouble finding places to wager.  Whether you prefer local sportbooks or a casino online, Six Nations rugby odds are displayed prominently for much of the winter.  Yet that doesn't mean you should bring your bankroll to the most convenient shop or site.  For the best odds, biggest bonuses, and most reliable service just visit our expert reviews.  Don't settle for second best or worse when it comes to choosing casinos online. Six Nations rugby bettors deserve to be ahead of the game before the first drop kick.

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