Rugby World Cup Betting Guide

Rugby World Cup

Held every four years since 1987, the Rugby World Cup is the ultimate men's rugby union tournament.  Be there as 20 nations unite in England to vie for rugby union supremacy in 2015. Learn the basics of the tournament and discover how easy it is to wager at bookmakers and casinos online.

The 2015 and 2019 Rugby World Cup tournaments each feature 20 national squads competing over a six-week schedule. Like most international sport tournaments, play is divided into a group stage and subsequent knock-out stage.  Both are suitable for placing casino online Rugby World Cup wagers, although betting opportunities explode as the tournament progresses.

Yet even before the group stage begins, teams will need to qualify for the tournament. That means tons of punting opportunities at an online casino. Rugby World Cup qualification now splits 12 tournament positions among the top 3 teams in each of the groups for the prior rugby world cup, and the remaining 8 positions are decided by qualifying rounds. How the qualifiers are run has changed constantly through the years.  The most important thing to UK bettors is that you pay attention to when the odds are posted at your bookmaker or casino online.

Rugby World Cup Primer

Whether you plan on attending matches, watching on the telly, or punting at a casino online, Rugby World Cup action follows rugby union rules.  You shouldn't confuse the Rugby World Cup with the Rugby League World Cup, which follows league rules.  The names are similar but the differences are vast.  Feel free to consult our individual rugby guides before punting at a bookmaker or online casino. Rugby World Cup and its union play aren't just more popular in the UK but England has appeared in the final during three of the last four tournaments.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you'll likely be more familiar with rugby union games and betting opportunities at online casinos.  Rugby World Cup simply represent the height of the sport.  You can find plenty Aviva Premiership Rugby every year in the UK.

Most of your bankroll for your Rugby World Cup bets should go to events that you haven't got much of an emotional stake in, as emotional betting is very common for big worldwide events and wagering in this manner can lead to big losses.

Rugby World Cup Schedule

During the tournament's group stage, each team will play each member of their group once.  To prevent teams from being tied at the end of the stage, the tournament uses a point system that awards 4 points for a victory and 2 points for a draw but also gives a bonus point for scoring 4 tries or losing by 7 points or fewer.  At many casinos online, Rugby World Cup punters can wager on more than just the outright winner to make things interesting.

The knock-out stage features the winner and second place team from each group.  Teams progress through quarter finals, semi-finals, and ultimately the grand finals.  There's also a game for third place among the losers of the semi-finals.  As you can see, there's no shortage of wagering opportunities and matches at UK bookmakers and online casinos.  Rugby World Cup fans might even find themselves overwhelmed by all the possibilities and options in the United Kingdom.

Online Casino Rugby World Cup Bets Tips

Rugby World Cup

Do your emotions ever get the best of you when gambling at racebooks, bookmakers or casinos online? Rugby World Cup bettors in the UK can suffer the same fate.  It's easy for your heart to cloud your judgment when your nation is on the world stage.  We all want the greatest players in the United Kingdom to get the global recognition they deserve, but that doesn't mean they'll win every match.  The odds may not even be particularly favourable at any of the top online casinos.  Rugby World Cup bets have a dilemma here. While it's easy to advise punters to avoid betting on their team, it's just not realistic. Let's give you a rule you are more likely to follow:  never put most of your money on games featuring your own team.

Most of your bankroll for your Rugby World Cup bets should go to events that you haven't got much of an emotional stake in. Emotional betting is very common for big worldwide events, especially among players in the United Kingdom. Ideally you should take advantage of the misguided bets of other UK punters while trying not to make the same mistake in games with your home team.

Wagering At Online Casinos: Rugby World Cup Grand Final

Our belief when it comes to grand finals is that you should bet to spice up the game when your team is playing, and look for opportunities to take advantage of the market when you don't care who is competing.  Given the competitive nature of UK bookmakers and online casinos, Rugby World Cup punters will usually have more options than they can handle, especially as the tournament progresses.

The Rugby World Cup Grand Final isn't the largest sporting event in the world or even the United Kingdom, but it is still popular enough to make for some pretty massive betting markets.  Of course, online casino Rugby World Cup wagers aren't limited to picking match winners and losers. You'll find many more prop bets whether you log onto a sportsbook or casino online.  Rugby World Cup Grand Final prop bets can be very profitable if you look for ways to get an edge in the odds rather than try to pick a result that is likely to be random.

If your team is playing in the Rugby World Cup, though, we don't recommend you work too hard on maximizing profits. It's too hard to focus when your emotions are running high, so we reckon you should simply place bets to spice things up. Find prop bets on your favourite players and do what you can to make the experience even more exciting. After all, how often can your home team make it to the Rugby World Cup when it's only held every four years? There's plenty of time to play table games at casinos online.  Rugby World Cup matches in England are worth celebrating no matter what happens.

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