Top 14 French Rugby Betting Guide

Top French Rugby

Some of the world's best rugby union action goes down right across the English Channel. France's premier domestic league isn't just gaining popularity across the globe it's perfect for punters and fans of online casinos.

Top 14 French Rugby is a national rugby union competition that traces its roots back all the way to 1892.  The competition takes place annually, although the league was largely on hiatus during both the first and second world wars. The action currently runs from August through June with the best 14 teams in France battling for supremacy. It has been incredibly popular in recent years, despite some temporary financial difficulties, with aren't really of concern to punters at bookmakers and UK online casinos.

Top 14 French Rugby isn't just popular in France, but it's widely watched in the UK and other parts of Europe.  With matches broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports and tons of online coverage, it's easy to follow the action before visiting a casino online.  Top 14 French Rugby might just be your best bet in the UK.  Learn how simple it is to wager and win.

Season And Schedule

With a schedule that blankets much of the calendar, it's easy to see why the league is popular with fans of casinos online.  Top 14 French Rugby teams play 26 regular season matches, which means each squad faces all of their opponents at home and away.    

The playoffs feature quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals that are always gripping no matter what language you speak.  The top two teams during the regular season automatically advance to the semi-finals, while the third seed faces the sixth seed and the fourth seed faces the fifth seed in the quarter finals.  The winners of the quarter finals head to the semi-finals where they'll face their well-rested opponents.  Additional time off isn't always an advantage but it can be for astute punters at a casino online. Top 15 French Rugby does feature breaks in December and January, which gives players and spectators a chance to refuel or play elsewhere.

Did You Know?

With 19 wins, but only 3 in the past decade, Stade Toulousain holds the most trophies of all the teams but hasn't been able to build on that success in recent years.  With their last championship in 2012 and a decent team this season they are worth a look at your online casino. Top 14 French Rugby all comes down to odds.

Top 14 French Rugby is one of the best rugby bets out there because there's no clear top favourite, and that means there are always good odds to be found at your favourite United Kingdom bookmaker or online casino.

Online Casino Top 14 French Rugby Bets

Your Top 14 betting options are the same as any other rugby union betting.  When visiting sportsbooks or casinos online, Top 14 French Rugby wagering options include:

  • 3-way betting
  • Match betting
  • Winning margins
  • Futures on championship results

If you are coming to Top 14 betting from another competition, take some time to research a few teams and focus your bets on their games to start with. The top payoffs come from the things you know best, so specialising early will help you to make some real cash from your Top 14 French Rugby bets.  Before logging onto sportsbooks or casinos online, Top 14 French Rugby punters should take advantage of all the online coverage.  Research past scores and consult up to date blogs for interesting insights.

Did You Know?

The 2016 final of the Top 14 French rugby competition won't be played in France at all, but will be held in Barcelona. This is due to a clash with the 2016 UEFA European Championship that means all of the top French stadiums are booked.  This shouldn't make much difference to fans in the UK unless you are heading to see the action live.

Best Sportsbooks And Online Casinos: Top 14 French Rugby Bets

Top French Rugby

You should be able to find Top 14 bets at any European focused online sportsbook even in the United Kingdom. It is one of the biggest rugby union competitions and has increased in popularity in recent years, so British bookies and sports betting sites on the web are all jumping on the bandwagon to offer Top 14 French Rugby bets.  When visiting a casino online, Top 14 French Rugby bettors just need to make sure they are logged into the bookmaker section of the site.

Unlike in the UK, where the fractional odds format is the standard, betting shops and Internet sites based in Europe are more likely to use decimal odds. These are fairly simple to get to grips with, and work as follows:

Rather than separating the original bet and winnings, as fractional odds do, decimal odds show them added together.

So, decimal odds of 1.5 mean that for a bet of £1, £1.50 will be returned (the original bet and 50p winnings).

Don't worry too much; all of the best UK betting sites will show you how much you stand to win from a real cash bet. Still, it's worth having an idea of how they work so you can work figures out yourself.

Punting At Online Casinos: Top 14 French Rugby Advantages

Let's be honest, even with Six Nations and British Premiership Rugby, fans in the UK can never get enough rugby. An exciting, fast-paced game with relatively short matches, Top 14 French rugby is one of the best rugby bets out there because there's no clear top favourite. That means there are always good odds to be found at your favourite United Kingdom bookmaker and online casino.  Top 14 French Rugby betting is easy to follow, especially since you are likely already familiar with the rules. 

If you're used to playing in a casino online, Top 14 French Rugby betting can make for an exciting change. Instead of spreading your bankroll over many rounds that can take hours to unfold, all the real money betting action is condensed into the space of just over an hour. All of this makes for a seriously exciting game to watch.  If your favourite match isn't being broadcast on Sky Sports, you can always turn to the web to find live streams in the United Kingdom.

Get Started

While it's easy to find Top 14 fixtures in the United Kingdom, ensuring you always get the best odds can be more gruelling.  Fortunately, our team of experts have already done the vast majority of the work.  Just visit our reviews to find the best UK sportsbooks and casinos online.  Top 14 French Rugby fixtures with the most favourable odds are just a couple of clicks away.

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