Rugby League World Cup Betting

Rugby League World Cup

First staged in 1954, the Rugby League World Cup is now the game's most spirited competition. Despite being held irregularly in the past, the contest is now staged every four years with the next tournament taking place in 2017. When joint hosts New Zealand and Australia welcome 14 nations, the world will witness an extraordinary showcase of talent and find endless wagering opportunities at casinos online.  Rugby League World Cup matches continue to grow in popularity and not just because you'll find more nations participating than ever before.

Experience national pride and endless betting opportunities at online casinos.  Rugby League World Cup betting might leave you longing during the four years between events, but it's definitely worth the wait in the UK.  See how easy it is to follow the action and place your wagers at a casino online.

Rugby League World Cup Structure

The Rugby League World Cup currently features a 14 team format, but is expected to include 16 teams in 2021. Whether you live in the United Kingdom or abroad, you'll find ample betting opportunities at casinos online. Rugby League World Cup action in 2017 will feature 7 of the 8 top teams (quarter finalists) from the last World Cup, hosts Australia and New Zealand, England, Fiji, France, Samoa and Scotland will qualify automatically with teams from the rest of the world competing for spots in four different qualification zones:

  1. Europe (3 teams)
  2. Asia/Pacific (2 teams)
  3. Americas (1 team)
  4. Middle East/Africa (1 team)

When wagering at a bookmaker or online casino, Rugby League World Cup punters should know that there is both a group stage and a knockout stage to the tournament.  The knockout stage is where you'll find the real action in the UK.  The quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals get increasingly more intense even if a team from the United Kingdom isn't involved.

Although the Rugby League World Cup may not have quite the same cachet as, say, the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup, it is a major event for rugby fans and punters, and offers players some great wagering opportunities.

Rugby League World Cup Bets

When visiting a casino online, Rugby League World Cup betting is usually only offered in the lead up to games. You won't find too many future bets in the UK except on the outright winner.  Expect to find the usual match bets and winning margins with an assortment of prop bets on the final. Obviously, you will only find odds for this event when the Rugby League World Cup is running, so we recommend checking the top sports betting sites in the United Kingdom when you start seeing the World Cup in the news.

Odds At Online Casinos: Rugby League World Cup

Rugby League World Cup

How odds are listed may vary depending on whether you're gambling real money with a sportsbook based in the United Kingdom or an Internet site based elsewhere:

  • Fractional or UK style e.g. 4/1 - a bet of £1 wins you £4
  • Decimal e.g. 5.00 - represents winnings and original stake bundled together, primarily used in Europe
  • Moneyline e.g. +400 - refers to how much can be won from a £100 bet, primarily used in America but not likely to be found here since rugby isn't exactly their game

Where To Bet On Rugby League World Cup

Whether you're placing your real cash wagers in a UK bricks and mortar bookmaker or on the web, or maybe just taking a break from the online casino, Rugby League World Cup bets will be available pretty much everywhere when the right time rolls around. In fact, being patient is the hardest part.  Luckily it's easy to find distractions at casinos online.

Rugby League World Cup punters can always take advantage of all the domestic leagues across the globe. While waiting until the next tournament comes along, take a look on the Internet at something like Six Nations, Super Rugby or Top 14 French rugby to practice your betting in the meantime. None of what you pick up about individual teams will be transferrable but you might just find that you have a knack for picking who's going to come in top of all the big rugby tournaments. You can never get too much practice when wagering on sports or enjoying games of skill at an online casino.  Rugby League World Cup success doesn't require endless knowledge or research, but there's nothing wrong with a little familiarity.

Betting At A Casino Online: Rugby League World Cup Benefits

The Rugby League World Cup may not have quite the same cachet as, say, the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup. Yet it's still not silly to compare them as being on a similar scale in the UK. Some workplaces in the United Kingdom even run sweepstakes for the Rugby League World Cup, and placing a real money wager on the team you draw can be one of the best ways to get your first taste of sports betting with little or no financial risk.

As is sometimes the case with the online casino, Rugby League World Cup betting can seem a little intimidating for British beginners. But the popularity of the game actually means that there are few better times to give sports betting a try, precisely because so many other newbies will be placing their first bets as well. Plus, games are televised on UK channels so you can follow your team to victory.  You can even stream all the excitement online or even to your smartphone.

Get Started At The Best Real Money Sites

Why wait for the World Cup to begin?  Whether you aim to be prepared or want to start enjoying all rugby league matches in the UK right now, we've handpicked the best sportsbooks and online casinos. Rugby League World Cup action is just the tip of the iceberg.  Read our reviews to discover the best odds and most generous bonuses available in the United Kingdom.  It's never been more simple to get in the game.

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