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Heineken Rugby Cup

For nearly twenty years, the Heineken Cup was the biggest name in European Rugby.  Since its inception in 1995 until its demise in 2014, the league was broadcast to much fanfare across the United Kingdom.  By the time internet gambling became popular in the late 1990s, the competition also made its mark at online casinos.  Heineken Cup Rugby was obviously sponsored by the famous Dutch brewer, but due to alcohol regulations in France, the contest was also known as H-Cup.

The Heineken Cup featured 24 four teams in total, all hailing from England, Ireland, France, Scotland, Wales, and Italy.  One of the confusing aspects of the tournament was that each country had their own rules for qualifying.  This doesn't really matter unless you were wagering on preliminary matches at a UK casino online.  Heineken Cup Rugby's history is worth knowing since it will help your understanding of its successor.

Guide To Casinos Online: Heineken Cup Rugby History

Despite its short history, including at your favourite casino online, Heineken Cup Rugby's winners list is longer than you might expect.  Ten teams have won the championship with Toulouse racking up 4 wins in 6 appearances and Leinster winning thrice. Leinster, Leicester Tigers, Munster, London Wasps, and Toulon each managed two wins.  When visiting an online casino, Heineken Cup rugby punters should know that Toulon not only won the last two cups but they continue to make their mark.

Historically at a UK casino online, Heineken Cup Rugby punters who opted for live betting tended to perform the best, and this is also the case with European Rugby Champions Cup betting.

European Rugby Champions Cup

If you visit internet sportsbooks or online casinos, Heineken Cup rugby references are hard to find.  Unless you find yourself reading an internet sports almanac, you probably won't find any action.  That's because the last cup took place on 24 May 2014 at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff where Toulon defeated Saracens 23-6.  Given the popularity of the contest there is still plenty of union rugby action on pitches and at your favourite casino online.  Heineken Cup Rugby simply gave way to a new contest called the European Rugby Championship.  Although the qualifying procedures differ slightly, it is still the ultimate rugby union contest in Europe and is obviously huge at UK online casinos.

Heineken Cup Rugby ultimately dissolved after Premiership Rugby demanded some structural changes to the tournament.  They effectively pulled all of the British teams out of the contest and France ultimately followed realising that a new league could be formed in its place.  That's precisely what happened by 2015, which means that there was no downtime on the field or at sportsbooks and casinos online.  Heineken Cup Rugby did feature a slightly different format with a few more teams, but the competition is actually superior for spectators and punters at online casinos. Heinken Cup Rugby isn't really worth crying over, especially since Toulon won the inaugural cup under the new banner, defeating Clermont 24-18.

Past Online Casino Heineken Cup Rugby Bets

Heineken Rugby Cup

Historically at a UK casino online, Heineken Cup Rugby punters who opted for live betting tended to perform the best.  This rule of thumb can also serve you well at the European Rugby Champions Cup whether you live in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. This will allow you to make a decision after watching how the game seems to be running, and you can begin hedging your bets if it looks like you made a decision too soon. The games can be a crapshoot and it's often better to get a feel for the action if you want to succeed.  You might as well take advantage of the existence of UK online casinos.  Heineken Cup Rugby's formal demise can still do wonders for your bankroll.

European Rugby Championship Cup Season

At casinos online, Heineken Cup Rugby was more than just about the finals.  Likewise, the road to the European Rugby Championship Cup isn't just entertaining but it gives you lots to wager on in the United Kingdom.  Twenty teams compete in the group stage and are ranked based on how they performed in their own domestic leagues.  Each team plays the other three teams in their pool twice, once on the road and once at home.   All five of the pool winners along with the remaining top three teams advance to the knockout stage.

If you've ever wagered on online casino Heineken Cup Rugby, the knockout stage of the European Rugby Championship Cup is nearly identical in structure. The top seed plays the eighth seed, the second seed hosts the seventh seed, the third seed competes against the sixth seed, and the fourth seed faces the fifth seed.  The winners of the quarter finals progress to the semi-finals, and ultimately the finals.  You can see just how much available action there is at a UK casino online. Heineken Cup Rugby being over with for good isn't even an issue.

Visiting Casinos Online: Heineken Cup Rugby Hot Spots

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or abroad, you won't want to miss all the action available at your local online casino.  Heinken Cup Rugby only exists in the annals of history but its legacy will continue to play out for years to come.  Be ready for the next championship by browsing our reviews.  We've found the top sites for players in the UK and beyond.  Sign up now to experience all the excitement and even earn a handsome bonus in the process.

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