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Currie Cup

The Currie Cup is the biggest local rugby union competition in South Africa and dates all the way back to 1889. However, despite its prestige in South Africa, sports betting on the Currie Cup isn't the easiest thing to find at your local UK bookmaker. Thanks to the rise of internet sportsbooks and online casinos, Currie Cup are becoming increasing common on the web.  You no longer have to rely on sites specifically for South African gamblers.

If you are accustomed to wagering at an online casino, Currie Cup betting options might seem limited, at least during the round-robin phase of the competition.  Expect to find real cash sports betting odds on the 3-way match and winning margins bets (which are available for most rugby and football matches) in some British bookies and at sportsbooks based in the United Kingdom.

Guide To Casinos Online: Currie Cup Rules

The Currie Cup features both a lengthy round-robin and a knockout round, both of which are available for wagering at online casinos. Currie Cup games follow rugby union rules and teams accumulate points after each game in accordance with the following table:

  • Win - 4 points
  • Draw - 2 points
  • Loss - 0 points
  • Scoring four tries in a match - 1 bonus point
  • Losing a match by 7 or less - 1 bonus point

So, winners can receive 4 or 5 points (the top score available per match) and a loser can receive up to 2 bonus points for a loss.

Each team in the Currie Cup plays each other at least once, with a qualification competition, Premier Division and First Division depending on how they place. The winner of the Premier Division, the best of the two, takes home the Currie Cup and the winner of the First Division wins the SA Cup.  Even if you don't follow the season, the final match gets lots of press and provides great action at an online casino.  Currie Cup matches might not be as big as the Super Bowl, but why wait until February?

Currie Cup action is compelling, and when you consider the availability of coverage online, it's easy to become knowledgeable of the Currie Cup and have success wagering at United Kingdom casinos online.

Online Casino Currie Cup Betting

Unless you're both a South African rugby union expert and a master at rugby betting, the Currie Cup doesn't offer that many opportunities for placing a real money wager on a 'sure thing' at an online casino.  Currie Cup fans might disagree but other rugby union competitions offer more in the way of advantages in the markets when you're betting for success. Yet who doesn't love options at online casinos.  Currie Cup matches are a worthy diversion from the usual offerings in the UK.  Of course you can always pick and choose your matches at casinos online. Currie Cup punters in the United Kingdom can always sit on the sidelines and wager when there's a compelling game on offer.

A few years ago, wagering on the Currie Cup from the United Kingdom was a difficult proposition.  Even with the rise of internet bookmakers, punters in the UK still had difficulty finding matches unless they visited a South African site. Although the odds were favourable, successful punters would be forced to bet using the South African rand and faced expensive currency conversion fees in the process.  Luckily times have changed for the better.  Take advantage of British sportsbooks and online casinos. Currie Cup bets are available at fully licensed sites in the UK.

Wagering At Casinos Online: Currie Cup Odds

Currie Cup

You probably understand basic odds if you've ever visited casinos online.  Currie Cup punters might be in for a surprise. Some South African sportsbooks use Hong Kong odds format but refer to it as decimal odds. In actual fact, this is what the same 5:1 bet would look like in these different formats:

  • Fractional odds:  5/1
  • Decimal odds: (as we know it in the UK): 6.0000
  • Hong Kong odds: 5.0000

Of course, any respectable site will show you how much real money you stand to win on a bet prior to placing your wager even if you don't completely understand the odds.  That's true at any bookmaker or casino online.  Currie Cup punters who are unfamiliar with different odds formats could still be tripped up. Fortunately, you can often toggle between all three odds formats when visiting an online casino.  Currie Cup matches are definitely becoming more common at UK sportsbooks, but it's always good to be prepared if betting abroad.

Why Bet On The Currie Cup?

For South Africans, betting on the Currie Cup is a way to potentially make some real cash by supporting a local team. Elsewhere, such as in the United Kingdom, wagering is less common.  But you don't have to be a devoted rugby union fan to visit a casino online. Currie Cup betting might have a place on your betting card.  For any UK rugby fan who thinks highly of their middling hometown squad, it's best to wager beyond your front door.  Don't let blind loyalty do a number on your wallet whenever you visit a bookmaker or online casino. Currie Cup matches let you skip the usual pitfalls.

Also, wherever there's a potential profit to be made, you'll find British bettors. Of course internet wagering is largely anonymous, so don't expect to see your neighbour at a casino online.  Currie Cup games are broadcast on Sky Sports, so it's not particularly difficult to follow along and see how your real cash bets are doing, and the limited time zone difference means that it's easier to watch in real-time than, say, the top games held in New Zealand or Australia.  Leave your comfort zone and take advantage of casino online Currie Cup wagers.

Choosing A Casino Online: Currie Cup Best Bets

The Currie Cup is a fairly balanced competition so it's worth betting on if you're familiar with the contest, otherwise we recommend sticking with other rugby union competitions.  Obviously the action is compelling, so it isn't hard to follow individual matches or the league in its entirety.  When you consider the availability of coverage online, it's easy to become knowledgeable and have success wagering at United Kingdom casinos online.

Currie Cup matches are more common on the larger sites, but there's no sense picking a random sportsbook. For the top UK bookmakers and online casinos, Currie Cup punters will want to leaf through our reviews.  We've found the greatest sites with the most exhaustive selection of bets and competitive payouts.  Log on now and start a winning streak of your own.

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