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Indian Premier League

Despite being based in India, the Indian Premier League or IPL is already the top Twenty20 cricket league on the planet in terms of viewers.  That's even more impressive when you consider that the IPL was established in 2008.  The league packs as much action as any cricket fan can feasibly handle with matches throughout most of April and early May.  With at least one game per day for the better part of two months, the IPL is a cricket betting bonanza at sportsbooks and UK online casinos. Indian Premier League fans in the United Kingdom can follow all the action on SkySports.

Although the excitement on the grounds is compelling, that's only half the story. Billionaire owners and millionaire players headline the Twenty20 competition that sees eight franchises go head to head for millions in prize money. You don't need to be Indian or wealthy to bask in IPL glory when you log onto an online casino.  Indian Premier League bets are available a local UK bookmakers and on the internet.

Winning At A Casino Online: Indian Premier League Structure

The real beauty of IPL betting is unlike test matches, which take five days, or even one day matches which take the best part of eight hours to complete, an IPL match is done and dusted within three hours. The abridged format is what makes the IPL so popular in the United Kingdom and among punters at online casinos. In a world of instant gratification, who has the patience for drawn outcomes?  What's even better is the format is perfect for in game or live betting at UK internet bookmakers and casinos online. Indian Premier League matches deserve a spot on your betting card every April and May.

Indian Premier League punters in the UK can find amazing coverage and insights that will help them understand the action and will transform them into an expert rather quickly.

IPL Rosters

Although contested by regionally based teams, what makes the IPL different from the number of global cricket competitions is that players are bought at auction by the franchises. This differs from the traditional representation model that is in use in most other cricket competitions that are offered at online casinos.  Indian Premier League teams can also fill their rosters by signing and trading.  Just like a bonus or competition at a casino online, Indian Premier League player contracts are subject to all sorts of rules and restrictions.

Whether or not you elect to wager at an online casino, Indian Premier League fans in the United Kingdom always follow the latest player movements. Each January the franchises partake in a player auction, where any unaffiliated players are sold to the highest bidder. Struggling teams can quickly be re-built thanks to the big bucks on offer.  Although the league is relatively new, you'll find the kind of parity that makes for great bets at UK bookmakers and online casinos.  Indian Premier League is already massive but it continues to grow in popularity each spring.

What To Expect

Indian Premier League

In doesn't matter whether you prefer to watch or wager at a casino online, Indian Premier League matches may be a slight departure from what you've seen before. Pitches for the IPL are often flat and lifeless so expect big scores. Also look to opening batsmen as high scorer picks as the 20 over format lends itself to scorching starts. Kiwi opener Brendan McCullum made an unforgettable 158 of just 73 balls in the first ever IPL match in 2008.

Look to spin bowlers in leading wicket categories as Indian pitches traditionally favour spin bowling. It comes as no surprise that the greatest leg spin bowler of all time, Shane Warne, led his team the Rajasthan Royals to win the first Indian Premier League in 2008.  Even if you aren't a huge cricket fan, it's easy to wager at an online casino.  Indian Premier League punters can find amazing coverage and insights that can transform you into an expert rather quickly.  Of course United Kingdom bettors can always follow the experts even if they don't understand the action. Anyone of legal age can place modest wagers and get a feel for the action at casinos online.

Indian Premier League Bets

When visiting UK sportsbooks or casinos online, Indian Premier League bettors can typically wager on individual matches, outright winners, leading wicket takers, and high scoring options. Pre IPL betting can also be a profitable move. In the first instalment of the IPL, the Rajasthan Royals were outsiders in the eight team field. There weren't too many punters around who fancied a team that consisted mainly of Indian youngsters and smattering of international talent namely Shane Warne, Shane Watson and Graeme Smith.  Longshots can be the most fun whether you enjoy sportsbooks or the games at online casinos.

Indian Premier League: Where To Wager

If your calendar reads spring, it's time to visit your local bookmaker or log onto an online casino. Indian Premier League matches belong on your itinerary.  No one is expecting you to make the trek from the United Kingdom to India.  Yet untold excitement awaits when you turn on the telly and log on to a casino online.  Indian Premier League punters ought to know that although IPL wagers are offered everywhere not all bookmakers deserve your business.  For the top sites with the best odds and widest range of bets visit our expert reviews.   

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