Celtic Rugby Online Betting

Celtic Rugby

While Celtic rugby is obviously huge in Ireland, it's also a popular sport throughout the UK thanks to television deals in Northern Ireland and Wales. You can also find games on British TV using BBC's Red Button service or by streaming games online. Previously known as the Magners League, the RaboDirect Pro12 and the Celtic League, Celtic rugby is now known as the Guinness Pro12 on television, in print and at online casinos.

Celtic rugby's name can be misleading.  Every year, teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete in this annual rugby union competition. The competition rebranded as the Pro12 with the introduction of two Italian teams, meaning that it was no longer comprised solely of teams from Celtic nations . Expanding to Italy has definitely increased international interest on television and at casinos online.  Celtic rugby dates are worth adding to your schedule.

Celtic Rugby Rules

Whether you watch the matches at a pub or wager at a casino online, Celtic rugby is easy to follow.  If you understand the rules of rugby union, you already understand Celtic rugby.  Play is relatively simple with two teams scoring points through tries and conversions, penalty kicks and drop goals. The team with the most points wins the match.  It's easy to see why matches are especially suitable for betting at a sportsbook or online casino.  Celtic rugby is easy to keep up with even if you don't have time to follow every game.

Until recently, the winner of the league was decided using the Rugby union bonus points system with the top ranked team taking home the trophy:

  • Win - 4 points
  • Draw - 2 points
  • Scoring 4 or more tries - 1 bonus point
  • Losing by 7 points or less - 1 bonus point
  • Teams can earn a maximum of 5 points per match

However, a playoff system was introduced in 2009 that sees four teams enter a semi-final stage followed by a grand final championship decider to determine the best.  It all adds up to more online casino Celtic rugby betting opportunities.  Even if you don't care for the regular season, you won't want to miss the excitement and finality the playoffs present.  It's easy to find the game broadcast live in the United Kingdom.

Celtic rugby punters often place their main bet on the outcome of a game, and supplement it with smaller side bets and long shots that can help to minimise losses.

Wagering At Casinos Online: Celtic Rugby Bets

British players seeking to put some real cash wagers on Celtic rugby are usually best off doing so on the web at sportsbooks or online casinos. Celtic rugby bets might be offered at your local bookmaker, but you will find vastly superior Pro12 returns online.  Take advantage of all sports wagering sites on the the Internet where there's more competition among sports betting providers. Shop around to find the most favourable odds.

If you have no idea who to bet on, these teams have the greatest historical success:

  1. Leinster - 4 titles, 4 runners-up
  2. Ospreys - 4 titles, 0 runners-up
  3. Munster - 3 titles, 2 runners-up

Types Of Celtic Rugby Bets

Celtic Rugby

Because you'll typically only find UK bookmakers offering odds on the Pro12, you can generally expect to find odds listed in a fractional format.  That's true at both internet sportsbooks and online casinos. Celtic rugby bettors who place a real cash bet of £10 on a 3/1 outcome will net £30 in winnings.

As well as betting on things like the outright winner of the tournament you can wager real money on all sorts of things relating to every single game at the bookmaker on your favourite online casino. Celtic rugby bets include who will score first, whether or not the first try will be converted, the position to score the first try, the highest scoring half and so on. The possibilities are endless when you choose the right casino online.

Celtic Rugby Fun Fact

Most keen British players place their main bet on the outcome of a game, and supplement it with smaller side bets and long shots that can help to minimise losses. Hedging your bets is a sound strategy at online casinos.  Celtic rugby fans should always use some form of bankroll management as well.

Visiting Casinos Online: Celtic Rugby Calendar

The Celtic rugby season begins in early September with games typically scheduled on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over the course of 22 rounds or weeks.  After the conclusion of the regular season in May, the playoffs begin with the top four teams progressing to the semi-finals.  The winners of each semi-final match advance to the finals, which typically takes place during the final weekend in May.  With 22 regular season matches and intense playoff contests, it's easy to see why there is so much interest at every UK casino online.  Celtic rugby's track record speaks for itself but the future is even brighter.

Placing An Online Casino Celtic Rugby Bet

Traditionally, the majority of people in the United Kingdom who bet on Celtic rugby were based near one of the teams playing and wanted to show their support. The season usually overlaps with the English Premiership, so it's not as if it gives rugby union fans a fix when they can't otherwise watch. Still, it's one of the best places to see home-grown Celtic and Italian talent.  The Internet does offer great odds on every game and there's a lot of pride at stake, so it's always played hard at online casinos. Celtic rugby is exciting enough on its own but you can make every game personal with even a small wager.

If you can't get enough rugby union action and like to place real money wagers on a distinct favourite (or three), something you can't always do in the online casino, Celtic rugby and the Pro12 are definitely worth a look.

Where To Wager In The UK

While it isn't hard to find a decent sportsbook or casino online, Celtic rugby isn't available everywhere.  At some casinos online, Celtic rugby games might be offered thought not necessarily with competitive odds.  The good news is our team of have experts have already found the best online bookmakers in the United Kingdom that offer spectacular odds on Guinness Pro12 matches.  Browse our reviews, select one of our top picks, and claim your bonus at any of the best licensed casinos online. Celtic rugby bets will make a welcome addition to your wagering card.

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