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Loot boxes and skins are still not defined as forms of gambling but things could change if the government gets tough.

In a meeting with the digital, media, culture and sport select committee, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) said its position remains unchanged.

Following a call to outlaw loot boxes back in 2017, the gaming regulator stated that the in-game add-ons weren’t considered gambling. At the time, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Tracey Crouch said the contents of each box didn’t have any real-world value.

Loot Boxes Are Like Lotteries

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Loot boxes are back in the media spotlight following a report by the BBC that details how children spent £550 on the in-game add-ons.

Published on July 9, the article doesn’t name the children but explains how they got caught up in an online spending spree.

Opening Pandora’s Loot Boxes

By authorising an £8 transaction on EA’s FIFA for the Nintendo Switch, Thomas Carter unwittingly opened Pandora’s box. Although the admits he didn’t protect his Nintendo account with a PIN number, Carter never expected his children to notch up a £550 bill.

With receipts going to an old email account, Read more