ComeOn Looking to Improve UK Online Gaming with AI-Powered Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) looks set to make UK online gaming safer thanks to a new innovation from ComeOn.

ComeOn artificial intelligence tech

ComeOn is looking to make its UK online gaming platform safer with the help of artificial intelligence. (Image: Berkeley)

The online casino operator recently revealed that it’s working with Neccton to develop a new responsible gambling tool. As per the August 13 press release, the AI software is a player tracking and personalised feedback tool.

Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems

In working with big data specialist Neccton, ComeOn’s developers are aiming to gain better insights into customers.

By combining resources and implementing the latest artificial intelligence technology, the operator believes it can detect problem gambling before it becomes an issue.

Although ComeOn hasn’t divulged exactly how the system will analyse players, we do know it will detect changes in behaviour, assess risk patterns and flag up signs of problem gambling.

The hope is that it will stop costumers from staking more than they can afford. Moreover, ComeOn wants to create an environment where staff can provide an effective support network for players.

Providing the right conditions and incentives for players to gamble responsibly is part of how we take care of our customers and ensure the safe and high-quality service we want to offer them,” said ComeOn’s responsible gaming manager, Helena Berg.

As well as improving its own service, ComeOn’s innovation could help the UK online gaming industry as a whole. With responsible gambling high on the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) list of priorities, any new ideas will be welcomed.

UK Online Gaming Operators Investing in Responsible Gaming

In January, GVC Holdings partnered with Harvard Medical School to develop an “evidence-based” approach to problem gambling. In a similar vein, William Hill recently supported New Jersey’s Council on Compulsive Gambling.

While each initiative has been for the greater good, the use of artificial intelligence could change the game significantly. As a growing industry that’s worth an estimated $1.2 trillion/£1 trillion, AI is set to revolutionise countless areas of our lives.

Through processes such as machine learning, the technology is capable of spotting patterns and predicting outcomes with a high degree of accuracy.

Today, cybersecurity firms and anti-fraud companies are already using artificial intelligence software. If ComeOn can prove the same techniques are useful in gaming, it could open the floodgates.

Indeed, with the UKGC hot on handing out fines, every UK online gaming operator could soon be looking to inject some intelligence into their responsible gaming tools.

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