MaxEnt Hits Back at UKGC After Losing Gaming Licence

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and MaxEnt are currently at loggerheads after the former flexed its regulatory muscle.

MaxEnt UKGC licence revoked

MaxEnt has appealed the UKGC’s decision to revoke its online gaming licence. (Image: DavidsonMorris)

As part of its bid to raise standards, the UKGC has questioned the business practices of MaxEnt. At the heart of the matter is a change of ownership and a lack of details pertaining to certain operational measures.

UKGC Gets Tough

Although the new owner of MaxEnt Limited isn’t named in the UKGC filing, a takeover appears to have taken place in 2018. Reviewing the situation 12 months later, the gaming regulator found a number of issues.

The Commission is not satisfied that it would have granted the operating licence to the licensee had the new controller been a controller of the company when the application for the operating licence was made,” reads the UKGC’s official notice.

In essence, the Commission doesn’t feel the new owner meets the same standards as the previous one. Following the decision, MaxEnt has until June 18 to inform customers that it can no longer operate its sites (Slotty Vegas and BetAt) in the UK.

MaxEnt Fires Back

Responded to the news, MaxEnt has lodged a formal appeal. As well as clarifying its position, the operator said there were no concerns regarding its financial status or the way it treats its customers.

The problem, it contends, is the “availability of documentary evidence from two years ago.” It will now fight to explain why certain information is missing from the transitionary period between management regimes.

In addition to backing its corner, MaxEnt criticised the UKGC for making the news public before it had heard all sides of the story.

“We feel that the Commission’s decision is not sufficiently objective, hence why we are appealing. We are hopeful of a positive outcome following our appeal, but we will be carefully considering our position in the UK market, nonetheless,” the operator snapped back.

UK Gaming Standards Must be Upheld

While the UKGC won’t mourn the loss of any operator, it will defend its integrity. In 2019 alone, it has taken Betfred and Paddy Power to task for trying to circumvent the new fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) rules.

Beyond that, all online operators have been forced to improve their ID checks in order to prevent fraud.

These moves are just the tip of a much larger iceberg designed to make the UK a haven for safe, secure gaming.

However, at this stage, MaxEnt will wait to hear the outcome of its appeal before it agrees to share the same opinion.

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