UK Gaming and Betting Brands Spend £1.1 Billion on Online Advertising

UK gaming and betting companies now spend the majority of their marketing budgets in the online world according to a recent report by Regulus Partners.

UK Gambling and betting advertising spend

UK gaming and betting operators are now spending the majority of their marketing budgets online. (Image: GambleAware)

Outlined in the Gambling Advertising and Marketing Spend in Great Britain 2014-17 report, operators spent £747 million on online adverts in 2017. As well as being almost 50 percent more than 2014’s £400 million total, the latest figure is £513 million more than the industry’s TV advertising expenditure.

Billion Pound Budgets

Breaking down the statistics, betting, casino, bingo and poker operators are responsible for the bulk of the industry’s online spending. Compared to the lottery’s £22 million internet marketing budget, commercial operators spent a total of £1.16 billion on banners, promo ads, affiliates and social media.

What the latest data also does is confirm the industry’s move away from live ventures. Prior to publishing the report, leading operators were already offloading their live assets.

In October, reports surfaced regarding the status of William Hill’s racing pitches. With online betting generating the most revenue for UK operators, The Guardian revealed that William Hill was looking to sell its pitches and shift its focus towards the internet.

Shining a Light on UK Gambling and Betting Sponsorships

By assessing how UK gaming and betting sites spend their advertising budgets, Regulus Partners has also provided new insights on one of the industry’s hottest topics.

In January, new research from the University of Glasgow showed that the links between football and betting have increased significantly since 2005. Following the relaxation of sponsorship laws, researchers found that 75 of 79 football deals made since 2005 were with gaming and betting companies.

“The intensification of the relationship between football and gambling advertising is highly likely to contribute to the normalisation of gambling, or what some have called the gamblification of sports,” Dr Chris Bunn commented in the 2018 recent report.

Anti-gambling advocates have since used the report to push for tighter controls on betting-based sponsorship deals in football. However, the latest statistics show that only £60 million was spent on these types of deals in 2017.

Although it’s twice what was spent in 2014, it’s less than the amount allocated to online adverts. Based on this, operators would be less likely to challenge restrictions in this area if regulations were changed.

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