New National Lottery Rules Make it Easier to Win £1 Million

The National Lottery has implemented a new set of rules, making it easier for players to win prizes topping £1 million.

National Lottery

The National Lottery has made it easier for players to win £1 million by adjusting its payout structure. (Image: Reuters)

Going live on November 19, the revised payout structure is designed to increase payouts for fewer matches and, in turn, counteract the recent slump in ticket sales.

Under the new system, players will have to match five numbers and the bonus ball, instead of six numbers, to win a guaranteed £1 million.

Fewer Matches Means Bigger Prizes

In addition to upping the prize for five numbers plus the bonus ball, the National Lottery will offer the improved payouts for fewer matches:

Five numbers without the bonus ball = £1,750

Four numbers without the bonus ball = £140

Three numbers without the bonus ball = £30

Another change will be the way in which jackpots rollover. Prior to the November 19 switch, the jackpot could reach £22 million before a final rollover.

Now, the jackpot will be rolled over a maximum of five times. If at least one player doesn’t match six numbers on the fifth rollover draw, the jackpot will “roll-down” and be distributed among players that match three or more numbers.

National Lottery Fighting Back

The new payout structure is the most significant move executive director James Mackay has made since taking up his role in December 2017. Formerly in charge of the Rail Delivery Group, Mackay was drafted to reform the lottery and push back against falling sales.

During his time in charge, the executive director has faced a number of setbacks. As well as a growing sense of apathy towards the National Lottery and the rise of online lotto betting sites, Camelot was fined £1.15 million in August.

Despite being in charge of the National Lottery since its inception in 1994, a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) review of Camelot’s policies found historic control and governance failures. Acknowledging the lack of clarity in some areas, Camelot introduced the Operational Excellence Programme (OEP) to raise standards.

Following on from these internal changes, Mackay and his team believe that making it easier to win seven-figure sums will reverse last year’s 8.8 percent sales slump.

“It was clear from the review that we needed to create a more appealing and balanced range of games that offers something for everyone,” Camelot chief executive Nigel Railton said in a November press release.

The National Lottery’s new payout rules will be in effect for all future draws. However, the cost per line will remain unchanged at £2, as will the 59 numbers in play.

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