Kindred Group Working to Tackle Fraud Using Artificial Intelligence

The Kindred Group and its continued focus on artificial intelligence (AI) took another step forward recently thanks to a joint project with BetBuddy and London’s City University.

Artificial intelligence.

The Kindred Group and City University have published a research paper into the applications of anti-money laundering AI technology. (Image:

As part of the gaming company’s efforts to improve its anti-money laundering provisions, it has announced the publication of a new research paper.

Titled Raising Standards in Compliance: Application of artificial intelligence to online data to identify anomalous behaviours, the paper is the first step in a three-part process.

Getting Smart About Player Protection

Initially partnering with Playtech’s data analytics company BetBuddy in 2017, Kindred sponsored City PhD candidate Charitos Charitou. Working alongside the latter’s CEO Simo Dragicevic and PhD supervisor Professor Artur Garcez, Charitou has been looking at how AI and machine learning can improve fraud detection measures.

Following the initial research phase, the team identified six areas where the gambling industry is currently falling short. Using issues such as the lack of ongoing monitoring and sophisticated behavioural checks as a base, the researchers will now use real-world data to identify ways AI can help.

“We are looking forward to starting the next phase of the research using real-world online gambling data. Some of the techniques available today to detect anomalous behaviour, including state-of-the-art recurrent neural networks, have shown promising results in the analysis of such complex streaming data,” professor Garcez said in a July 3 press release.

For the industry at large, advanced anti-money laundering technology will be welcomed by operators, regulators and consumers alike. For the Kindred Group, the research adds another layer to its ever-expanding list of AI assets.

Kindred Continues AI Advances

In June, the company announced a new partnership with Artificial Solutions. Formed ahead of the 2018 World Cup, the partnership allowed Kindred to roll out a new AI betting bot for one of its flagship brands, Unibet.

Running on the Facebook platform, the chatbot uses Teneo software to understand “natural language” and respond to user requests in real-time. On top of understanding sentences and colloquialisms in 35 different languages, the bots can search for odds on the latest World Cup fixtures.

The aim of the service is the provide a faster, more efficient way of betting for both experienced and novice customers using AI technology.

Although the latest project is focused more on the business side of the industry, it’s another example of how machine learning is changing the game. While it may be some time before the current ways of operating are replaced, the Kindred Group’s efforts are clearly helping to redefine and improve the industry as we know it.

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