Supreme Court Forces Phil Ivey to Fold in £7.7 Million Crockfords Case

Phil Ivey and his £7.7 million baccarat case against London’s Crockfords Casino has come to the end following a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Phil Ivey Punto Banco.

Phil Ivey has lost his last and final appeal for the £7.7 million he won by playing Punto Banco at a London casino. (Image: Twitter/@philivey)

In what’s been one of the longest plays of his life, poker pro Phil Ivey has been forced to fold and give up the money he won during a now famous session of Punto Banco (a form of baccarat) back in 2012.

Despite having previous losses in the judicial process, Ivey’s legal team appeared in front of the Supreme Court on July 13, 2017, to make a final stand for the £7.7 million payout.

Last Glimmer of Hope Fades for Ivey

Buoyed by 2016 Court of Appeals suggestion that the definition of cheating may have been misused in the original 2014 case, Ivey’s team argued that his strategy of reading imperfections on the cards wasn’t dishonest. Reviewing the entire case, the five Supreme Court judges ultimately ruled against Ivey and announced the verdict on October 25, 2017.

Commenting on Ivey’s technique (known as edge sorting), Lord Hughes said that the game should always remain one of pure chance with neither the player or the house being able to affect a random draw.

With all other avenues exhausted, Ivey will now have to give up his claim to the money he feels he won legitimately.

A True Poker Player Always Finds an Edge

Despite the financial loss, it’s unlikely the poker pro’s credibility in the poker world will take a hit. Although a BBC article has questioned how the case may affect Ivey’s credentials in the community, most players will sympathise with his strategy.

Poker is a game that’s based on how well you can exploit small weaknesses in your opponent and this, according to Ivey, is what he did. By finding an edge, Ivey believes that he was able to turn the odds in his favour much like he does at the poker table.

For this, the American will no doubt stick to his previous comment that he “genuinely” believes he was in the “right” when it came to fight for his prize money.

Away from any talk regarding his status in the poker world, the trial is now over, which means Ivey will have at least one thing less to distract him from the highest stakes cash games in the world.

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