UKGC Proving Clear Regulation Works as it Licenses GoWild Casino  

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has continued to bring more offshore betting sites under its jurisdiction by licensing Maltese casino site GoWild.

UKGC licenses GoWild Casino.

The UKGC continues to prove that clear regulation is the way forward for the iGaming industry as it licences GoWild Casino. (Image:

Despite being a feature of the iGaming scene since 2008, GoWild has embarked on an international expansion plan since Itai Zak became CEO in July 2016.

As well as moving into Germany and Canada, GoWild is looking to become a major player in the Nordic market by launching sites in Sweden and Finland.

Continuing this trend, Zak has now completed the licensing procedure in the UK.

According to the UKGC’s official list of licensees, GoWild has an active remote gambling licence for and

Building a Brand in Europe

At this stage, the UK domains haven’t gone live, but Zak is positive that the new licence will allow GoWild to become a recognized name in the European iGaming industry.

“The UK is one of the biggest, oldest, and most respected gaming communities in the world, and operating there will allow us to increase our exposure, reach new audiences, and improve the local gaming experience,” Zak said in a statement.

This optimism appears to be supported by the UKGC’s annual report. Reviewing another year of activity, the regulatory body has confirmed that it now presides over the largest regulated gambling market in the world.

Despite the UK having a smaller population than France and only marginally more residents than Italy, it has more active online gambling accounts than any other regulated country. As outlined in the UKGC’s 2016/2017 annual report, there are around 21 million active online betting accounts in the UK at present.

UKGC the Region Attractive for Operators

In addition to boasting the largest regulated iGaming market, the UKGC is often cited as the gold standard for online gaming regulation. This combination of factors has made the UK an attractive market for smaller operators looking to raise their profile on a global scale.

Indeed, thanks to clearly defined regulation and increasing revenues, the UK is considered a safer bet than “grey” markets such as Slovakia. According to recent reports, Slovakia is currently blacklisting a number of high profile sites, including some based in the UK.

Despite previously leaving operators alone, Slovakia is now threatening to close down 10 sites, including William Hill and 888. In something of a strong-arm approach to imposing regulation, the government is demanding operators obtain a local gaming licence and that they pay a 27 percent tax.

This type of uncertainty isn’t good for business and it’s something smaller operators such as GoWild will want to avoid, which is why the UK market has become its latest regional target.

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