Islam Uddin Jailed for Holding Up Betting Shops with Nerf Gun

Islam Uddin from London has been jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of robbing a string of betting shops using a Nerf Gun.

Islam Uddin Nerf Gun robberies.

Islam Uddin has been jailed for ten years after pleading guilty to a spate of betting shop robberies using a Nerf Gun like the one pictured. (Image:

Despite sounding like something out of a movie, the spate of incidents left a number of cashiers at properties owned by Paddy Power and Betfred with lasting mental scares.

According to police reports, 32-year-old Uddin originally burst into Paddy Power in Camden Town on February 28, 2016.

Uddin on a Rampage with Nerf Gun

Concealing the toy gun under a black bin bag, Uddin demanded the tills to be opened before escaping with an unreported amount of money. After his initial robbery, Uddin went on to target Betfred’s Mile End Road shop four times between March and December 2016.

The final occasion saw Uddin make off with just £200 before Metropolitan police officers caught up with him in January 2017.

Appearing at the Old Bailey in March, Uddin admitted to seven counts of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery.

On each occasion he was in possession of an imitation firearm which gave Judge Christopher Moss licence to impose a lengthy sentence on the thief.

“You were armed with, albeit an imitation firearm, but your victims weren’t to know that the object you threatened with wasn’t a genuine firearm. This is multiple offending which takes the sentence which is appropriate in the case outside the normal guidelines for a single offence,” said Moss in his final summary.

Pub Poker Player to Vegas While It’s All Change for Racing

In other UK gambling news this week, Wrexham’s Dafydd Joseph has become the latest pub poker to win a trip to Las Vegas. Joseph qualified for the March 11 final in Coventry by finishing top of his local Nuts Poker League at the Elihu Yale bar in Wrexham.

After making it to the finale, it took the amateur 11 hours to carve his way through the 212 player field before he agreed to chop the £5,000 top prize with Jamie Ellison. With their prize money safe, the two players finally got their chips in the middle for a chance to represent Team UK at the World League Poker Championships in Vegas.

Heading into the showdown, Ellison was the shortest stack and in trouble with Qd 8h against Joseph’s Ac Kd. Things got worse for Ellison when the flop rolled out: 7h, Ah, Jc. Needing a miracle to stay alive, Ellison could only watch as the 8c and Ks on the turn and river ended the hand and sent Joseph to the November event at The Orleans, Vegas.

Rounding up this week’s UK gambling news, a report by the Racing Post has noted the initial publication of the government’s new The Horserace Betting Levy Regulations 2017. Although only a draft at this stage, the report will form the basis of a new levy that’s expected to generate as much as £40 million in additional sports funding.

Under the new proposals, remote betting operators will be have to pay a 10 percent levy on racing gross profits if they generate more than £500,000 in racing bets.

This is a change from the current system where remote operators don’t have to pay a contribution to the racing industry.

If the initial framework is approved, it will come into effect by April 1.

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