Camelot and Lottoland at Odds Over Online Lotteries

Camelot vs. Lottoland

Camelot and Lottoland are at odds while the UKGC works to improve its services to all players and operators. (Image:

UK lottery operator Camelot recently had some strong words for one of the iGaming industry’s latest upstarts, Lottoland.

Over the last five years the world of lottery gaming has changed dramatically thanks to the internet. Instead of players being limited to games in their local area, third-party betting sites have given online players access to a global network of lotteries.

Lottoland has become one of the leaders in the field and basically offers players the chance to bet on a lottery without investing in it directly. With the same prizes on offer and access available through online platforms, it’s easy to see why these sites have become popular with almost everyone.

A Matter of Odds and Options

Naturally, the owner of the UK’s Lotto, Camelot, isn’t a fan and in a recent statement to iGaming Business it outlined its discontent with Lottoland’s recent price-freeze promotion. In response to Camelot’s decision to increase the price of a EuroMillions ticket from £2 to £2.50, Lottoland gave players the chance to play for £2.

Camelot essentially said that sites like Lottoland didn’t offer the same chances to win and could damage the good causes that receive charitable donations from EuroMillions’ proceeds. Responding to the accusations, Lottoland suggested that Camelot was being deliberately “misleading” in a bid to maintain its “monopoly” on the UK lottery market.

While this is a matter for debate, the issue could now be making its way to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

UKGC Looking to Evolve

In other UK gambling news this week, the UKGC has renewed its partnership with Crimestoppers in a bid to tackle corruption in sport.

Through a process of date sharing, the UKGC and Crimestoppers will work together to identify possible instances of illegal betting. By passing on reports to the UKGC’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit at the same time they’re reported to the police, Crimestoppers will be helping to stop corruption before it becomes a serious issue.

“With our anonymous service, we encourage anyone with information on gambling criminality to contact us, safe in the knowledge their identity will never be revealed. I am pleased we are able to offer this service, and look forward to our ongoing work with the Commission,” said Crimestoppers’ Rodger Holden.

In addition to renewing its deal with Crimestoppers, the UKGC is urging gamblers to talk to them. In a new initiative dubbed “a two-way conversation,” the UKGC wants to improve its service to players and operators through a process of communication.

With this in mind, a three-point plan has been put into action and will see the UKGC focus on the following areas in the coming months:

  • Increasing transparency and clarity
  • Being more responsive
  • Working in partnerships

Any player or operators that want to respond to the plan can visit the UKGC’s official website and contact them through a dedicated email address.

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