NYX Gaming Expands Empire with Betdigital Deal

NYX Gaming acquires Betdigital.

NYX Gaming acquires Betdigital, while Betfair’s traders suggest we’ll vote to stay in the EU. (Image: maltaigamingsummit.com)

NYX Gaming has just agreed to purchase UK gaming company Betdigital in a deal reported to be worth £24.5 million.

NYX Gaming, the Canadian technology company that provides live and online products for many of the world’s leading platforms, will pay an undisclosed upfront fee for Betdigital and issue further payments over a three-year period.

Big Moves by NYX

Betdigital launched in 2011 and offers a variety of content for online, mobile and TV betting platforms and NYX Gaming will be hoping to leverage these resources to increase its Omni-channel software.

News of the takeover deal comes just a week after NYX Gaming reported a Q1 revenue increase of 89 percent.

Much of this recent increase in activity is thanks to NYX Gaming’s recent deals with a dozen new operators, including Paddy Power and Marathonbet.

Trading off this recent success, NYX Gaming will look to use Betdigital’s local expertise to expand its global content strategy.

UK to Stay in EU (Or so the odds say)

In other UK gambling news this week, Betfair has suggested that a “remain” vote in the EU referendum on June 23 is highly likely.

Reviewing the latest wave of opinion through its trading platform, Betfair has found that the betting odds for the UK to “remain” in the EU are currently 1.23 (or 81 percent that will we stay in).

In contrast, bettors taking a punt on the UK to leave the EU are now able to ante-up at a price of 5.20.

Naturally, depending on which polls you read or the politicians you listen to, the UK will definitely leave/will not leave the EU after June 23.

However, while the pollsters and politicians might have an agenda to keep, the betting markets are a little more neutral.

While that’s not to say the current odds mean UK residents will be pledging allegiance to Europe in the coming weeks, it does appear as though the weight of public opinion is moving in favour of a “remain” vote.

You Can Bet on Euro 2016

Completing this week’s UK gambling news round-up, the Gambling Commission has clarified that office sweepstakes for Euro 2016 don’t contravene its laws.

Commenting on the inevitable wave of in-office betting that will take place before and during the European Championships, the Gambling Commission explained that people “do not” need a licence to run office sweepstakes.

However, if you’re thinking of speculating on Euro 2016 with your co-workers, you must ensure you don’t try to make any profit from it.

Doing this would put you in breach of the 2005 Gambling Act and, potentially, put you in the firing line of the Gambling Commission.

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