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England Casinos

Playing at a casino online is one of the most popular pastimes in England, as well as the rest of the UK, with thousands and thousands of people playing for real money every day. As the home of many of the world’s biggest gambling sites, English players are spoilt for choice. To streamline the process, the shortlisted sites here have been reviewed on performance and player experience, and ranked the very best. Why not try the site that came out as the overall top, Betway Casino.

  • Understand the regulations around gambling online in England
  • Find out if you need to pay tax on winnings
  • See which casino games are most popular in England

The Most Popular Casino Games in England

England Casinos

English players at real cash online casino sites take part in a massive array of different games, which explains why UK casinos feature so many of them. Perhaps the most popular is slots though, which are found at all of the major casino sites in England. These come in many different forms and feature hugely different sized jackpots. The top casinos online will have all of these varieties though.

Slots aren’t the only game played though, as players in England (as well as the rest of Britain) also regularly enjoy games such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat, amongst other things. Essentially though, if you’re looking for an online casino, England is able to offer ones featuring any possible game you might like.

As the home of many of the world’s biggest gambling sites, English players are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best.

How English Online Casinos Are Regulated

It used to be the case that online casino sites with English players could be regulated anywhere in the world, however this all changed in 2014. This is because regulation meant that any casino offering real money games to United Kingdom players had to come under the control of the UK Gambling Commission. This also meant that the government could tax any off-shore companies, which led to some of them closing their doors to British players. The majority complied though, which is why all gambling sites in England now display a UK Gambling Commission logo on them.

The UK Gambling Commission does three different things, with the first of these being to ensure that gambling does not lead to, or support, any crime or disorder in the country. It is also responsible for protecting children from being exploited by gambling. Perhaps most importantly for players though, it also ensures that all online casino sites are run in a fair and honest way.

Blacklisted UK Casinos

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    Cherry Red Casino

    Ongoing payment problems

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    Cirrus Casino

    Series of casino payout problems

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    Euro City Casino

    Ongoing payment problems

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No Need to Pay Tax on Any Winnings

If you’ve recently won some money at a gambling site, England has no laws requiring you to pay tax on the winnings. Instead, any tax on gambling is paid directly by the online casino. So, regardless of whether you win £1 or £1 million in real cash, you’ll find that every last penny goes straight into your bank account. Of course, the casinos have to make their money back though, so you might find that RTP rates have reduced slightly since the Gambling Commission came into force. It should also be noted that winnings don’t even need to be declared to HMRC.

We’ve Found the Best Online Casino Sites in England

If you’re from England and want to find the best place to gamble for you, you’ve come to the right place. This is because we’ve looked at all of the major online casino sites in England, and evaluated them on many different levels. So, you can simply head to a review, take a read and, if you like it, head off to play at the English online casino in question straight away. You can be sure that our reviews are completely honest, as we are not related to any online casino England has to offer.

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If Not Online, Play it Live

It's all well and good to recommend a list of online casinos for someone who wants to play at an online casino but whether or not they are the obvious choice, some people just don't see it that way.

That's why we feel that it's important for gamers whether they play at an online casino or a live casino to know where to get the best gambling available to them, whether it's online or not. We have put together a list of some of the top local casinos in England so that if you don’t feel like sitting in the comfort of your home, you can head out onto the street and find your nearest casino.

Local Casino Guides
Aspers Casino Aspers Casino The jewel in the crown of Europe’s biggest shopping centre, Aspers casino is London’s undisputed best live poker venue. Casino at the Empire Casino at the Empire In the very heart of London, just next door to Chinatown on Leicester Square, is the capital’s premier gambling and entertainment venue. Genting Club Sheffield Genting Club Sheffield Genting operate many UK casinos successfully, and their Sheffield venture is perhaps one of their greatest achievements; it’s one of the city’s best night-time destinations. Grosvenor Coventry Grosvenor Coventry One of the most trusted and popular casino names in the country, Grosvenor’s Coventry establishment lives up to their reputation. Grosvenor Piccadilly Grosvenor Piccadilly The Grosvenor brand brings their respected casino establishment to London’s west end with Grosvenor Piccadilly, boasting a huge range of games and a fantastic staff. Park Lane Casino Park Lane Casino Park Lane Casino exemplifies why Park Lane is one of the most expensive squares on the UK Monopoly board, catering exclusively to high rollers with high-stakes action. Rainbow Casino Rainbow Casino One of the most well-established and loved casinos in Birmingham, the Rainbow Casino offers a huge range of video slots and a fantastic restaurant experience. Resort World Birmingham Resorts World Birmingham The globally-renowned Resorts World casino brand brings the world of supercasinos to the Midlands with one of the most modern and exciting casinos in the country. The Ritz Club The Ritz Club If glitz and glamour while gambling is your thing then look no further than The Ritz Club, a private members’ casino with high-stakes table gaming galore.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does England regulate gambling?

All online gambling sites in England are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which ensures that all sites are 100% fair and transparent to their players.

What is the legal age for gambling?

Nearly all forms of gambling in England have a minimum age of 18. The only exceptions are the National Lottery, football pools and scratchcards, which can be played when aged 16.

Is it always legal to gamble online here?

Providing you are old enough to do so, it is always legal to play at one of the many different gambling sites offering their services to English players.

Will I have to pay any tax on my winnings?

No tax has to be paid on winnings, as the UK government taxes the gambling company, and not the player. This has been the case since 2001.

Are there any England-based online casinos?

There are many online casinos based in England, particularly in the Isle of Man. Even if a casino is not based in England though, it must still be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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