The Top 5 Racecourses In The UK

UK Racecourses

Nothing beats a day at the races, especially in the United Kingdom.  British thoroughbred racing isn't just steeped in history, but it continues to be majestic.  You may even catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth herself amidst all the pomp and splendour.  While you wouldn't use the word graceful to describe your experiences at an internet racebook or online casino, top 5 racecourses UK have the power to make every patron feel regal.

It doesn't matter if you treat the five-day Royal Ascot as your own personal Christmas or prefer to stay home to wager at an internet sportsbook or casino online.  Top 5 racecourses UK are arguably the best in the world. From Aintree to Newmarket, you're sure to have a favourite.  Even if you rarely leave your flat and opt to punt at online casinos,  top 5 racecourses UK are worth knowing intimately.

Weighing Your Options

Did you know the United Kingdom has over 60 registered racetracks for flat and national hunt races alone?  While racetracks vary widely in prestige, quality, and accessibility, every single track in the United Kingdom offers something unique and exciting.  If you ignore proximity, deciding where to venture on your race day excursion can be more difficult than finalising your race card at an online casino.  Top 5 racecourses UK really do stand out.  We're not talking about finding a needle in a haystack.  It's more like finding platinum in a silver mine.    Did you know that the United Kingdom stages many of the biggest and most prestigous horse racing events in the world? Check out our Top 5 Racecourses, perhaps you will find your next race meeting destination. If you prefer to wager remotely, you'll want to know where the action is before logging onto a casino online.

Top 5 Racecourses UK: Aintree

Aintree Racecourse is most famous for the most outrageous and spectacular steeple chase of the UK, the Aintree Grand National. This unbelievable race, considered the ultimate test for every national hunt horse and jockey, is held over the harsh distance of four miles on Aintree's massive racetrack. While the Grand National is a must-attend for any serious jump racing fan at least once in their life, it is not the only thing Aintree has to offer. The racecourse has not undergone any significant changes, aside from maintenance and slight modernising, since 1839, when the original Grand National was run. This makes Aintree Racecourse one of the most historic racing venues in the country, combining old school style with modern betting and hospitality facilities.  It's no surprise that Aintree is also popular with punters at internet racebooks and wagering at online casinos.

Top 5 Racecourses UK: Ascot

Ascot Racecourse is the place to go if you are looking for Group1 fixtures in the United Kingdom. The prestigious venue hosts nine of the 32 annual Group1 races, including the infamous Ascot Gold Cup, the Queen Anne Stakes and the King's Stand Stakes; spread over 25 annual race days for flat and jump events. Ascot is also the home of the Royal Ascot Festival, which is a royal affair indeed. Through its close proximity of the racecourse to Windsor Castle, Ascot is the racing venue favoured by members of the Royal Family. Her Majesty The Queen attends the Royal Ascot Festival every year, along with relatives and other friendly aristocrats, putting the king back into 'the sport of kings'. For anyone longing to experience the flair of traditional horse racing a visit to Ascot Racecourse is a must.  Be a part of history.  It's okay to take a break from the action at casinos online.

Top 5 Racecourses UK: Cheltenham

UK Racecourses

The city of Cheltenham is widely considered as the 'home of national hunt racing' and the Cheltenham Racecourse is famous for drawing massive crowds for feature fixtures like the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Queen Mother Champion Chase. Horse racing history comes alive at Cheltenham Racecourse, which sports two race tracks, the Old Course and the New Course, both of which form the stage for some of the most exciting jump events the United Kingdom has to offer. Cheltenham is also the home turf for some of the finest national hunt trainers and jockeys, so even events classified lower than Class1 can offer some outstanding talents for you to discover. Cheltenham attracts the attention of racing fans worldwide at both racebooks and casinos online.

Top 5 Racecourses UK: Epsom Downs

Epsom Downs is one of the most visually stunning racecourses of the United Kingdom. Located in scenic Surrey, this racing venue hosts two of the British Classic Races, the Epsom Oaks and the Epsom Derby, as well as the prestigious Coronation Cup. The Epsom Oaks, or simply the Oaks as the initiated call it, holds a special place in horse racing history as it has been run at Epsom Downs since the late 1700s, making it one of the longest-running fixtures in the country. Epsom Downs is a racecourse which staunchly upholds the olden day traditions of thoroughbred racing and stages some of the most exciting race days of the season.  After three centuries, the racecourse is still celebrated at your favourite United Kingdom online casino.

Top 5 Racecourses UK: Newmarket Racecourse

Like Cheltenham, Newmarket has two separate racetracks, the July Course and the Rowley Mile, which are both in use today. Newmarket is also famous for the nine Group1 races it hosts every year, including two British Classic events: the 1,000 Guineas Stakes and the 2,000 Guineas Stakes. Other important events held at this historic racecourse are the July Cup, the Cheveley Park Stakes and the Sun Chariot Stakes. Thoroughbred racing at Newmarket dates back to 1622, meaning that Newmarket is one of the oldest racing venues of the UK. If you are looking to experience some old school thoroughbred racing in a historically appropriate atmosphere, Newmarket Racecourse is the venue you are looking for.

Beyond The United Kingdom

While we do pledge allegiance to the Queen, our love of racecourses in the United Kingdom is entirely objective.  Of course there are plenty of monumental racing events across the globe.  Yet if you do make your way across the pond or even down under, you'll come to appreciate what you have in your backyard.  The grass is only greener on the other side if you are outside the UK looking in.  Yet horseracing fans aren't known for being unworldly even those who frequent an occasional online casino. 

Top 5 racecourses UK lists can't be complete without exploring what's beyond your door.  Churchill Downs has been called horseracing's most celebrated venue.  Whether or not it lives up to the hype, it is home to the Kentucky Derby.  The Flemington Racecourse is a hemisphere away but it should be on your map, especially since it hosts the annual Melbourne Cup.  Australia has a rich gambling tradition, so it should be no surprise that the course has proven it can literally stop an entire nation annually. Although the United Arab Emirates might not seem like a major thoroughbred horseracing power, Dubai's Meydan Racecourse hosts the Dubai World Cup.  The event features the largest purse of any horseracing event on the planet.  We'll see what happens if the price of oil continues to plummet.  We all know the world markets are less predictable than a casino online.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you plan on heading to the races or wagering at your local bookmaker, you'll need to do some quick research.  Don't forget to familiarise yourself with any customs including dress codes. If you prefer wagering at an online racebook then visit our reviews for your best bets in the United Kingdom.  Also visit our betting guide to learn how to place a winning wager.

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