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Horse Betting

Betting on horses might look complicated, , especially if you are a newcomer to the horse racing or harness racing scene in the United Kingdom. Many first time bettors don't realise just how many ways there are to carry the day.  While the fastest horse wins the race, the outright victor isn't your only way into the winner's circle.  Whether you are wagering for the first time or simply want to up your game, our online casino horse racing betting guide will have you wagering with confidence. 

Whether you are wagering in the UK or plan to head across the pond to the Kentucky Derby, we'll get you up to speed.  Before visiting sportsbooks, racebooks, or online casinos, horse racing betting guide books and resources always make sure you won't be playing in the dark.  Check out our horse betting basics and you will be punting like a pro in no time.

Learning The Language

If you've ever visited a casino in the UK, played the lottery, or wagered on a footie match, you know that how you bet is a matter of personal preference.  When it comes to picking horses, everyone has their own system.  Whether you rely on professional handicappers, do your own research, play the odds, or find a thoroughbred with a name that tickles your fancy, you'll need to get fluent with the language of horses.  Don't start practicing your neighs and snorts just yet. To succeed at the track, you'll simply need to understand the different terminology and how they work.  They're all right here in our online casino horse racing betting guide.  It's easy to get up to speed in a few minutes, but keep this paged bookmarked before visiting racebooks or casinos online. 

Horse Racing Betting Guide: Wagering To Win

Who doesn't want to win? Betting on a horse to win outright is as simple as it sounds. In a win bet, as you will have guessed, you place a stake on a horse to win the race. This is one of the highest paying bets, paying out individual odds for every horse. You will find the win-odds next to each horse's name on the race card, no matter where you wager in the United Kingdom.

Betting On Your Horse To Place

In a place bet you place a stake on a horse coming first, second or third. This gives you three chances to collect a payout; which also means that the odds are shorter than with a win bet, as the rule of thumb in horse betting reads: the better your chances to win, the shorter the odds. Most place odds are around the 4-1 margin, at least in relative terms.  You'll usually find these odds near the bottom of the race card at sportsbooks and online casinos.  Horse racing betting guide-lines aren't universal and may vary outside the UK.

Choosing A Horse To Show

In a show bet you place a stake on a horse coming first, second, third or fourth. It gives you four chances to collect the payout and the odds for show bets are usually similar to place odds. Show bets are more common in the United States. Punters in the United Kingdom tend to prefer the place bet.  Of course all styles of wagering are welcome at internet racebooks and online casinos.

Horse Racing Betting Guide: Wagering Each-Way

Horse Betting

An each-way bet combines a win and a place bet. To place an each-way in the UK, you place two identical stakes on the same horse. One stake is placed on the horse winning, the other on its placing (coming first, second or third). This is less confusing than in sounds.  Every online casino horse racing betting guide will tell you there are three possible outcomes to an each-way:

  • Your selection wins. This means you will receive a double pay out, one at winning odds for the win and another at place odds, as your selection did place.
  • Your selection comes in second or third. In this case you lose the stake placed as a win bet, but you do receive the payout at place-odds.
  • Your selection comes in fourth or worse. In this case, you simply lose. Of course you can protect yourself by placing multiple bets at racebooks or online casinos.

Horse Racing Betting Guide: Exacta And Perfecta

For an exacta or perfecta bet, you place a stake on one horse to win and another to come second. This means you are placing one bet on two horses; and you are predicting their places specifically. You will only win your exacta bet if your predictions come true exactly. If the horse you determined as the winner wins and your chosen runner-up comes third, you do not win. If you picked the right runner-up but your winner of choice comes third, you do not win. On the upside, exactas offer great odds, as they are a little riskier than other bets. An exacta payout usually makes a punter's day.  It's like the roulette ball landing on your number more than once at a United Kingdom casino online.

Horse Racing Betting Guide:  The Quinella Bet

For a quinella wager, you place a stake on two horses to be the first two across the line. In principle this works like an exacta, as you choose the winner and the runner up. However, in a quinella it does not matter which horse comes first and which comes second, so long as your two selections are the first two runners home. The payout is not quite as high as that of an exacta, but you have a higher chance of winning. Placing quinellas is a great way to work your way up to exactas and perfectas. It's easier to place a quinella bet than it is to pronounce, even if you've never wagered on horses or played at a casino online. 

Horse Racing Betting Guide: The Coveted Trifecta

A trifecta bet works similar to an exacta or perfecta bet. The main difference is that you determine the winner, runner-up and third placed horse in a set order. Trifectas award massive payouts, but only if you predict the first three horses across the line in the exact order they arrive. Because it is notoriously difficult and incredibly lucrative, the winning trifecta is the holy grail for every passionate punter. Yet it's equally fun for beginners as well. Many players in the UK enjoy placing small trifecta wagers in addition to their more probable wagers at racebooks and casinos online.

Horse Racing Betting Guide: First4 And Superfecta Bets

This type of bet is not particularly popular in the United Kingdom, but it enjoys a great following in Australia under the name First4.  In the United States this wager is known as the Superfecta. This bet works just like the Trifecta, with the difference that you determine the first four horses to cross the line in exact order. It might be an ambitious bet, but it guarantees a huge payout and eternal bragging rights on the betting scene.  Why not try placing a tiny wager the next time you visit a racebook?  You won't believe the rewards.

All Bets Are On

Our online casino horse racing betting guide aims to get you up to speed.  Of course the best way to test your understanding is placing small wagers at a racebook in the United Kingdom.  You don't even need to use real money.  You can actually fill out a sample race card and see how you fared after the race. Just don't blame us if you win big during your trial run at casinos online. Horse racing betting guide readers can really win their first time.

One of the best features of a casino online horse racing betting guide is that it's actually your gateway to the best racebooks in the UK. Read our reviews to discover the top places to punt across the United Kingdom.  Don't forget to take advantage of big bonuses and exclusive perks.  Just follow our links to get ahead of the game right out of the gate.

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