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Enter any casino on the Vegas strip and you’ll come upon row after row of slot machines. Gamblers love the simplicity of slots and the fact you can win huge sums of money for a relatively small stake. In that sense slots are the casino’s closest game to playing the lottery. Anybody can play and the biggest rewards can be life-changing sums of cash. Some of the biggest jackpots ever won have come playing slots machines, with tens of millions claimed in a single glorious spin.

Random Number Generator Software

It’s important to understand that digital slots games are run on “random number generator” software that ensures every spin happens in isolation and there is no danger of games being rigged. There’s always been a worry that slot machines are open to manipulation, but providing you play at a fully regulated casino with a UK license, you’re guaranteed a transparently fair and honest slots experience.

Skill, Luck or Both?

The truth is that much of your slots fortune will depend on the luck of the spin, but there is a skill element to consider when you factor in actions such as holding reels, or bonus elements that require timing to achieve the best result. Know the game inside out and you can up your chance of success.

Payouts And Odds

Online payout rates for slots are typically far higher than you’ll find in the Vegas casinos we mentioned earlier. Online casinos don’t have overheads such as building rental to cover, and can also offer far more games to far more players, as space is unlimited. This means they can afford to deliver payout rates at 95% or higher for slots games, which is a pretty strong return and give UK players a great chance of coming out on top.

Offline slots in Vegas set a low bar at 75% payout percentage. There is no number requirement for UK machines, but you should always do your research to find the machines that have the highest payout percentage available.

There's no secret system to slots so know when to walk away.

Game Types

The basic principle of slots is always the same. You are putting up a stake to spin reels in the hope that a winning combination comes up. Should you win, your payout depends on the prize attached to that combination by the specific machine you’re playing.

There are varieties to consider however. Slots are mostly offered in the classic three-reel or five-reel formats, but you will also come across games with seven or more reels. When it comes to the win line, some games just have the traditional line running horizontally across the middle. Others will incorporate multiple win lines, running vertically and diagonally to give you more chances to win on every spin.

We should also touch on themes. The beauty of slots is that games can be easily adapted to play to a huge variety of themes. The theme doesn’t impact the game play, but it does add extra entertainment value when you get to play a game that plays into your favourite movie or cartoon character.

Playing Tips

Offline Slots
  • Always check the payout rates. Casinos are obliged to provide them and if they’re not listed you should be able to ask via staff on the casino floor.
  • The most visually stunning, tricked out slots games are not always the smartest choice for payout percentage. Don’t be seduced by eye candy when a basic game pays out more.
  • Machines with low stakes typically offer the lowest payout rates.
  • Modern machines at land-based casinos rarely dispense coins when you cash out. You’ll need to grab your voucher and redeem it at the cashier or automated machine.
  • It’s easy to burn cash quickly when playing slots. Pace yourself and set a budget to stick to before you start playing.
  • Progressive jackpot slots are where the really huge wins are to be found. These are games that connect to a huge network and build a gigantic jackpot. Wins can come in the millions of pounds.

There is No Secret System!

Don’t believe the people who’ll tell you they have a secret formula for slots success! There are plenty of them out there, but nobody has cracked the system yet and the rules that some of these folks live and die by are most likely superstitious hunches that have no basis in truth whatsoever.

In a land-based casino, those slots by the door or at the end of the aisle aren’t any more likely to pay out than the ones in the middle. There are no teams monitoring your play to tip people off if you’ve lost a lot of money either. It’s all a game of chance and the sooner you play to those rules the better.

Is it Legal to Play Slots in the UK?

Yes it is. You can play at land-based casinos and online providing you’re aged 18 or over. Only establishments and sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are legal for play however.

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