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Introduction to Mermaids Millions

Venture down under the sea and play Mermaid Millions for free or for real money. This colourful game features custom mermaid, sea king and oyster graphics. They look a bit dated, but help to give the game a fun feel anyway. There is a fun bonus round that you’ll encounter while playing this game, and enough other extras such as free spin rounds and a sizeable jackpot that you’ll likely enjoy playing Mermaids Millions free slots. You can even set it to autoplay a certain number of turns if you aren’t feeling like sitting in front of the game, or pressing the button each time that you want to spin the reels of the game.

Mermaids Millions Hits & Misses

  • Autoplay and Expert mode
  • Treasure bonus game
  • Generous wild payouts
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Slightly dated graphics
  • Lower bonus amount

Quick Facts

7,500 coins
£.01 to £1.00
Treasure game
King Neptune

Mermaids Millions Overview & Key Features

Players trying Mermaids Millions slots have the ability to place both large and small bets alike. To change how much you bet you have two different options. You can adjust your coin value from £.01 to £1.00. To control the total amount you bet even more closely you can also adjust the number of coins that you are betting. You can bet between 15 and 75 coins on each and every turn. Of course betting more will improve the prizes that you get, and betting 5 coins per payline will leave you with prizes that are five times as large as you play Mermaids Millions.

  • Mermaids Millions Game Screenshot
  • Mermaids Millions Game Screenshot
  • Mermaids Millions Game Screenshot
  • Mermaids Millions Game Screenshot

Like many other slot machines there is a scatter symbol, the mermaid in the case of the Mermaids Millions slot game. When you get three or more of these scatter symbols you’ll unlock a free spin bonus of ten spins which can be reactivated again during the free spin round if you are lucky enough to get 3 or more mermaids once again. Not only do you get the free spin round, but you’ll enjoy a jackpot payout when you have at least two mermaids in an active payline in the Mermaids Millions slot.

While playing Mermaids Millions for free or real money you should be on the lookout for the treasure symbol, which triggers a treasure bonus. In this game you’ll be responsible for picking out different objects on the screen to hopefully find hidden bonuses underneath.

The Neptune wild symbol can be subbed in for all the other symbols of the game, and also pays out the top jackpot of 7,500 coins if you get a total of five of them all at the same time. This jackpot is multiplied by five to 37,500 if you’re betting five coins for each of the paylines, a pretty significant bonus indeed.

Bonus Rounds & Extras 8.0 out of 10

Free spins help make casinos more enjoyable to play. You can unlock Mermaids Millions free spins by getting three of the mermaid symbols in the game. These serve as the scatter and also as the key to free prize money.

  • 10 free spins
  • Scatter mermaid symbols reward bonus money
  • Free spins can trigger more free spins

Once you get three of the symbols you get 10 free spins that will automatically start. The game goes through each of those rounds, and there is a chance to trigger another set of 10 spins for free while enjoying your first set if you get lucky enough to get 3 or more mermaids once again. While there is no multiplier in this round, the spins often lead to lucrative prizes anyway and are another way to help you improve your total number of coins as you play along. /p> CLAIM YOUR £1000 BONUS AT BETWAY CASINO

Jackpots & Bonus Games 9.0 out of 10

When you play Mermaids Millions for free or with your money you’ll have the opportunity to unlock a treasure bonus game, and to win a large jackpot. The treasure bonus game is activated by the bonus treasure symbol. You only need one of these symbols to start up the game, though they show up infrequently. Once the game has begun you’ll see a screen of different items to pick and choose from. Carefully select the items that you believe are the best, and you’ll receive a random amount of coins from each of the different objects leading up to a total coin bonus in the end.

The Neptune symbol serves as the wild for the game, and also as the jackpot symbol. You’ll need five of these symbols to hit the major jackpot of 7,500 coins, and you’ll get over 30,000 coins from that same jackpot if you are betting the maximum number of coins that you can. You’ll enjoy a maximum amount of £37,500 if you have your coin value turned all the way up as well, not a bad payout in the least for such a simple slot game.

Mobile Play 8.5 out of 10

Microgaming takes care to make most of its products available to players on their mobile devices. Since the Mermaids Millions slot game is so popular it’s available for instant play and through apps. That means you can use your smartphone or tablet in any way that you like to enjoy the games. Of course the game is optimized to look and work well with the mobile devices, and you might find that you even prefer playing it on one of them rather than your large computer screen. This simple slot game is well-suited to smaller screens, and even choosing the different symbols isn’t very difficult on a mobile device.

Summary & Conclusion 8.5 out of 10

The Mermaids Millions slot is pretty simple, but it’s still a lot of fun to play. It has a basic side bonus game that you’ll enjoy going through and that gives you something else to do other than just spin the reels. There is also a free spin bonus that helps you increase the total amount of your winnings as you play the game. Couple that with a large jackpot that’s given out quite regularly, and you have a combination that is very enjoyable for a variety of players.


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